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Satun province will organize the World Turtle Day 2018 event on 3-7 May 2018. The event will feature exhibitions from government agencies and private sector organizations, as well as performances from school bands and famous artists, with the aim of promoting the conservation of turtles and to promote conservation tourism in the province. (27/03/2018)
The Federation of Thai Industries (FTI) has revealed that domestic vehicle production expanded 15.37% year-on-year in February to more than 178,000 units. The vehicle exports in February rose for the fourth consecutive month to 102,217 units, accounting for a 4.05% increase. Major buyers were Middle Eastern countries, the US, and South America. The production is expected to be around 2 million units this year. (26/03/2018)
Bangkok will be hosting the eighth Ayeyawady - Chao Phraya - Mekong Economic Cooperation Strategy (ACMECS). It will be attended by the leaders of Cambodia, Lao PDR, Myanmar, Vietnam, and Thailand. The meeting will take place on 15-16 June 2018. The topics of discussion will include infrastructure connectivity, human development, regional development, and economic issues. (26/03/2018)
Mr. Veera Rojpojanarat, the Minister of Culture, revealed that the Ministry of Culture has recently registered 18 examples of Thai wisdom as The National Cultural Wisdom Heritage 2018, in order to preserve these inestimable, outstanding specimens of local Thai wisdom, and also to promote the communitys higher participation and pride in their own culture in each area. Some examples of the registered Thai wisdom heritage include the Thao Saen Pom folktale, Thai traditional dramatic performance or li-kay, novice ordination ritual or Poi Sang Long, Phukets vegetarianism tradition, soft prepared chalk or din sor phong, Korat-style houses, and Chumphon long-tailed boat racing. (23/03/2018)
The Office of Agricultural Economics (OAE) revealed that the overall agricultural GDP in the first quarter of 2018 expanded 3.8 percent, compared with the same period last year. There are three major supporting factors: (1) water collected in reservoirs nationwide is adequate for agricultural activities; (2) the present water management is appropriate; and (3) the weather is suitable for cultivation. Moreover, because the production of livestock, fisheries, farmed sea shrimp products, and fresh-water aquatic animal farming has increased, the OAE therefore anticipated that the Thai agricultural economy in 2018 will rise 3.0 - 4.0 percent, compared with 2017. (23/03/2018)
Kasetsart University Veterinary Teaching Hospital is offering free rabies vaccinations and pet sterilizations to help curb stray populations and promote proper pet care. The services are available on Mondays and Wednesdays from 8:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and on Fridays from 8:30 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. The hospital is also dispatching mobile teams to areas with high stray populations to stem rabies, the deadly mammal virus. Appointments for pet spaying or neutering services can be made every day from 7:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. at the hospital. The campaign continues until 28 September 2018. (23/03/2018)
On the occasion of the International Day of Forests, the Royal Forestry Department this year has organized an event under the slogan "Trees, for us, for the world. Also, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) has announced the theme of the International Day of Forests, which is "Let's make our cities greener, healthier, happier places to live! The aim is the conservation of trees, because of their ability to add oxygen to the air and reduce the pace of global warming. (22/03/2018)
A registration and public relations point has been opened on the first floor of Mochit Transport Terminal to provide easier public access to people who need to receive national social security entitlements. As a central hub for travel, the terminal will be able to accommodate eligible Gold Card citizens wanting to access their entitlements. The service point will be open Mondays to Fridays from 8 AM to 7 PM and on Saturdays and Sundays from 8 AM to 5 PM. (22/03/2018)
Thailand International Kite Festival 2018 will take place at the Army Non-Commissioned Officer School, Hua Hin, Prachuap Khiri Khan province, on 23-25 March 2018. The event will feature the Fancy Kite Show, in which visitors can see 20 kite-flying teams from many different countries, including Switzerland, Germany, and France. There will also be a kite exhibition, which will showcase the fascinating story of Thai kites, along with other activities on all three days. (22/03/2018)
General Prayut Chan-o-cha, the Prime Minister of Thailand, stated during the ASEAN-Australia Special Summit 2018 that this event has strengthened and confirmed the strategic partnership between ASEAN and Australia in three major aspects, which are (1) the good relationship between ASEAN and Australia, being the first dialogue partner country of ASEAN, (2) strategic cooperation and security, and (3) peoples mutual benefits and human security. (22/03/2018)
The Ministry of Labor has held the 27th National Skilled Labor Competition at the Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Centre (BITEC). The competition was joined by more than 300 students in many fields, vying for prizes worth more than 200,000 baht. In addition, winners will represent Thailand in a competition at the ASEAN-level event to be hosted by Thailand in August this year, and the international-level competition in Russia in 2019. (21/03/2018)
The Phuket Provincial Tourism and Sports Office has organized a workshop on diving safety and rescue for victims of marine accidents, at the Dara Hotel, Phuket. The training course provided know-how on stress assessment and management for divers, and ways to provide assistance and first aid to those in distress. Participants were trained with simulated rescue missions, ranging from undersea resuscitations and patient transport to referrals to hospitals. (21/03/2018)
The Ministry of Labor has reminded migrant workers to complete the process of the collection of personal data at One-Stop Service Centers nationwide by 31 March 2018, in order to receive a Migrant Worker ID card with a 13-digit number. In the data collection process, the iris scan technology is being used to ensure the accuracy of further inspection. (21/03/2018)
Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha is scheduled to visit Nong Bua Lamphu province on 22 March 2018 to follow up on anti-poverty projects in the agricultural sector. These projects include organic farming promotion, the promotion of solar cell usage to cut manufacturing costs, participation in public benefits management, and the promotion and development of local textiles using innovations. (21/03/2018)
The Ministry of Tourism and Sports has instructed all agencies to accommodate the rising number of tourist arrivals, due to the popular soap opera Bupphesunniwas (Love Destiny). Bupphesunniwas is based on events in Ayutthaya province during the reign of King Narai the Great. Many tourists have flocked to the historical sites and attractions, where the series was filmed. (21/03/2018)
The Government Public Relations Department (PRD) will organize a press briefing and study tour on "Observing the Situation of Foreign Workers Working in Thailand" on 19-20 March 2018 in Samut Sakhon and Nakhon Pathom province. The program aims to help foreign media understand the Government's management of foreign workers, through a press briefing and observing the one-stop service (OSS) center at Samut Sakhon Hospital, as well as visiting some factories to observe the work environment and the workers' way of life. (18/03/2018)
The Bank of Thailand will organize Bangkok Fintech Fair 2018 on 19-20 March 2018 at the Bank of Thailand's Learning Center, with the aim to showcase the largest presentation about finance technology products and knowledge to help SME operators develop their financial innovations. The event will feature a seminar on financial technology and booths of various public and private financial institutions that will put on displays of their own financial innovations for participants. (16/03/2018)
The Director General of the Department of Intellectual Property revealed that the oranges of Bang Mod, the lychee of Bang Khun Thian, and the sapodilla of Ban Mai (Phra Nakhorn Sri Ayutthaya) are the latest products listed as Geographical Indication (GI) items. According to the departments plan to increase the number of GI items, Thailand so far has 87 GI items from 59 provinces. Just this year, the department has already listed seven GI products, and another seven are in the process of advertisement. (15/03/2018)
The Ministry of Labor, along with related public and private organizations, will organize the 27th National Skilled Workers Competition from 19 to 22 March 2018, with the aim to develop the skills of Thailand's workers to meet international standards. This year's competition has 375 contestants in six categories, and the winners will later represent Thailand in international skill competitions in ASEAN and other regions. (15/03/2018)
The United Nations has declared 22 March "World Water Day" to remind every country to recognize the importance of the preservation of water resources. Thailand's Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment will encourage people to take part in efforts to efficiently manage water resources. A special event will be held to mark World Water Day on Tuesday the 20th under the theme "The Way of Water, the Way of Nature" to focus on the sustainable management of water resources. (14/03/2018)

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