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Ministers of communications and information from the 10 ASEAN countries and three dialogue partners are attending the 13th Conference of the ASEAN Ministers Responsible for Information in Cebu, the Philippines, under the theme One ASEAN: Connectivity. Community. Opportunity. The meeting is focused on digital television and broadcasting, media programs and networking, and efforts to strengthen cooperation in all forms. Thailands delegation is led by Public Relations Departments Deputy Director General Charoon Chaisorn on behalf of the Minister Attached to the Prime Ministers Office, M.L. Panadda Diskul. (18/03/2016)
Col. Aphisit Chainuwat, Assistant Government Spokesperson, revealed that Prime Minister General Prayut Chan-o-cha was scheduled to inspect progress in state measures to address peoples poverty, productive land tenure, occupational development, drought situation and water management in northeastern Udon Thani province. The Prime Minister will meet local people before participating in the Joint Government-Private Sector Committee for Upper Northeastern Provincial Cluster I. (18/03/2016)
The Ministry of Culture announced that the ASEAN Cultural Expo will be organized for the first time in Bangkok on 20-24 April 2016. The event aims to promote the variety of cultures among peoples in the ASEAN Community. The event will run parallel to Bangkok's celebration event called Tai Rom PhraBaramee, the 234th Anniversary of the Rattanakosin Era (Under the Benevolence of His Majesty the King, the 234th Year of the Rattanakosin Period), to be hosted at SanamLuang. (18/03/2016)
The 14th Senior Officials Meeting Responsible for Information (SOMRI)is being hosted by the Philippines on 14-18 March 2016. The meeting is focused on determining the steps to modernize the member states' media development. Following SOMRI will be the 13th ASEAN Ministers Responsible for Information (AMRI) meeting, which is scheduled on 17 March 2016. (17/03/2016)
The Ministry of Education has initiated a campaign to encourage Thai English teachers to develop their English skills. The initiative aims to improve Thailands readiness for the ASEAN Community, when Southeast Asia becomes one economic zone and a common language is required for communication. The project will focus on teachers in secondary schools, who will be provided a short training program through the English Boot Camp project. (16/03/2016)
The Ministry of Commerce is launching the Blue Flag campaign in areas affected by drought in 22 provinces to help reduce peoples cost of living. Meanwhile, the Department of Internal Trade, jointly with the Office of Commercial Affairs, is launching mobile units to sell household goods at discounts of 20-40% in 40 drought-stricken provinces. (15/03/2016)
According to Ministry of Finance, the Thai economy expanded 2.8% in 2015 and expected to grow by 3.7 % this year, to be driven mainly by government spending on infrastructure projects, various economic stimulus measures and increased private consumption. The government is also looking to revising laws and regulations which would help promote foreign direct investment in the country. In the meantime, tourism will remain a major income earner for the country as the number of foreign tourists is expected at a record level of 32 million, or roughly 2 million more than last year. (14/03/2016)
The Smart Job Center under the Ministry of Labor, which has been developed into Smart Job Smart Worker, came up with the slogan Think about work, Think of us. The connectivity of computer systems and Department of Provincial Administration can help the people search for jobs through their ID cards. They can register and introduce themselves by using a video recording. Moreover, the applicants can be interviewed by employers on line. Now there are 12 Smart Job Centers, and another 32 centers will open in 2016. (11/03/2016)
The Ministry of Energy, with the cooperation of the National Research Council of Thailand, will organize Joyous Energy, Research Can Be Sold on 5-27 March 2016. Visitors will see energy innovation, outstanding research work, research works that can be sold, and research work for the public and the community. This event will be open from 10.00-19.00 hr every day. (11/03/2016)
The Ministry of Culture will organize a Culture Festival event on Folk Life, Thais Life in every part of the country. Chiang Rai province, in the North of Thailand, is on 18-22 March 2016. Phetchaburi province, in the central region, will be on 25-29 March. Nong Khai province, in the Northeast, is on 6-10 May, while Krabi province is on 5-9 May. The admission is free of charge. (11/03/2016)
Chiang Mai Province will host Lanna Expo 2016 at the International Convention and Exhibition Centre Commemorating His Majesty the Kings 7th Cycle Birthday Anniversary from 30 June to 6 July 2016. This year the expo focuses on Lanna Health & Wellness, which aims at enhancing the approach strategy for regional competition, earning income and adding investment value, as well as upgrading the areas moving toward the ASEAN Community. (11/03/2016)
The Education Ministry will celebrate its 124th Anniversary on 1 April 2016. The celebration will consist of three major activities. The first one is an offering of alms to 125 Buddhist monks. The second will be the awarding of prizes to 85 individuals who have contributed a great deal to the Ministry. And the third will be an academic seminar on educational reform in Thailand. Furthermore, the ministry will hold a fair along Klong Phadung KrungKasem on 1-24 April 2016, where local products will be sold and student capabilities will be displayed. (10/03/2016)
Finance Minister Apisak Tantivorawong and U.S. Ambassador to Thailand Glyn T. Davies recently signed an agreement to improve international tax compliance and to implement the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA), which will underscore growing international cooperation in building a stronger, more stable, and more accountable global financial system. (09/03/2016)
The Ministry of Energy, jointly with the National Research Council of Thailand, is holding the "Plern Palangarn, Ngarn Wijai Khai Dai fair at Khlong Phadung Krung Kasem Market near Government House on5-27 March 2016, from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily. This event is a showcase for the countrys energy innovation, particularly outstanding energy research studies. (08/03/2016)
The Constitution Drafting Committee released the first draft of the constitution to the general public for comments and inputs. After receiving feedback from the National Legislative Assembly, political groups and the general public, the draft will be revised and put to a nation-wide referendum in July of this year. The government, in the meantime, reiterated that the passage of the draft constitution is not a precondition of a national elections. The prime minister insisted that, with or without the new constitution, the government will strictly abide by its declared political roadmap, and a national elections will be held in 2017. (08/03/2016)
The Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives announced that it would close the gulf coast along Prachuap Khiri Khan, Chumphon, and Surat Thani provinces during 15 February to 15 May of every year. The aim is to preserve marine and coastal resources, especially tuna. All fishing equipment will be banned. Moreover, smuggling of illegal marine animals will be strictly checked in 24 checkpoints throughout the country. (07/03/2016)
The Software Industry Promotion Agency (SIPA), in cooperation with Department of International Trade Promotion (DITP), invites entrepreneurs to participate in Game Connection Event 2016, which will be held on 14-16 March 2016 in San Francisco, California. The purposes are to expand the business potential and increase the market for Thai entrepreneurs in the games industry. (04/03/2016)
The Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives will host the 12th Asia-Pacific Orchid Conference on 19-27 March 2016 at the Impact Exhibition and Convention Center in Bangkok. This years conference theme is Orchids and Human Beings, which aimsto achieve international cooperation for trends in development and conservation of orchids in the Asia-Pacific region. (04/03/2016)
The Public Relations Department (PRD) will host a seminar on Lifestyle under H.M. King Bhumibols Philosophy of Sufficiency Economy and a site-visit at Koiruttakwa Community in Nongchok District, Bangkok, on 10 March 2016. The event provides an opportunity for foreign journalists, members of international organization, as well as members of the diplomatic corps, to observe the practical implementation of this philosophy in people's daily lives. (03/03/2016)
Mrs.Apiradi Tantraporn, Minister of Commerce, will lead the Thai delegation to participate in the 22nd ASEAN Economic Ministers (AEM) Retreat in Chiang Mai on 2-3 March 2016. The meeting will discuss the facilitation of transport, the ASEAN Single Window initiative, the ASEAN Self-Certification system for product origins, the ASEAN Trade in Services Agreement, and the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership.This event is the first of its kind since the integration of AEC. (01/03/2016)

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