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The Ministry of Public Health has revealed the targets for the vaccination in the initial phase. The targets are prioritized by necessity. The first target is the frontline medical personnel from the public and private sectors, followed by people with congenital diseases, elderly persons who are 60 years old and above, and authorities who are involved with COVID-19 disease control and may have contact with patients. The total target in this phase is 19 million persons. (26/01/2021)
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The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) recently launched the Thailand Traveller Voice online survey platform that encourages tourists to provide feedback and recommendations on issues affecting tourist destinations, attractions and establishments, especially on safety, hygiene, and general travel services. Available in English and Thai, thewww.thailandtravellervoice.complatform is open for information and feedback from tourists on the sanitary standards under the Amazing Thailand Safety and Health Administration (SHA), the safety standards, and various aspects of tourism products and services. (26/01/2021)
The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) has launched a virtual reality tour of top attractions in four of Thailands leading tourism destinations comprising Bangkok, Phuket, Chiang Mai, and Surat Thani. The tours are an immersive 360° adventure that allow visitors to explore the attractions in 3D. After clicking on individual links from the main page, it leads visitors directly to the attraction. There are icons on the bottom left for viewing floorplans and for navigation, while other functions allow visitors to view in VR or share with friends on social media. Once inside an attraction, visitors can move around using the cursor, while some of the attractions have information about its historical background or details of items on display in both English and Thai. (26/01/2021)
RT-PCR COVID-19 tests are normal in many countries, including Thailand. PCR tests are the most accurate kind currently available (the gold standard), and these are the tests used in Thailand to confirm infection in suspected cases. Specialist lab equipment is needed, but at present there are 250 labs in Thailand accredited to do PCR testing for COVID-19, including at least one in every province. It can take time for results to become available; persons who have taken the test will be advised on what to do while waiting. (25/01/2021)
The Immigration Bureau announced that foreigners shall not be permitted to enter the Kingdom if they have been found to be suffering from the following diseases and conditions: leprosy, tuberculosis, elephantiasis, drug addiction, the third stage of syphilis, and coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19). (25/01/2021)
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The Ministry of Public Health revealed that they aim to increase active finding of cases in Samut Sakhon up to 10,000 persons per day, to tackle the spread of the virus in the province. So far, the field hospitals in Samut Sakhon have 1,091 beds available. With the cooperation from both public and private sectors, the province is expected to have up to 3,000 beds available for infected patients. (25/01/2021)
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The Tourism Authority of Thailand and the Ministry of Public Health are looking for more businesses that meet Amazing Thailand Safety & Health Administration (SHA) standards, in order to restore trust in Thai tourism when COVID-19 is ultimately resolved. The SHA award not only reflects levels of safety but also reflects the high-quality services and products offered by those businesses that have attained it. According to the Governments Deputy Spokesperson, the Prime Minister has ordered all government organizations to prepare for the future policy, which is intended to regenerate the country after the pandemic. (25/01/2021)
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The Ministry of Social Development and Human Security (MSDHS) plans to send grocery vans to 25 red zone provinces. This pilot project aims to facilitate aid for vulnerable people in the communities who are not able to travel to other places. The vans will provide necessary consumer goods, face masks, and alcohol sanitizers to low-income families affected by the spread of the COVID-19. The ministry will also receive complaints and comments from the communities to accelerate the assistance to them. The ministry will send the first 15 grocery vans to five provinces, namely Nonthaburi, Pathum Thani, Samut Sakhon, Samut Prakan, and Bangkok, on 27 January 2021. (25/01/2021)
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According to the World Health Organization Thailand, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) has launched a new mobile app MOVE which provides information about COVID-19 precautions and relevant information in Myanmar, Lao, Khmer as well as in Thai language. The app can be downloaded by visiting the IOM Thailand Twitter for more information. (25/01/2021)
The World Health Organization Thailand has been working with the Ministry of Public Health to provide knowledge and information on COVID-19 to members of the public in Thai and English languages. Materials include infographics, short video clips, situation reports which can be accessed via the WHO Thailands website (, Facebook and Twitter. (25/01/2021)
The Ministry of Public Health has provided guidelines for delivery businesses to prevent the spread of Covid-19. Here are some suggestions: 1. Update and follow the information about COVID-19 prevention measures, especially for food delivery staff; 2. During food delivery, keep a physical distance from customers at least 1 meter and avoid leaving food on the ground; 3. For customers, after getting delivered meals, wash hands immediately with soap or use alcohol gel; 4. Use e-payment methods or exact change with cash to avoid touching. (25/01/2021)
The Ministry of Public Health has encouraged the public to avoid holding parties or any celebration activities, especially in the maximum control areas. This will help to reduce the risk of COVID-19 infection. In addition, it suggests strictly practicing DMHTT, which means Distancing, Mask-wearing, Hand-washing, Testing (temperature check), and ThaiChana application use. (25/01/2021)
The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of Thailand has revealed that they licensed use of the COVID-19 vaccine from AstraZeneca on 21 January 2021. The first 50,000 doses of the vaccine will be delivered to Thailand in February 2021. After the vaccine arrives in Thailand, the Department of Medical Sciences will randomly inspect them to ensure that their quality is in accordance with the quality levels specified by the company before using them with the public. Another 150,000 doses will arrive by March or April. (25/01/2021)
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Dr. Taweesilp Visanuyothin, the Spokesperson of the Center for COVID-19 Situation Administration (CCSA), stated in the daily briefing on 21 January that 31 January 2021 will be the day to make a decision whether the country should strengthen or relax prevention measures. He reminded the public that the direction of the next step depends on the public's cooperation. He also emphasized that people should practice "DMHTT" measures, which are distancing, mask-wearing, hand washing, testing (temperature check), and Thai Chana application use, to prevent the spread of COVID-19. (22/01/2021)
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Kanchanaburi's governor has announced new relaxed measures for hotels and resorts that have long-term lessees. They are allowed to stay open, but these establishments must follow the Government's prevention measures. This relaxed measure aims to help people who have necessary missions in the province have a place to stay and to reduce the impact on the hotel sector. The announcement is in effect from 20 January 2021 onward. (22/01/2021)
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The World Bank anticipates that the Thai economy this year will see an overall 4% growth, thanks to stimulus measures from the government. It also expects the Thai economy to see 4.7% growth in 2022, despite current challenges from the new wave of COVID-19 infections. Additionally, the World Bank said it would continue to monitor the roll-out of COVID-19 vaccine in Thailand, which should give the economy a positive push if done in a timely manner, as well as reducing the effects from the pandemic on the overall employment situation. (21/01/2021)
The Department of International Trade Promotion (DITP) has determined that the commerce policies of new US President Joseph Biden will boost trade between Thailand and the United States. The Ministry of Commerce will continue expanding Thai exports to the United States, aiming for 4% growth this year. High-potential items include pre-cooked food, supplements, household items, and COVID-19 prevention items. The ministry will also focus on organizing sales activities and promotions via social media, and launch the TOPTHAI Store on, along with introducing Thai products to (21/01/2021)
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The Cabinet has agreed to extend regulations on four controlled goods during COVID-19, which were going to expire on 4 February 2021. The extension will be for one year, effective from the day after it is published in the Royal Gazette. The list of four controlled goods includes face masks, alcohol gel, spunbond fabric, and recycled paper. It is considered necessary to control the price of paper for the sake of recycling businesses, since the price in the global market is tending to decline. (21/01/2021)
The Department of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Commerce, has issued a problem-solving measure to mitigate impacts on business owners and follow the physical distancing policy by automatically extending the validity of export and import ID cards (including attorney ID cards) for three months. This measure applies to cards that will expire between 15 January and 30 April 2021. Moreover, business operators are allowed to send the registration request via post when applying for an export and import representative of products under the import and export control measures, and they can check the results of the consideration through the online registration system service, 24 hours a day. The Department of Foreign Trade also invites entrepreneurs to use any other online services provided by the department that may be more convenient and faster. The online service also decreases contact with paper and reduces the time spent on the service. (21/01/2021)
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The Royal Thai Army recently brought 170 troops to donate blood at the National Blood Center. The aim is to solve the situation of a shortage of blood reserves, which resulted from limiting the number of people who normally come to the center or hospitals to donate blood. The center stated that it will store the blood for use in an emergency. The Royal Thai Army also invited members of both the public and military to donate blood at any hospital under the supervision of the Royal Thai Army and the National Blood Center. (21/01/2021)
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