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The Ministry of Labor has opened the opportunity for migrant workers (from Myanmar, Laos, and Cambodian) who have employers and who don't have one, to register for permission to stay in Thailand, according to the Government's relaxed measures to relieve the shortage of labor. Employers and establishments can also register their migrant workers on, from 15 January to 13 February 2021. For more information, please contact the provincial employment office, the Department of Employment Area 1-10, Line application account @Service_Workpermit, and the Ministry of Labor's hotline at 1506, press 2. (18/01/2021)
The Center for COVID-19 Situation Administration (CCSA) has revealed the number of the new wave of COVID-19 infections in Thailand from 15 December 2020 to 13 January 2021. There are four main clusters in Thailand. The cluster with the greatest spread is gambling dens in the eastern region of Thailand, with 702 infected patients; it is followed by the central shrimp market, with 564 infected patients; entertainment establishments in Bangkok, with 197 infected patients; and cockfighting grounds in Ang Thong, with 129 infected patients. The CCSA has asked for the public's cooperation to follow the Government's measures strictly to prevent the spread of COVID-19. (18/01/2021)
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According to the Center for COVID-19 Situation Administration (CCSA), the registration of migrant workers from Laos, Cambodia, and Myanmar is open from now until February 13th. The move gives clemency to illegal immigrants and will allow them to work legally in Thailand for two years.As part of the registration process, applicants must undergo a health inspection and are obliged to pay for the screening process and health insurance. Employers may opt to cover these fees.More information on the process can be found on the Department of Employment website, (18/01/2021)
The Ministry of Labor has worked with private firms to arrange COVID-19 screenings and tests in at-risk provinces. The Social Security Office (SSO) made the announcement, revealing that it will subsidize up to 2,200 baht in testing fees from now until the end of March. SSO Deputy Secretary General Buppa Panpeng said the office will also cover the cost of treatment for infected citizens with social security benefits. With the latest wave of infections, the SSO has resolved to reduce the cost of social security contributions for both employers and employees from 5% to 3% for the three months from January to March. The SSO expects this special arrangement to help some 12.7 million employees and 480,000 employers save a total of 15.6 billion baht. (18/01/2021)
The Ministry of Commerce is preparing to make a proposal to the Cabinet on purchasing four types of protected items, which are medical face masks, artificial fibers, alcohol-based hand gels, and paper scrap, for another year because of the new wave of the COVID-19 pandemic. Price controls on those four protected products are about to expire on February 3. The Government has pegged the price for three types of face masks and medical face masks manufactured at 30 Food and Drug Agency registered factories at 2.50 baht per piece. Also, the alternative face masks, both domestic and foreign made, cannot be marked up by more than 60 percent of their manufacturing cost. The Department of Internal Trade recommends that all 30 factories producing medical masks ensure that they have sufficient materials to meet demand. To create public confidence, the department has asked that they increase production to over 5 million pieces a day, and it will be closely monitoring its operations. (15/01/2021)
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Kanchanaburi province has been ordered to immediately close hotels, resorts, and similar establishments from 14 January 2021. The order exempts long-term rental residences and stablishments that have long-term lessees. These establishments can stay open until all tenants check out. However, hotels and resorts that are local quarantine centers and are being used for the Government's COVID-19 prevention measures are an exception. Hotels and resorts that still have guests must report the number of guests and their names to the district in order to proceed with the screening tests. Establishments must have prevention measures to reduce the spread of the virus. (15/01/2021)
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The Government plans to declare the Bio-Circular-Green Economy model (BCG model) as part of the national agenda, and aims to accomplish it within five years, in a bid to reduce foreign dependency and promote Thailand as a land of public health safety. A strategic plan has come out to drive economic and social development with the BCG model (2021-2026), which encourages the new generation, with their knowledge and capability, to drive Thailand toward the BCG economy, and to enhance the countrys capacity by taking advantage of the strengths and potentials in agriculture, public health, and tourism. The BCG model will focus on the following sectors: food and agriculture; medical and wellness; bioenergy, biomaterial, and biochemical; and tourism and creative economy, as well as biodiversity and cultural diversity. (15/01/2021)
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The Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment has reported that the data from 2020 confirmed that smog and burning were the key causes of critical PM 2.5 levels across Thailand. PM 2.5 levels exceeded limits in Bangkok in 2020, mostly at the start of December, as well as in the northern provinces, where the PM 2.5 levels were high. The Department of Environmental Quality Promotion has launched the campaign to Stop All Burning and turn to clean energy, while properly maintaining vehicles to avoid adding to the smog. It urged the public to contribute to reducing PM 2.5 and to plant trees around their homes. (15/01/2021)
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The Prime Minister insisted that the Government has enough funds to provide doses of COVID-19 vaccine to all Thai citizens, and the public can rest assured that the vaccine is safe. However, if local administrative organizations want to procure doses for their residents, they may do so, and must receive approval from the Food and Drug Administration of Thailand (FDA). The Government will look for more ways to buy COVID-19 vaccine doses abroad. Siam Bioscience, a Thai biopharmaceutical company, also has received permission to produce the COVID-19 vaccine developed by AstraZeneca. This vaccine has already been accepted by many countries. (14/01/2021)
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Four Projects:New Year Gifts 2021 from the Royal Thai Police 1.) The CCTV project: installation of 9,138 CCTV security cameras in Bangkok; 2.) The project to Leave your house to the police,online registration channel; 3.) Project for online appointment report with police; 4.) Information about cyber crime. (14/01/2021)
The Cabinet has approved a budget of 5,816 million baht for the Ministry of Public Health to use in tackling the new wave of COVID-19. The budget is comprehensive and includes funds for the construction of medical care buildings, the purchase of medical supplies and equipment, and the improvement of facilities for infected patients, such as respirator machines, oxygen concentrators, and video laryngoscopes. The Cabinet also approved an additional budget of 473 million baht for the operation of state quarantine centers to cope with the spread of the virus. (14/01/2021)
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The Center for COVID-19 Situation Administration (CCSA) stated on 12 January 2021 that internet operators are working to upgrade the speed of fixed broadband subscribers to not less than 100 MB per second, free of charge for three months, to support the ability of users to work or learn at home. This is one of the measures from the Government to help the public reduce expenses. (14/01/2021)
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The Government has introduced the "Mor Chana" application for the public to download; it will share route information to reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19. Mor Chana is simple and easy to use and it helps doctors to track where people are and prevent spreading COVID-19. In this application, there are four points of information access, which are Camera, Location, Picture, and Store. (14/01/2021)
COVID-19 Useful Contact Numbers;1111 COVID-19 Hotline;1323 Mental Health Hotline;1330 National Health Security Office (NHSO);1422 Department of Disease Control ;1669 Emergency Medical Institute of Thailand (13/01/2021)
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The Prime Minister announced that the Thai government will boost the Bio-Circular-Green Economy, or BCG model, to make it part of the national agenda, as it does with the Thailand 4.0 policy. The Government will invite new generation people to cooperate and run this project. One of the BCG models major objectives is to create a new income channel for Thailand by bringing out the countrys unique potential, including agriculture, public health, and tourism, to increase the nations capabilities. This project aims to be accomplished in five years, mainly by decreasing dependence on other countries and making Thailand a safe place that promotes public health. (13/01/2021)
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To support the public during this difficult situation, especially in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Cabinet has approved a measure to reduce water and electricity bills for two months, from February to March 2021, for residential clients and small businesses. Regarding water use, every customer will get a 10 percent discount off the fee. As for electricity bills, residential clients will not be charged for the first 90 units, while small business users (not including government and state enterprise offices) will get the first 50 units of use free. Any customer who uses electricity over the free limit of units will get an additional discount, as well. (13/01/2021)
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The Ministry of Digital Economy and Society is joining hands with the telecommunication companies to provide internet data for the Mor Chana application free of charge for three months to encourage users to use the application. The application is available on both iOS and Android. (13/01/2021)
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The public is urged to use the Mor Chana application, so that officials can monitor the COVID-19 situation more effectively and further support the work of medical staff. Mor Chana has numerous features to help users cope with the situation. The app has a photo verification feature and can track users location, prompting quick and accurate public health responses. With this information, the Department of Disease Control can promptly alert people by sending text messages to their mobile devices. The Mor Chana app stores users images in their mobile devices only. They will not be transferred to its server. If their devices are not connected to the Internet, the app will only save their travel information. Once they are online, the information is sent to the central system. In addition, the app will not access the users surname, phone number, email, home address, or other personal information in their devices. (13/01/2021)
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The Prime Minister disclosed that the Government would establish a committee to scrutinize public officials work and conduct, especially with regard to the issues of gambling rings, smuggling of laborers, and other illegal acts. People in each locality are encouraged to provide a tip off or additional insights regarding the matters through direct contact with the Prime Minister via the following five channels: (1) Government Hotline 1111 (24/7), (2) P.O. Box 1111 (Government House), (3), (4) Mobile Application PSC 1111, and (5) 1111 public service point at Government House. The Prime Minister assured the public that the identities of persons contacting them will be strictly protected and kept confidential. (13/01/2021)
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The Prime Minister is deeply concerned over the flood situation in the South and has ordered immediate relief. He gave orders to the Ministry of Interior, the military, and other concerned agencies to provide prompt relief and assistance to flood-affected victims in the southern part of the country. According to the Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation, the current flood disaster has affected 51,078 households in four provinces, namely Songkhla, Yala, Narathiwat, and Pattani. The Prime Minister also ordered concerned agencies to help with repairing peoples houses and to survey the damage, in order to provide compensation according to the Ministry of Finances regulation. In addition, he thanked all concerned sectors and the volunteers for their relentless operations to help the people and alleviate the situation. (12/01/2021)
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