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H.E. Mr. Thongloun Sisoulith, Prime Minister of the Lao Peoples Democratic Republic, is now on an official visit to Thailand as guest of the Thai Government from 5 to 6 July 2016. The Laotian Premier met with Prime Minister Gen. Prayuth Chan-o-cha and held discussions on multilateral collaborations involving basic infrastructure, investment support, labor, tourism connections, and mutual development. (06/07/2016)
The Ministry of Labour stated that the agency will continue combating human trafficking, especially the employment of migrant workers in the industrial and fishery sectors. The ministry will encourage foreign laborers to enter the local workforce legally, and it will work with their countries of origin to address the issue collaboratively. (06/07/2016)
The Police Academy of Cambodia and Royal Police Academy of Thailand signed a document to strengthen their relationship and expand the cooperation between the two institutions in human resource training and development. The Commissioner of the Royal Police Cadet Academy said that not only Cambodia and Thailand, but all the ASEAN member nations have been seeking partnership and cooperation between one another. Fighting criminal activities requires good cooperation between neighboring countries. (06/07/2016)
The Ministry of Tourism and Sports has launched a campaign to make Thai silk more popular in the global market. To raise awareness about Thai silk internationally, the ministry will campaign for nine new tourist destinations that promote silk production in Thailand. Tourists will get to learn about the traditional craft of making silk from local villagers. (06/07/2016)
Centers for orderliness will be established nationwide to support the upcoming constitutional referendum on 7 August 2016. These centers main tasks include following up on situations, setting up checkpoints, identifying sources that spread misleading information, and those that violate the Referendum Act. (06/07/2016)
Startup Thailand plus Digital Economy Grand Festival will be opened in three regions. The first venue is in Chiang Mai International Exhibition and Convention Centre from 5-7 August 2016. The second is at Khon Kaen University Convention Centre from 29-31 August 2016. It is expected that the third Startup Thailand will be at Patong beach in Phuket Province in September 2016. (05/07/2016)
The Government urges all eligible voters to come out and exercise their rights on 7 August 2016, when the nationwide constitutional referendum will take place. It was stated that everyone has the right to express an opinion in their discussions, as long as it is not an attempt to tell people which way to vote or to create social conflict. (05/07/2016)
The Ministry of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) announced that the Ministry of Digital Economy and Society will be officially established in September2016, replacing the Ministry of ICT. The new ministry will have the administrative scope to plan, promote, develop, and implement activities related to a digital society and economy. (05/07/2016)
The Ministry of Interior is promoting Safety Thailand as a project to integrate all organizations concerned in order to upgrade Thailands fire safety standards. The aim is to make Thailand an attractive country for tourism and to be ready to cope immediately and efficiently with any fires that flare up. They will use three measurements, as follows: city plan and building control, risk reduction and conflagration protection, and development of conflagration management system. (04/07/2016)
The U.S. Department of States Trafficking in Persons (TIP) Report was released in Washington, D.C. on 30 June 2016, and Thailand was upgraded to Tier 2 Watch List. The 2016 TIP Report covers governments anti-trafficking efforts from 1 April 2015 through 31 March 2016. The Tier 2 Watch List ranking indicates that the Government of Thailand made significant efforts to eliminate trafficking during the rating period. (04/07/2016)
The Ministry of Public Health has set the system Quality Service Clean (QSC) for all hospitals throughout the country. This system will develop every aspect in the hospitals with the concept of clean, convenient, comfortable, and charming. The objective is the satisfaction of patients who use hospital services. (01/07/2016)
According to the government policy, the Export-Import Bank (EXIM Bank) will develop a one-stop service by using credit together with export and investment insurance as a tool to expand business and markets for Thai entrepreneurs, especially those in the CLMV group (Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, and Vietnam) and new market countries and expand the cooperation network to take care of SME entrepreneurs. The project will stress good relationships with commercial banks. The investors are divided into four groups. The first group is Smart Start Up. The second is Advanced S. The third is Amazing M. The last includes S, M, and L entrepreneurs who would like to be supported by EXIM Bank. (01/07/2016)
The Ministry of Information and Communication Technology is preparing for the signing of an MOU on Telecom-Information-Broadcast with the government of Bangladesh. The MOU aims at promoting cooperation on connectivity, content, and cyber security between two countries. (30/06/2016)
The Marine Department signed an agreement with relevant agencies to establish a water transport safety center and to raise water transport safety standards. Four safety measures will be adopted in the provinces along the Andaman Sea, including Phuket, Phang Nga, Krabi, Ranong, Trang, and Satun. They include measures to enhance accident response and prevention, extend aid to accident victims, and support safety-related research and development. (30/06/2016)
The Ministry of Commerce hopes that the seminar on Smart Business Solution for SMEs, which is going to be held at the Techsauce Summit 2016 on 23-24 July 2016 at Central World, will bring benefits to startup businesses in Thailand. Techsauce Summit 2016 is an international meeting for leaders in technology, venture capital, corporations, and startups. (28/06/2016)
At the joint press conference with H.E. Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, State Counselor of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar, Prime Minister Gen. Prayut Chan-o-cha remarked that both countries agreed to further encourage and facilitate border crossing and agreed to discuss the possibility of issuing a visa on arrival (VOA) for Thai and Myanmar nationals traveling through border checkpoints, as well as to expedite the construction of the Second Thailand-Myanmar Friendship Bridge and the negotiation process of the Cross-Border Transport Agreement under the IICBTA Framework. (28/06/2016)
Prime Minister Gen. Prayut Chan-o-cha remarked at the Joint Press Conference with H.E. Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, State Counsellor of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar, on the protection and the promotion of basic rights of Myanmar migrant workers that the Thai government has made utmost effort to take good care of Myanmar migrant workers. Meanwhile, on development cooperation, both countries agreed to push forward the implementation of Myanmar-Thailand Three Year Development Cooperation Framework, and continue to carry out existing border development projects along the border areas. (27/06/2016)
The Ministry of Social Development and Human Security launched a workshop for volunteer interpreters in order to accommodate ASEAN nationals and other foreigners who live in Thailand. The workshop was held from 21 June 2016 to 23 June 2016. Over 120 volunteers attended. (24/06/2016)
The Government is going to organize ASEAN Youth Learning on the Royal Philosophy of Sufficiency Economy. It will invite 70 youth representatives from ASEAN countries, seven from each country, to join the field trip in order for them to learn about the royal initiatives across the country. Seventy Thai representatives from each region will engage in hosting, exchanging knowledge, and participating in public service activities. They are scheduled to pay a courtesy call on the Prime Minister in October 2016. (24/06/2016)
H.E. Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, State Counsellor of Myanmar, is now on an official visit to Thailand. On the first day of her visit, the State Counsellor of Myanmar was welcomed by Deputy Prime Minister Somkid Jatusripitak, before proceeding to meet the Myanmar migrant workers in Samut Sakhon province in the afternoon. (24/06/2016)

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