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This years Chinese New Year on 12 February 2021 is a special holiday as previously approved by the Cabinet. Given the current COVID-19 situation, CCSA recommends that the occasion should be celebrated with precautionary measures for COVID-19 control such as avoiding large gathering and keeping physical distance. (04/02/2021)
The Ministry of Public Health has revealed that they are using the "bubble" and "seal" methods to cope with the spread of COVID-19 in the big factories in Samut Sakhon. The "seal" method is being used in the big factories that can provide accommodation for their employees in the factories. It is expected to control the spread within 28 days. The "bubble" method is being used in the factories where their employees live outside the factories. The ministry will cooperate with the owners to bring their employees to the factories or provide accommodation and dorms that apply stricter prevention measures. So far, there are three big factories that have applied the method, and four factories are in the process of applying the suitable method, while medium and small factories are using the active case finding to search for the infected persons. The infected persons will be transferred to receive treatment, while others who have not got infected with the virus may continue to work as usual. (04/02/2021)
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Super Poll Thailand, a research organization, has provided the research results from 1,079 respondents and their opinions on COVID-19 infection risk in schools and guidelines to prevent the disease for students during the pandemic. Here are the percentage of COVID-19 infection risk: 1. 47.8 percent of respondents believe that students who generally travel to schools or universities in Bangkok and Samut Sakhon are in the "high risk of infection" group; 2. 25.6 percent indicated that combining online classes and face-to-face learning has a risk of infection; 3. 11.7 percent indicated that students who study only in online classes also have a possibility of infection. (04/02/2021)
The Yonex badminton tournament, which was approved by the CCSA and was held on 12-17 January 2021, reflects the efficiency and ability of Thailand to host events with strict measures during the period of COVID-19. It also shows the possibility of hosting events online or without spectators. (04/02/2021)
The Cabinet has approved a proposal by the Ministry of Tourism and Sports to postpone the hosting of the World Motorcycle Championship (Moto GP). Because of the pandemic situation of COVID-19, which has spread all over the world, including Thailand, the related agencies could not organize the Moto GP on the original schedule, in 2020, so it will be postponed to October 2021. (03/02/2021)
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Haze is expected to choke Bangkok and northern parts of the country until Monday next week, due to changing atmospheric patterns and trans-boundary haze outside the country. Centre for Air Pollution Mitigation (CAPM) member and permanent secretary of the Prime Minister's Office said the Pollution Control Department's (PCD) monitoring equipment had detected over 4,000 hotspots in Cambodia. (03/02/2021)
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Government are enforcing measures to reduce levels of particulate matter of 25 microns or less in diameter (PM2.5), one of which is restricting the number of vehicles emitting black exhaust fumes on the roads in Bangkok and surrounding areas. In the last four months, more than 60,000 were inspected, with 400 found to exceed emission standards. (03/02/2021)
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Thai Health Promotion Foundation (ThaiHealth) has received the World Health Organizations Nelson Mandela Award for HealthPromotion for 2021 in recognition of its significant contribution to health promotion. All the credit goes to healthcare workers who have tirelessly dedicated themselves to protecting society and courageously putting their own lives on the line for the sake of us all. (03/02/2021)
The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) has announced that some businesses in Bangkok remain closed. The list includes entertainment venues, such as pubs, ba rs, and karaoke venues, as well as cockfighting rings, fighting - fish venues, and similar places. Massage parlours also remain closed. In addition, pre - school child development centres, and child care centres, located in the high - risk areas of Bang Khun Thi an, Bang Phlat, Chom Thong, and Thonburi districts in Bangkok will remain closed until further notice. (03/02/2021)
As many individuals are returning to their offices, schools and universities, the Ministry of Public Health has emphasized that personal precautions against COVID-19 must still be strictly maintained. If you have family members who have underlying health conditions, avoiding unnecessary visits during the COVID-19 outbreak could save their lives. Alternatively, you can stay socially connected with them by phone and video calls. (03/02/2021)
The Government has approved additional relief measures to assist people and businesses affected by COVID - 19. This reflects the Governments efforts to balance measures to protect peoples lives with measures to protect peoples livelihoods, which is a difficult balancing act that is being pursued by governments worldwide. (03/02/2021)
The Samui District Disease Control Center announced on 29 January 2021 that visitors who travel from Samut Sakhon, Samut Prakan (except those who travel through the province and stop to rest in the province), and five districts in Bangkok (Bang Khun Thian, Bangphlat, Bang Khae, Thonburi, and Chom Thong), must be in quarantine and test for COVID-19 when they arrive in Samui. Those who travel from Bangkok (except the aforementioned five districts), Nonthaburi, Pathum Thani, Chanthaburi, Rayong, Chanthaburi, Trat, and Ang Thong should self-observe for symptoms and report their health condition during their stay in Samui or up to 14 days. If they have any abnormal symptoms that qualify them as being patients under investigation, or PUI, they will be sent to test for the virus. The new measures are being used from 30 January 2021 until further notice. (03/02/2021)
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According to the Government Spokesperson, the Prime Minister stated that the Government and Thai people profoundly appreciate the benevolence of His Majesty King Rama X and Her Majesty the Queen for their royal concern over the peoples wellbeing, and for bestowing 20 COVID-19 express sample collection and analysis mobile units, which has increased the effectiveness of the Governments COVID-19 active case finding effort. The Prime Minister also commended the integrated forces of military, police, and administrative personnel on strictly protecting the border areas to prevent and intercept illegal smuggling of goods and people into the country, as well as halting illegal gatherings that may cause the spread of COVID-19. (03/02/2021)
Thailand has reported two new fatalities: (1) a 75-year-old woman who is unemployed. She had an underlying health condition, with high blood pressure and high cholesterol. She previously had contact with a confirmed patient; (2) a 68-year-old man. He had an underlying health condition, with diabetes and kidney failure. Statistics in Thailand show that the elderly and those with underlying diseases are more at risk of dying from COVID-19. (02/02/2021)
According to the Lowy Institute of Australia, Thailand is in fourth place among 98 counties, when considering their effectiveness in the prevention and control of the COVID-19 outbreak. This is evidence of the successful cooperation between the Government, businesses, and the people. We can have confidence that we will get through this challenging time together. (02/02/2021)
The CCSA has revealed that a new artificial intelligence system, called AiMASK, has done an assessment of peoples mask-wearing habits in 15 Bangkok districts. The results show that 97.5% of people wear the mask in the correct way, which covers the nose and the mouth and fits snugly over the face. AiMASK is an artificial intelligence system developed to support public health care during the COVID-19 pandemic; it will analyze the ways that people wear their masks and issue statistical reports. (02/02/2021)
The Tourism Authority of Thailand has provided the latest updates regarding the Royal Thai Governments announcements on easing of the COVID-19 control measures in most areas nationwide, with strict restrictions remaining in place in five at-risk provinces. Effective from 1 February 2021, the Government has classified Thailands 77 provinces into five areas with specific measures in place, depending on the level of risk. (01/02/2021)
There are no new cases in Phuket, but persons who wish to travel there must register first at the website They will also be required to use the Mor Chana contact tracing application wherever they go. (01/02/2021)
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After Prime Minister General Prayut Chan-o-cha issued Regulation No. 18, easing restrictions on COVID-19 measures, which starts on 1 February 2021, Samut Sakhon is the only province to be classified as the "maximum controlled areas with highly strict measures," while Bangkok, Nonthaburi, Pathum Thani, and Samut Prakan are the "maximum controlled" areas. The controlled areas include 20 provinces; the "under high surveillance" areas include 17 provinces, and the other 35 provinces are the "under surveillance" areas. In the maximum controlled areas with highly strict measures, restaurants can provide services on their premises until 21.00 hr, but serving alcoholic beverages is prohibited. Pubs, bars, karaoke bars, and similar establishments and schools are still closed. In the maximum controlled areas, restaurants may provide services on the premises until 23.00 hr. Alcoholic beverages in eating establishments are prohibited. Pubs, bars, karaoke bars, and similar establishments are closed. But the schools may be opened with combination learning methods. (01/02/2021)
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The subcommittee on the management, development, and conservation of Khlong Saen Saep has assigned the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) to create a rush development plan in which development works are to be performed within this year. The top priority plans aim to improve (1) the safety of passengers using express boat services along the canal, (2) the infrastructure and landscape along the canal, and (3) the cleanliness and orderliness of areas beside the canal. City hall will be working with the Pollution Control Department, the Wastewater Management Authority, and other related agencies to enforce the water pollution control law and perform three construction projects for wastewater collection systems, as well as a large-scale community wastewater management project, a flow-capacity-increase project for Khlong Saen Saep, and drainage tunnel construction. Deputy Prime Minister General Prawit Wongsuwan, chairman of the subcommittee, urged related agencies to verify that all the urgent projects will be finished within the timeframe. (29/01/2021)
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