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The CCSAs general meeting, chaired by the Prime Minister this morning (29 January), approved various relaxation measures, depending on the zoning area. The new zoning will be for implementation from Monday, 1 February 2021, onwards. In regard to the adjustment of the zoning area, the CCSA today has updated the provinces into five groups: the maximum and strict controlled zone has only one province, which is Samut Sakhon; the maximum controlled zone has four provinces, which are Bangkok, Nonthaburi, Pathum Thani, and Samutprakarn; the controlled zone consists of 20 provinces; the close surveillance zone has a total of 17 provinces; and the surveillance zone has the highest number of provinces, which is 35 provinces. More details can be found on the CCSAs Facebook page. (29/01/2021)
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Thailand has been ranked quite high in terms of managing COVID-19 by various organizations. The most recent one is the ranking by the Lowy Institute of Australia; Thailand was ranked number 4 in the world, with New Zealand topping the list. (29/01/2021)
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The Center for COVID-19 Situation Administration (CCSA) has revealed a new field hospital in Samut Sakhon province. This field hospital has been build on private land donated by the president of the Subdistrict Administration Organization. He also fully funded the construction. This field hospital has two buildings with a capacity of 1,000 beds. The construction started on 5 January 2021 and took 20 days to finish. It will be delivered to Samut Sakhon province on 29 January 2021 for treatment of COVID-19-infected patients, both Thai and migrant workers in the province. (29/01/2021)
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The Chonburi provincial communicable disease committee resolved on 28 January 2021 to close hotels and similar establishments and tourist attractions, in both the public and private sector, in the province from now until further notice. The establishment owners should request that their employees postpone any travel out of the Chonburi province. If any establishments still have clients or would like to remain open, they should contact the district chief officer within seven days from the date that this order becomes effective. This action aims to cope with the spread of the COVID-19 in the province, which is still increasing. (29/01/2021)
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On the issue of PM 2.5 particulates, the Prime Minister stated that the Government has set both short-, medium-, and long-term measures under the integrative operation and implementation of measures by the Ministry of Natural Resource and Environment, Ministry of Interior, military, private sector, industrial sector, and farmers. The Governments security units, the Ministry of Interior, and provincial governors are also assigned to discuss and seek cooperation with neighboring countries in addressing the issue together. (29/01/2021)
Department of Disease Control has stated that, if working people do not follow measures, their workplaces might become risky and turn into spread areas for COVID-19. Since it is possible that one or more persons in a working group may be COVID-19 carriers, but asymptomatic, it is highly recommended that they follow the following practices: 1. Keep a physical distance; 2. Wear a mask; 3. Regularly wash hands; 4. Check in and check out with the Thai Chana application 5. Download Mor Chana. (29/01/2021)
The Prime Minister has stated that the Government is working to solve economic problems in parallel with public health problems, and, in its latest effort, approved the cut of social security contribution from 3% to 0.5% for employees, and from 5% to 3% for employers during January-March 2021. Unemployed citizens will also be compensated and provided with some remedy. (28/01/2021)
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The Prime Minister reaffirmed via PM PODCAST that all Thai people will be given COVID-19 vaccines. The first 50,000 doses, to be available on 14 February 2021, will be reserved for public healthcare workers and police, military, and immigration officers in risky areas. The next phase of vaccines, to be available in May 2021, will cover priority groups of people, and officials who are in close contact with infected patients. He also emphasized that Thailand would become ASEANs vaccine production base as a result of the recent agreement for technology transfer. (28/01/2021)
The Prime Minister has shared his thoughts with the public and listened to feedback via PM PODCAST, a channel that is aimed at promoting direct communication between the Prime Minister and the people. According to the Prime Minister, even with the cancellation of his usual field trips to meet with local people because of the spread of COVID-19, he has held small-group meetings with public and private agencies and affected groups of people in a bid to gain true insights into the publics plights and well-being. He reaffirmed that the Government is striving to address all the problems in accordance with existing laws and regulations. Everyones cooperation is needed for the country to move forward into the future. (28/01/2021)
The Department of Mineral Resources has update its information on an ancient whale skeleton, discovered in a layer of clay sediment in Samut Sakhon province on 6 November 2020. After bone fragments of the whale were taken to a laboratory in the United States for analysis, the whale was found to be about 3,380 years old. Last year, this whale skeleton was discovered 6.5 meters below sea level, and it is categorized as a subfossil. Although the skeleton is considered not very old, scientists and researchers can use it to study future climate scenarios, the geology of the Gulf of Thailand, and the origins of whales and other animals. A total of 138 bone fragments were discovered, which are now maintained at the National Geological Museum in Pathum Thani province. The whale skeleton is expected to be exhibited in Samut Sakhon for people and children to see and study. (28/01/2021)
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The Ministry of Public Health appointed its inspector-general and public health volunteers, who have a good understanding of the COVID-19 vaccines safety and procurement process, to transfer information related to the vaccine to the public. They will be able to identify the priority groups and know how to build peoples confidence in COVID-19 vaccines. The information will help the public decide if they want to receive the vaccine, which will arrive in Thailand next month. The Ministry of Public Health also assured the public that the COVID-19 vaccines to be used in Thailand are safe and effective. (28/01/2021)
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All public and private educational institutions that are situated in the maximum control zones designated earlier in 28 provinces will be allowed to reopen, starting from 1 February 2021 onwards, as the COVID-19 situation has gradually improved. These educational institutions shall strictly comply with the COVID-19 prevention measures. Educational institutions in Samut Sakhon will remain closed as this area has been designated as "maximum and strict control zone" and the situation of the outbreak is still intense. Educational institutions in Bangkok, Nonthaburi, Samut Prakan, Nakhon Pathom and Pathum Thani are allowed to reopen with a total students per one classroom not exceeding 25 persons. (28/01/2021)
The State Railway of Thailand (SRT) has suspended services on its 71 local trains until the end of February to prevent the spread of COVID-19. According to the Center for COVID-19 Situation Administration (CCSA), the public is encouraged to consider canceling or delaying unnecessary cross-provincial travel during the COVID-19 situation to reduce the risk and prevent the spread of the disease. The SRT, therefore, has announced that the 71 local trains have been out of service from 26 January 2021, and 30 regular passenger rail services were suspended starting on Wednesday, 13 January. For more information, please contact the SRT hotline 1690 (24 hours) or follow the Facebook page: Public Relations and Tourism Service Center, SRT. (28/01/2021)
According to theCenter for COVID-19 Situation Administration (CCSA), on this Friday (29 January 2021), relaxation of some measures, for example, restaurant opening hours, in particular provinces will be proposed and finalized by decisions at the CCSA's general meeting. (28/01/2021)
The Center for COVID-19 Situation Administration (CCSA) revealed on 26 January 2021 that the top three provinces that found new COVID-19-infected persons are Samut Sakhon, with 6,394 cases, followed by Bangkok with 721 cases, and Chonburi with 648 cases. In Bangkok, the districts that have the highest reports of infections are Bang Khun Thian, Bang Khae and Chom Thong, Bangphlat, Bang Bon, and Phasi Charoen. The CCSA continues to encourage the public to practice "DMHTT" measures, which are distancing, mask-wearing, hand washing, testing (temperature check), and Thai Chana application use, to prevent the spread of the virus. (28/01/2021)
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The Thai Health Promotion Foundation has stated that people with underlying diseases in the group of non-communicable diseases, or NCDs, may have a higher chance of complications and severe symptoms if they are infected with the COVID-19 virus. NCDs include diabetes, hypertension, cerebrovascular disease, heart disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and renal failure. The Thai Health Promotion Foundation also emphasized that people have to wear masks, wash their hands frequently, keep social distance, and use mobile applications to help prevent the spread of the pandemic. (27/01/2021)
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The Ministry of Public Health has provided helpful guidelines for the public about how to use public toilets to prevent and reduce the risk of the COVID-19 infection. Here are some useful tips: 1. Before and after touching any sanitary ware, wash hands at least 20 seconds; 2. Before flushing, close the toilet seat cover to reduce the spread of droplets. In addition, "DMHTT" measures (Distancing, Mask-wearing, Hand-washing, Testing (temperature check), and ThaiChana application use) are still suggested for the public to keep practicing, to overcome this challenging time together. (27/01/2021)
The Center for COVID-19 Situation Administration (CCSA) is planning to work on actively finding cases in Samut Sakhon for three weeks. Here is the timeline: In the first week (25-31 January 2021), there will be strong case finding in the area. In the second week (1-7 February), there will be following up of cases with more details in local communities. It is expected that infection conditions may be changed from red zone districts into yellow districts, and from yellow districts to green districts. In the third week (8-15 February), the number of infections is expected to decrease further. If there is a lower number of cases, the measures will be relaxed. (27/01/2021)
The Prime Minister expressed appreciation and gave moral support to all sectors and agencies doing their part in the fight against COVID-19, be they medical doctors and staff members, public healthcare workers, administrative/ civil/ military/ police officers, and healthcare volunteers, as well as other concerned agencies, for their hard work in preventing and curbing the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. As of now, the COVID-19 situation in several provinces has come under control as a result of their hard work and dedication, as well as the publics cooperation. (26/01/2021)
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The Prime Minister has revealed that the Governments 1111 hotline service has received about 200 public complaints about gambling dens and illegal workers, which have been identified as major factors in the spread of COVID-19. Officials implicated in these illegal activities have been arrested and prosecuted. The Government is attentive to the issue, but there also must be sufficient evidence to identify the offenders. Investigations must continue to address all problems in a sustainable way. Anyone involved in gambling dens and illegal workers must be prosecuted. (26/01/2021)
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