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The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), Sukhothai Office, invites travelers to visit the Loy Krathong Festival 2016 in Sukhothai province from 10 to 14 November 2016. In the event, they will light 9,999 censers, sing the royal anthem in remembrance of His Majesty the late King Bhumibol, and have a demonstration of making old town community products. The visitors can also make krathongs themselves and float them in the reservoir at Sukhothai Historical Park. (11/11/2016)
Thailand welcomes the result of the U.S. presidential election on 8 November 2016 and congratulates the American people on successfully electing the 45th President of the United States. Thailand and the United States share a long history of alliance and cordial relations of 183 years. Our cooperation is multi-dimensional covering many areas of mutual interests and both sides are committed to work constructively together. Thailand will continue to work closely with the United States to further enhance Thai U.S. partnership. (Source: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs) (10/11/2016)
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The Royal Irrigation Department presented its project "Alternate wetting and drying" (rice farming with less water) -- which can save water, costs, and labor -- at the 2nd World Irrigation Forum and won the Watsave Award 2016 in the Watsave Innovative Water Management Award category. This project will extend its results to 4 million hectares within the next five years. (10/11/2016)
The Ministry of Public Health stated that the Ministry plans to target new markets such as China, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam, in order to encourage health tourism from these nations. This would allow overseas visitors to combine treatment with leisure travel in Thailand. (10/11/2016)
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The Cabinet has set a budget totaling over 18 billion baht to help the farmers as a part of the farmers' aid program. The farmers will receive 10,500 baht per ton for white rice, divided into 7,000 baht in loan, 2,000 baht in harvest subsidy, and 1,500 baht in storage subsidy. Likewise, the farmers will receive 11,300 baht per ton for Pathum Thani rice. (10/11/2016)
The Ministry of Digital Economy and Society is calling on the public not to view, "like," or share any information that violates the country's lese majesty laws on social media. In accordance with the National Council for Peace and Order's announcement, websites and messages with inappropriate contents may be closed immediately, and the users may be prosecuted. (10/11/2016)
On 8 November 2016, the Ministry of Labor and the Thai Red Cross Society discussed setting the principles of employment for people with disabilities in the Thai Red Cross Society and its branches nationwide. Now, they have 604 candidates from the 630 they need. This employment will be a 1-year contract and is set to start on 1 January 2017 (09/11/2016)
Prime Minister General Prayut Chan-o-cha stated that no matter who will be the next president of the United States, Thailand will continue its foreign policy in many aspects. Because Thailand is the main hub of the ASEAN region, he aims to focus on the country's stability in order to increase commerce and investment. (09/11/2016)
The Ministry of Tourism and Sports announced that all tourism events will continue as usual. They include the Loy Krathong Festival, sports, bike races, marathons, other local sports competitions, football matches, and annual sporting events. Thailand still welcomes all tourists as the warm hosts for all. Seventy pilot programs to follow in His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadejs footsteps will be set up for people to take as study tours, to learn about the late king themselves. (09/11/2016)
The New Theory of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej will be revived by the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives in 70,000 target areas throughout the country by the end of 2017. The areas that are already using the New Theory will be made much stronger. (09/11/2016)
The Royal Photographic Society of Thailand, Bangkok Art and Culture Center, and Thai Beverage Public Company Limited will host a photography exhibition to commemorate the late Thai King Bhumibol Adulyadej. To honor His Majestys legacy, this exhibition will display 89 photographs by 89 photographers. All of the 89 photographs depict auspicious moments under the reign of His Majesty the King, the peoples love and loyalty, the royal projects, and the historical time when Thais and foreigners paid their final respects to the revered King Bhumibol along the funeral procession route. The exhibition will run from 3 to 27 November 2016 on the Curved Walls on the 3rd - 5th floors, Bangkok Art and Culture Center. (09/11/2016)
The Ministry of Social Development and Human Security stated that the European Parliaments Committee on Fisheries (PECH) has visited the Department of Labor Protection and Welfare concerning illegal, unreported, and unregulated (IUU) fishing in Pathum Thani province in order to investigate Thailands progress in combating IUU fishing. In this regard, the PECH expressed its appreciation for Pathum Thanis actions, which consider the rights of labor and the sanitary conditions of workers, as well as generating income for their better life. The PECH also appreciated the Ministry for its continued work with the International Organization for Immigration (IOM) and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to facilitate the repatriation process for trafficking victims. (09/11/2016)
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The Ministry of Social Development and Human Security will bring 999 hilltribe people from 20 northern provinces, by train, to let them pay their respects to His Majesty the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej at the Grand Palace on 9 November 2016. During his reign, His Majesty often visited hill tribes in the northern part of Thailand. The King had established numerous royal projects to generate employment and income for hilltribe people. (08/11/2016)
The Energy Ministry has produced a book titled Father of Thailand Energy Development, in remembrance of HM the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej. This book reveals His Majestys vision and talent on how to develop the country and solve problems with his perseverance, so as to be the prime example for Thais and other working units to follow for stable development and self-reliance. The book can be downloaded at (08/11/2016)
The Ministry of Digital Economy and Society announced that Thailand will host ITU Telecom World 2016 on 14-17 November 2016 at the IMPACT Exhibition and Convention Center in Bangkok. This global event aims to accelerate ICT innovations for social and economic development, as it is a place where policy makers and regulators can meet industry experts, investors, SMEs, entrepreneurs, and innovators. For more information, please visit (08/11/2016)
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The Ministry of Commerce is continuing to focus on solving the problem of declining rice prices, including domestic and international marketing. The Ministry will invite trade representatives and buyers from more than 170 countries to participate in business matching for rice between 13 and 16 November 2016, including planning roadshows in Africa and the Middle East to increase the sale of rice, both state-to-state and public-to-public. (07/11/2016)
The Ayutthaya Elephant Palace and Royal Kraal will bring 11 elephants, along with more than 200 mahouts across the country, to the Grand Palace on 8 November 2016 to pay respects to HM the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej. These elephants will depart from Ayutthaya at 04:00 a.m. to the Territorial Defense Command in Bangkok. Then they will proceed to the area in front of the Ministry of Defense, before entering the Grand Palace. The elephants will stand still in mourning and prostrate themselves in honor of the late King. (07/11/2016)
Some parts of the Sanam Luang area will be rearranged for the organizing of an exhibition on the life and work of HM King Bhumibol Adulyadej. A total of 40 tents will be put up in the area next week for mourners to stay while waiting for entering the Grand Palace to pay respects to the late King. The tents will also accommodate various booths and a medical service unit. (07/11/2016)
The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) has announced that the Loy Krathong events for 2016 will be resumed nationwide as planned. However, the celebrations should be toned down slightly as a mark of respect for His Majesty the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej. (07/11/2016)
The 2nd World Irrigation Forum and the 67th International Executive Council are being held in Chiang Mai province from 6 to 12 November 2016. Under the theme Water Management in a Changing World: The Role of Irrigation in Sustainable Food Production, the forum brings together ministers from ten countries, as well as 2,000 high-ranking officials, policy makers, experts, academics, and other prominent members of the private and civil sectors from 60 countries. (06/11/2016)

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