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The Office of Agricultural Economics has revealed that Thailand's agricultural exports have grown by 61 percent, with major export markets being the ASEAN countries, which accounted for 26 percent of all export products, including sugar, fruit, and rubber. Another significant export market is China, which accounted for 16 percent of all agricultural exports. The major items to China include rubber, tapioca, and rice. (04/07/2017)
Commander of the First Division King's Guard Maj. Gen. Narongpan Chidkaewtae, along with representatives from the Kanchanaburi local administration and Maejo University, recently presided over the opening of a program to plant 450,000 marigold flowers on 50 rai of land in Kaeng Sian subdistrict of Kanchanaburi province, in honor of His Majesty King Bhumibol. They also revealed that the planting will begin on 1 August so that the flowers will blossom between 6 and 20 October. (04/07/2017)
The Ministry of Transportation aims to solve the problems of Phitsanulok province's transportation system to make it more convenient for traveling, help it easily connect to other cities, and increase its economic competitiveness. The project is under Thailand's Transport Infrastructure Development Master Plan 2015-2020. Phitsanulok -- which is one of many provinces that is included in the ministry's master plan -- will be developed as a center of transportation, economic growth, education, and tourism in the near future. (04/07/2017)
The third Thailands Best Local Products fair, the best place for high-quality Thai products will be held in July. It runs every day from 1 to 24 July 2017, from 10.00 to 19.00 hr. The highlights of the event are divided into seven groups: the first is outstanding products such as gold from Sukhothai province, and clay mud cloth from Mukdahan province. The second is OTOP products such as coconut shells of Chiang Mai province and ceramics of Lampang province. The third is OTOP exports, such as processed bananas of Phetchaburi and Sukhothai provinces. The fourth is food, such as pork ribs with honey form Phuket province, and Betong noodles of Yala province. The fifth is agricultural products, such as organic longan of Lamphun province, and durian of Rayong. The sixth is high-quality bags. The last one is all products under the support of Pracha Rath Rak Samakkri Company, Limited. (04/07/2017)
The Department of Womens Affairs and Family Development, under the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security, has prioritized taking care of women in Thailand and overseas. They will learn at workshops chaired by women with experience at working and living overseas. After that they will be better able to arrange their lives and adapt themselves. For more details, they can visit the website and like Yingthai. Moreover, there is the Social Help Center and hotline 1300 which can serve them with information 24 hours a day worldwide. (04/07/2017)
The Ministry of Justice manages the Community Justice Center, which has five missions. The first is community protection and watch. The second is to receive complaints. The third is to settle disputes. The fourth is to inform, solve problems, and help the general public with the justice process. The last mission is to follow up and give opportunities to the accused and to former prisoners returning to society, which is the way to promote sustainable happiness in communities. (04/07/2017)
Places for the offering of sandalwood flowers by the people both in Bangkok, 76 provinces, and 800 districts throughout the country and overseas will follow the same model. They are designed by the Fine Arts Department, Ministry of Culture, as required by the Board Committee on the Royal Cremation of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej. (04/07/2017)
The College of Fine Arts has revealed that the painting of royally initiated projects on the walls of Royal Merit-making Pavilion (Phra Thinang Songtham), being done by the Office of Traditional Arts and Rajamangala University of Technology Rattanakosin, is progressing. The college is responsible for the third wall painting, which is about 40% complete, while the painting on the back of the Fire Screen (Chak Bang Phloeng) -- which is the responsibility of the Office of Traditional Arts -- is nearing 50% completion. (04/07/2017)
Khao Phra Ngam Municipality in Lop Buri won the second prize in "Innovation and Excellence in Delivering Health Services" in the United Nations Public Service Awards (UNPSA) 2017. Its innovative project called Excellent Happy Homeward helped improve the quality of life of bed-bound patients and ageing members of the community by combining aspects of accommodation, healthcare, area-based management, and technologies, in line with Sustainable Development Goal 3 (Good health and well-being). (03/07/2017)
The Aquarium of Phuket has opened the Aqua Dome, an extension, to enhance the dissemination of knowledge on marine and coastal resources through modern exhibits, as well as to enhance the competitiveness of Phuket's tourism market. (03/07/2017)
Prime Minister Gen. Prayut Chan-o-cha revealed that the government is keen to enforce Article 44 to postpone the enactment of the Migrant Labor Act for 120 days to give migrant workers time to gain legal status. During the 120-day period, migrant workers who are not working at the location, or not working for the employer specified in their present work permit, will be allowed to correct such information without legal charges. Moreover, the government will allow migrants working illegally in the Kingdom to travel back to their home country and apply for a permit during the 120-day period. However, once the 2017 Migrant Labor Act is enforced, foreign workers not complying with the Act will be subject to a fine of 400,000-800,000 baht and other punishments stipulated in sections 101,102, and 122. (02/07/2017)
The Ministry of Finance is promoting a cashless society by offering rewards of up to one million baht to participating outlets and individuals in the promotion campaign. It will randomly choose awardees via a prize draw, which will take place on the 16th day of every month until May 2018. The biggest prize is a one-million-baht gift check. (30/06/2017)
Deputy Prime Minister Wissanu Krea-ngam recently suggested guidelines for the private sector and the general public during the royal cremation ceremonies in October. He said the government had instructed Television Pool of Thailand to have a live broadcast of the ceremonies based on correctness and Thai traditions. The deputy PM added that the government will not prohibit entertainment activities in October and they can be organized normally. However, he suggested that organizers of the activities should consider the appropriateness of their activities in respect of the ceremonies on 26 October. (30/06/2017)
The Ministry of Commerce, in cooperation with Reed Tradex Co., Ltd., will organize the event titled TILOG-LOGISTIX 2017 under the theme of ASEAN+6 Connectivity for Sustainable Growth. It will be held on 16-18 August 2017 at BITEC, in Bangkok. The event aims to help industrialists digitalize and upgrade their logistics operations, while establishing long-term relations with other key industrialists for further sustainable growth of their businesses. (30/06/2017)
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The Ministry of Justice has held the 15th National Symposium on Ending Violence against Children in the Juvenile Justice System between 28 and 30 June 2017 at Centra by Centara Hotel. The conference gave justice agencies an opportunity to discuss child and youth protection in ASEAN and other regions and to raise the effectiveness of the justice system. (30/06/2017)
The Minister of Industry, Dr. Uttama Savanayana, recently presided over the opening of "Smart SME EXPO 2017," under the concept "Total SMEs Solution," a one-stop service to develop the potential of Thai SMEs, at Impact Muang Thong Thani. The event contains over 500 booths of successful businesses and financial institutions to provide five solutions that can strengthen their potential: starting a business, marketing, building a brand, developing products, and giving advice to achieve the business goals. Moreover, the event provides a "Matching Zone" to promote business negotiations between investors and buyers. This event will be held until 2 July 2017. (29/06/2017)
The Ministry of Industry disclosed that the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC) could be beneficial for China and ASEAN member countries, which can mutually benefit if the EEC links up with One Belt, One Road, and other regional initiatives, such as the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP). (29/06/2017)
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The Ministry of Tourism and Sports disclosed that today the Deputy Prime Minister, Gen. Thanasak Patimaprakorn, and the Minister of Tourism and Sports, Mrs. Kobkarn Wattanavrangkul, visit Phuket province to inspect and supervise the local authorities in order to improve tourism safety facilities and ensure life and property security of tourists. They will also observe the disaster risk management in the southern province. (29/06/2017)
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The Ministry of Energy is preparing to host the "Future Energy Asia 2018" event, hoping to transform Thailand into an energy hub of Asia. It is planned for 12-14 December 2017 at BITEC Bangna. The event is also considered as a step toward the Thailand 4.0 policy that provides a business platform that will enable energy companies to transform themselves into integrated energy providers, which will lead to sustainable energy development in Thailand. (29/06/2017)
Today, the Ministry of Foreign Affair responded to the Trafficking in Persons (TIP) Report 2017 released by the U.S. State Department on June 27, which placed Thailand on the Tier 2 Watch List, unchanged from the previous year, by announcing that the Thai Government remains firmly seriously committed to strenuously addressing human trafficking. In the meantime, the Thai Government is seeking to further strengthen and expand cooperation with truly concerned partners, with a view to improving its capacity to better prevent and suppress the problem. Thailand has also made tangible progress in various areas during the past year: policy initiatives, prosecution of wrongdoers and complicit officials, protection of potential victims, witness and victim protection, and partnership with various groups of stakeholders, both domestic and abroad. (28/06/2017)

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