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The Government plans to spend 620 million baht of the 2016 annual budget for newborn babies of poor families, who were born during October 2015 to August 2016. They will receive 400 baht per month for 1 year. It is expected that the target group will include about 128,000 babies. (03/02/2016)
Makha Puja Buddhism Promotion Week will be held nationwide on 16-22 February 2016. Apart from merit making, this year the Religious Affairs Department will display a model of the Weluwan bamboo grove from the Buddhist chronicle so that Buddhist youngsters can learn about and experience the importance of this event. (01/02/2016)
Thailand is ready to host the 2nd World Irrigation Forum on 6-12 November 2016 in Chiang Mai province.The Thai National Committee on Irrigation and Drainage (THAICID) invites students and the general public to enter the conference slogan contest. The slogan must be submitted in English and should communicate the importance of irrigation in the context of the topic of the meeting, Water Management in a Changing World. For further information, please feel free to contact 0-2241-0665 or write an e-mail to The application form can be downloaded through the following website: (01/02/2016)
The Software Industry Promotion Agency (Public Organization) or SIPA has continued to develop the smart city project, with Phuket the first pilot province, in order to promote economic investment, tourism, and technology transfer. The ongoing project is jointly supported by the Republic of Korea, where the smart city of Incheon is a success story. Both sides affirm that strong cooperation in technology transfer is required in order to benefit societies driven by the digital economy. (01/02/2016)
HRH Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn presided over the Prince Mahidol Award presentation for 2015 on 28 January 2016. In the field of medicine, the winner is Professor Morton M. Mower, from the United States, who co-invented the Automatic Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator. Meanwhile, Sir Michael Gideon Marmot, from the United Kingdom won the award in public health for his evidence-based evaluation of the Social Determinants of Health. (29/01/2016)
Prime Minister General Prayut Chan-o-cha has affirmed that general election will take place in the mid 2017, as planned in the national reforms road map. He also stated that whether the new draft charter does not pass a public referendum, the government will hold the general election. (28/01/2016)
The 8th Thailand International Jazz Conference (TIJC) will be held on 29-30 January 2016 at the College of Music, Mahidol University. More than 60 bands, both domestic and international artists, will join this conference. More details are available at or tel. 02-800-2525. (27/01/2016)
After Thailands second confirmed case of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS), the Thai government has stepped up measures against the outbreak of the disease. One of the preventive measures at the airports is installation of body temperature scanners to detect passengers arriving in Thailand with flu-like symptoms. Thai ambassadors worldwide have also been instructed to raise awareness of the Thai governments effort to prevent the spread of MERS in their host countries, and to assure people that Thailand has always complied with the international standards for containing the spread of deadly disease. (26/01/2016)
Thailand and the United States will co-host the annual Cobra Gold exercise in Thailand from 9 to 19 February 2016. This exercise is one of the largest multilateral exercises in the Asia-Pacific region. This years Cobra Gold will consist of three primary events: a command post exercise, humanitarian civic assistance projects in Thai communities, and a field training exercise. (26/01/2016)
The Department of Employment, in cooperation with the Public Interest Foundation, International Manpower Development Organization, Japan (IM Japan), has launched an overseas training activity to enable job seekers to find training in Japan. All those interested may apply in person with arecommendation from employment agencies through all provincial employment offices, the Bangkok employment office district 1-10, and the Thailand Overseas Employment Administration (TOEA) during the week of 20-27 January 2016. For further information, please call 0-2245-0978 or hotline 1694. An application form can be downloaded through the following (26/01/2016)
The Ministry of Information and Communication Technology is going to initiate a new space cooperation activity in order to promote the development of the Asia-Pacific Space Cooperation Organization (APSCO) and cooperation on the Small Multi-mission Satellite Project (SMMS). The new activity is under the agreement of the fourth meeting of the joint committee on trade, investment, and economic cooperation between Thailand and China. Both sides would jointly improve capacity-building standards through cooperation on scientific research, exchange of experts, personal training, and joint courses. (26/01/2016)
The Meteorological Department has warned people living in the North and Northeast of Thailand about heavy rains and colder weather. The temperatures in those areas are expected to drop to lows of 8 degrees Celsius and highs of 15 degrees Celsius. Bangkok and its vicinity will experience lows of 16 degrees Celsius and highs of 18 degrees Celsius. (25/01/2016)
The Thai Customs Department has launched a mobile application to support the fight against illegal, unreported, and unregulated fishing, called Anti IUU Fishing. This application can be downloaded from the App Store for the iOS system, and Play Store for the Android system. (21/01/2016)
From the Prime Minister's Office, Minister M.L. Panadda Diskul is the chairman of the opening ceremony OTOP Showcase at the Government House branch. This branch will be the model for OTOP identification of products, and it is also the product management learning center. (21/01/2016)
Elephant Parade Bangkok Exhibition is held on 18-29 January 2016 at Lumphini Park. There are 88 colorful elephant statues to attract visitors. Moreover, many activities are arranged in this exhibition, such as the Instagram competition for the prize of a trip to the Maldives, and the auction for helping elephants. (21/01/2016)
The Thai government insists on solving the problem of illegal fishing boats, although this is a long-term issue. The Government intends to fight with this problem and meet international standards. (21/01/2016)
The Bureau of Epidemiology, Ministry of Public Health, after studying the epidemic of dengue fever from 1 to 11 January 2016, found that, out of 583 patients all over the country, 31.39% are at the ages of 15-24. The five provinces with the highest incidence rates are Nakhon Pathom, Phuket, Phichit, Sisaket, and Songkhla. The Department of Disease Control estimates that this year the epidemic will be higher than before and has instructed all provincial health offices to be ready for the upcoming outbreak season. (21/01/2016)
Because this years dry season has come earlier than usual, some villagers have stopped farming and changed to dredging gold along the Wang River instead, where they can earn 1,000-2,000 baht per day. (19/01/2016)
On the occasion of the National Forest Conservation Day 2016, the Royal Forest Department, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, had launched an application called forest4thai that can be used by the public to notify officials about the forest illegal logging, wildfires, and other forest issues immediately. The public can also complain about problems with officials, as well. (19/01/2016)
Bua Daeng field in Nakhon Ratchasima Province was launched as a new tourism destination. The field, which started from 16 acres, now covers about 600 acres. The best time to visit is from December until February. (19/01/2016)

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