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The Secretariats of ASEAN and the United Nations reaffirmed their commitment to cooperation between the two organizations in political-security, economic, and socio-cultural affairs at the 7th Secretariat-to-Secretariat Meeting held on 30 March 2016. (05/04/2016)
The Government has instructed national security units to prepare security measures during the Songkran festival. All units were told to raise awareness of road safety and to step up the inspection of all types of vehicles. The Royal Thai Police will also tighten law enforcement. The vehicles and driving licenses of motorists, especially public drivers, who have committed offenses, will be confiscated. (05/04/2016)
The Ministry of Information and Communication Technology announced that ASEAN ICT Master Plan 2020 is now effective and it will be implemented during the period 2016-2020. The plan encompasses eight strategic thrusts that work together to support the advancement of the ASEAN Community. This includes a focus on utilizing ICT in the single market; it encompasses the importance of new media and content, especially local content creation, in building ASEANs ICT capacity and capabilities; and it seeks to buttress the regional online ecosystem by providing information security and assurance to the ASEAN Community. (04/04/2016)
The Executive Vice President of Aeronautical Radio of Thailand, Mr. Tinnagorn Choowong, said in a statement that the switch of the air traffic management system from a ground-based system to a satellite-based one had been implemented. Because of the new procedures, it would probably take one or two days for staff to become fully familiar with the system. The new system would handle the ever-increasing number of departures and arrivals more efficiently. Therefore, it would allow an increase in the number of flights by 15-20%. (01/04/2016)
ESCAP will convene the third session of the Asia-Pacific Forum on Sustainable Development from 3 to 5 April 2016, at the UN Conference Centre in Bangkok. The forum will engage member States, UN institutions, and other key stakeholders on regional priorities for the implementation of the 2030 Agenda in Asia and the Pacific, reflecting ESCAPs mandate for follow up and review. It will make recommendations on scientific and technological innovation for sustainable development, and on making cities inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable. (01/04/2016)
The Ministry of Science and Technology and 11 government and private sector organizations will organize Startup Thailand 2016 from 28 April to 1 May at Queen Sirikit National Convention Center (QSNCC). This event will gather startup entrepreneurs and show that Thailand is in a position to become an economically innovative country for new entrepreneurs and new markets, which can create high-growth business. (01/04/2016)
The Ministry of Culture will organize ASEAN Cultural Expo 2016 in combination with the Celebration of the 234th Year of Rattanakosin Festival on 20-24 April at Sanam Luang, the National Theater, and Rajdumnern Contemporary Museum. The objective of the event is to promote the understanding of ASEAN culture and peoples lifestyle diversity. The schedule includes the ASEAN Plus Ramayana performance by eight organizations from ASEAN member countries. (01/04/2016)
Government Spokesman Maj. Gen. Sansern Kaewkumnerd revealed that the government plans to open Pracharath Sookjai Shops at two PTT petrol stations in each province, a total of 148 shops across the country, starting 1 April 2016. The shops combine the sale of OTOP products and provision of tourist information services. The plan will create income for communities across the nation, as well as additional employment. (31/03/2016)
The Ministry of Labor announced that any company in the fishery and seafood processing industry that is employing foreign workers must register their workers. The period for the fishing industry ceases on 31 July 2016 and the seafood processing industry on 22 August 2016. After these dates, fines and imprisonment will be applicable. (31/03/2016)
Prime Minister Gen. Prayut Chan-o-cha will participate in the fourth Nuclear Security Summit to be held in Washington, D.C., USA, from 31 March to 1 April 2016. While there, the Prime Minister will accept a Nuclear Industry Summit Award for the recognition of Thailand's strong role in eliminating and ensuring the non-existence of highly enriched uranium in the country. (30/03/2016)
The Ministry of Education will host Education Builds Nation, Padung Krungkasem Canal Market Creates Happiness on 1-24 April 2016 at Padung Krungkasem Canal Market, adjacent to Government House. The fair will display and sell goods produced by students and peoples networks, as well as affordable school products and stationery. Moreover, to celebrate the Songkran festival, there will be water pouring on Buddha statues and the elderly, performances of traditional music on a boat, a singing contest for the elderly, and a beauty contest. (30/03/2016)
The Geo-informatics and Space Technology Development Agency (Public Organization), or GISTDA, announced that Space Inspirium is now open to the public as a placefor learning about outer space. Not only will it inspire the audiencesimagination but it also will be a starting point to make youth and other visitors realize the importance of the countrys space and geographic information technology and participate more in developing it. Service hours on weekends are 0900-1500 hr at GISTDA, in Sriracha, Chonburi province. (30/03/2016)
The Ministry of Transport has initiated the campaign Safe Drive in Songkran Festival. The campaign will be launched to reduce road accidents during the coming Songkran festival in April. The implementation comprises traffic light system checking, availability of transport services, facilities of support services, and safe driver awareness. (29/03/2016)
The cabinet approved an increase in the Governments child support grant from 400 to 600 baht a month, and the age of children coveredwill also be extended from one year to three years. Under the new plan, poor families with children aged 0-3 will receive a monthly allowance of 600 baht per child. The child support grant helps fill the gap by providing a minimum level of protection to children their first three years of life. (28/03/2016)
The Ministry of Culture, with the cooperation of the Bangkok Art and Culture Centre and many private sector organizations, has organized Thailand Eye, an exhibition of Thai contemporary art, from 18 March to 7 August at the Main Gallery, 8th floor, Bangkok Art and Culture Centre, Saatchi Gallery. This exhibition is aimed at turning Thailands artists in the field of contemporary art into international artists and generating more value from art. This event will gather 60 outstanding artworks of 23 Thai artists, whose works are based on Thai culture. The works of more than 70 Thai artists will be gathered in one book and disseminated to audiences. (25/03/2016)
Prime Minister General Prayut Chan-o-cha will attend the 1st Mekong-Lancang Cooperation (MLC) in Sanya, and the Boao Forum for Asia in Boao, Hainan, Peoples Republic of China on 22-24 March 2016. The meeting will be held under the topic Shared River, Shared Future. Its outcomes will include: the Draft Sanya Declaration, the Draft Joint Statement of the Production Capacity Cooperation of the MLC Countries, and the Joint List of the MLC Early Harvest Projects. (22/03/2016)
The Ministry of Information and Communication Technology, in cooperation with the Ministry of Science and Technology, will hold the event Startup Thailand 2016 on 28 April to 1 May 2016 at Queen Sirikit National Convention Center, Bangkok. The event aims to encourage Thai entrepreneurs to take up digital technology as an important part in their business process. Besides, it will be a significant event for driving the digital economy in Thailand. (22/03/2016)
Mr. Don Pramudwinai, Minister of Foreign Affairs, co-chaired a high-level meeting on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of theRegional Cooperation Agreement on Combating Piracy and Armed Robbery against Ships in Asia Information Sharing Centre (ReCAAP ISC) in Singapore, held on 17-18 March 2016. This meeting was a chance for Thailand to express its stance and intention to join other ReCAAP members in solving the problems, particularly in the Straits of Malacca and nearby areas. (21/03/2016)
Recognizing the vulnerability of stateless people to human traffickers, the Royal Thai Government has stepped up its efforts to address this issue as part of an attempt to eradicate human trafficking. Recently the Ministry of Interior announced that Thailands Department of Provincial Administration officially requested all districts to identify and issue legal status to eligible stateless students in Thailand on the governments database. This directive may benefit up to 65,000 students, or about 15 per cent of the 443,862 people who were registered as stateless in Thailand at the end of October 2015. UNHCRs Representative in Thailand said that the prospect of thousands of stateless students receiving legal status is yet another milestone in Thailands sustained efforts to overcome the challenge of statelessness. By committing to specific targets and timelines, the effort also provides an example to the region and underscores Thailands regional leadership role in addressing statelessness. (21/03/2016)
The Ministry of Education has initiated the mobile application named Echo English. This application aims to develop English skills in four target groups, which comprise general students, vocational students, government officers, and local people. The mobile application can be downloaded through both iTunes (for iOS) and Play Store (for Android). (21/03/2016)

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