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Baan Chad Jane Farm, an organic rice farm in Phichit province -- which is the origin of the "Rice Lunchbox" program that seeks to promote organic and eco-friendly rice farming -- has become a learning center for rice growers and visitors, providing knowledge of rice growing, online marketing, and circumvention of middlemen. (13/12/2016)
Queen Savang Vadhana Foundation and Siam Paragon Department Store are holding an exhibition "Our Beloved Great King" to pay tribute to His Majesty the late King Bhumibol on 5-18 December 2016 at 2nd-floor Lifestyle Hall, Siam Paragon. The exhibition includes condolence messages from Kings and leaders across the world on the passing of late King, a simulation of Sra Pathum Palace and his belongings when he was young. The exhibition will subsequently be moved to Queen Savang Vadhana Museum from 19 December - 31 March. (12/12/2016)
The Minister of Agricultural and Cooperatives has visited the new theory farming center which has adopted the techniques introduced by the late King Bhumibol in Uthai Thani province. The Minister stated that the government has encouraged the center in order to promote its theory farming projects among some 70,000 households across the country. So far, more than 100,000 farmers signed up to the scheme with the ministry. (12/12/2016)
The Ministry of Transport stated that the feasibility of constructing a 1,400-km High Speed Rail (HSR) connecting Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok would be discussed at the official level before proceeding to the ministerial level. In this regard, both China and Japan had already expressed an interest in the feasibility study for the Bangkok - Kuala Lumpur HSR project. (12/12/2016)
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Many Thais from young to old paid visit to Following Father's Footsteps, Continuing the King's Legacy Exhibition at Thammasat university's main auditorium, Tha Prachan campus. The exhibition includes Leaves of Resolution message writing and public events such musical and traditional performance. All activities offer free entry to visitors until 31 January 2017. (11/12/2016)
5,000 people from 41 ethnic groups across Thailand such as Karen, Hmong, Akha, Lisu are expected to arrive Bangkok on December 12, 2016 to pay tribute to His Majesty the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej in order to represent their gratitude toward the late King. (11/12/2016)
Thailand and Bhutan -- which have had good relations for more than 27 years -- are planning to strengthen their relationship and to promote cooperation in all aspects, such as bilateral trade, investment, processed agricultural products, medicinal plants, and public health. (09/12/2016)
The Kanchanaphisek road Km 19-21, from Thapthim Goddess Shrine to Bang Khae grade separation, is under repair. Travelers have been advised to avoid this route. For more information, please contact 089-082-5813. (09/12/2016)
The Department of Social Development and Welfare has signed an MOU with the Central Institute of Forensic Science (CIFS) to test the DNA of homeless people. As these people do not have a legal personal status, they are not able to access social benefits from the government, including medical care, financial assistance, and job opportunities. The project aims to help these people to have a better life. (09/12/2016)
The Ministry of Health, Ministry of Interior, and Ministry of Social Development and Human Security have imposed the 3 S policy. These are Strength, Security, and Social Participation. The 3 S policy aims to serve the elderly, so that they will be able to take care of themselves in routine life with a good life quality. This policy will proceed under the slogan The Elderly Are the Social Goal. (09/12/2016)
The Ministry of Tourism and Sports organized Following the Late Kings Sufficiency Footsteps. The general public, tour guides, and tourism businesses that are interested in the Philosophy of Sufficiency Economy of H.M. the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej will have a chance to meet and learn directly from the local people and villages that have used King Bhumibols philosophy in their lives successfully. Moreover, tourists and people in the area can exchange ideas and discuss their views of life and learn more from each other through the activities, which will be of benefit to the country. (09/12/2016)
The Ministry of Culture unveiled the second photographic collection related to the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej, which features 189 impressive photographs selected from the 40,000 submitted. The exhibition is being held at the Bangkok National Museum until the end of January next year and is also being held in Bhutan from 8 to 10 December 2016. (09/12/2016)
The Ministry of Transport is preparing five NGV buses for use around Sanam Luang. Members of the general public who would like to pay their respects to the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej will have the opportunity to use these buses from 21 December 2016. For security reasons, the screening point for the mourners is still closed at 21.00 hr, as before. (09/12/2016)
The Khlong Phadung Krung Kasem Festival, beside Government House, is hosted by the Ministry of Finance from 1 to 23 December 2016. This event is under the slogan Finance Develops the Nation, Phadung Krung Kasem Market Creates Life, Strengthens the Stable Economy. The first week, on 1-9 December 2016, will display His Majesty the late Kings philosophy on the topic Saving, and will be used as the core of this activity. All of the activities already reflect his genius in economic, social, and environmental saving. (09/12/2016)
A severe earthquake that was reported on the island of Sumatra, Indonesia, could be felt in five southern provinces of Thailand. The 6.5 magnitude earthquake -- which was centered in Aceh province of Indonesia -- made citizens in Phuket province feel the tremor, and similar reports were made in Krabi, Phang-nga, Trang, and Songkla. (08/12/2016)
The World Health Organization (WHO) praised the Thai government's policy of encouraging government officers to exercise every Wednesday, which conforms to one of the results of the 6th International Congress on Physical Activity and Public Health, which was held on 16-19 November in Thailand. Thailand is the first country in Asia that has been chosen by WHO to hold the congress. (08/12/2016)
The Ministry of Commerce, in cooperation with the Thai Chamber of Commerce, has launched the Trade Association President Club (TAP Club), which aims to establish a nationwide network of trade association leaders in Thailand. (08/12/2016)
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The Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand is organizing an exhibition Tam Roi Khuean Pho at Bhumibol Dam in Tak province in honor of His Majesty the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej. Apart from stage performances, this exhibition features the late Kings royal initiative projects, the royal addresses, renewable energy projects, Father of the Land project, a display of the late Kings personal objects, and more. The event will run until 7 December 2016. (07/12/2016)
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that, according to the report from the Royal Thai Embassy in Indonesia, there are no Thai people affected in the 6.5 magnitude earthquake near northern Sumatra Island in Indonesia. (07/12/2016)
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The Ministry of Industry stated that Deputy Prime Minister Mr. Somkid Jatusripitak will be the head of the Thai delegation attending the 5th Session of the China-Thailand Joint Committee of Trade Investment and Economy, which will be held on 7-12 December 2016 in Beijing, China. The meeting aims to exchange views on strengthening the development strategies of the two countries, and expanding cooperation on trade, investment, capacity, infrastructure, tourism, finance, quality inspection, information communication, and space technology, as well as investment in the East Economic Corridor Development Project of Thailand. (07/12/2016)
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