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The Government Savings Bank (GSB) has officially waived transaction fees for its mobile banking services. The announcement was made to follow similar moves made by other major financial institutions. Only 2.6 million GSB customers are using its mobile banking application, which is a significantly low figure compared to the average 6-7 million users of other major financial institutions. The waiver is expected to encourage more customers to use online and mobile services. (03/04/2018)
His Majesty the King has commanded that the festive activity Thaloeng Sok Suksan Maha Songkran Tamnan Thai be organized in order to pay homage to former kings and to promote and carry on national traditions. On 6 April, at 18.00 hr, there will be a royal merit-making ceremony dedicated to former Thai kings, and as a tribute to HM Queen Sirikit of the ninth reign and to His Majesty the King. People are requested to dress in a polite manner. On 7-8 April, there will be sprinkling of fragrant water over a Buddha image, exhibitions, a sand pagoda building competition, perfume-making demonstrations, and Thai food testing. Thai outfits or floral shirts are requested. The event Thaloeng Sok Suksan Maha Songkran Tamnan Thai will be held on 6-8 April, 14.00-21.00 hr, at the grounds in front of Dusit Palace and Sanamsueapa. (03/04/2018)
The Ministry of Transport revealed that the U-Tapao International Airport Development Project is one of several important development projects in the EEC. The U-Tapao Airport project will be the center of maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) facilities, air cargo facilities, and an aviation training center, which will become a major hub for the core industries of Thailand 4.0. (03/04/2018)
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The Ministry of Industry announced that the Alibaba Company from China is in progress to set up the new logistics center in the EEC area. It aims to help the emerging economy of Thailand and keep up with key technological developments, as well as to promote cooperation in order to put technological development in the region first. This project will be worth 1.5 trillion baht, including public and private investment, over the next five years. (02/04/2018)
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Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs Somkid Jatusripitak believes that technological innovations will turn Thailand into a 4.0 economy. He stressed that the keys to sustainable economic development are science, technology, and digital transformation, which will help enhance productivity, distribute wealth to remote provinces, and close the existing social gaps. In terms of economic growth, the deputy premier expects the countrys GDP to grow more than 2.8% this year. Contributing factors are tourism, exports, and investments. (02/04/2018)
The 46th National Book Fair and 16th Bangkok International Book Fair 2018, the largest book sale event in Thailand, kicked off at the Queen Sirikit National Convention Center on 29 March 2018. The event offers premium-quality books and rare books in various categories from local and international publishers. It opens from 10:00 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. every day until 8 April 2018. (02/04/2018)
The Ministry of Public Health has organized the 26th Annual Medical Sciences Conference to exchange expertise and give awards to honor and exemplary medical scientists. As rapid changes in technology and information, the Ministry of Public Health has realized and continued working to promote knowledge of emerging technology and innovations in the prevention and assessment of public health issues in the country. (30/03/2018)
The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) is set to host its annual Songkran celebration at Lumphini Park, from 12 to 15 April 2018, aiming to promote traditional festivities. At the event, there will be a Miss Songkran Beauty Pageant. It is open to girls and ladies in four categories, consisting of children aged 5-9, young adults aged 18-25, seniors aged 60 and above, and plus-size women weighing at least 80 kilograms. Anyone interested in participating in the pageant must sign up by April 4. More information please visit visit the website (30/03/2018)
The Department of Industrial Promotion are organizing the 12th Leather Lover 2018, from 26 to 30 March 2018, at the Exhibition Hall, the Department of Industrial Promotion Building. The event showcases leather and footwear products manufactured both in Thailand and abroad, in order to promote the expansion of leather and footwear industries within the country. Because leather and footwear are important for the growth of fashion industrial clusters, Thailand earned approximately 60 billion baht from these industries in 2017, a rise of five percent, compared with 2016. (30/03/2018)
The Treasury Department has stated that a new series of coins, which includes the 10-baht coin, the five-baht coin, the two-baht coin, the one-baht coin, the 50-satang coin, the 25-satang coin, the ten-satang coin, the five-satang coin, and the one-satang coin, will be launched for public use on 6 April 2018. New coins will come into use alongside the existing coins, which will be gradually removed from circulation as they become worn. (29/03/2018)
The Deputy Prime Minister, Dr. Somkid Jatusripitak, has instructed the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives to assist farmers nationwide and to accelerate agricultural reform. The budget of 24 billion baht will fund 22 agricultural reform projects. He urged the ministry to speed up the process by discussing the issue with the Budget Bureau. (29/03/2018)
The Ministry of Social Development and Human Security will launch the second phase of the "Friendly Taxis for All" project, which focuses on facilitating the disabled. The objective of this phase is to develop innovations to serve members of the public, especially the disabled. Therefore, they can travel more conveniently and safely in a barrier-free environment. (29/03/2018)
Transport units around the country and related agencies are working together to implement safety measures against road accidents during the upcoming Songkran Festival. Based on road accident statistics during the Songkran holidays last year, the majority of accidents were caused by alcohol consumption and speeding, along with people riding motor bikes without helmets. This year, the public is asked to strictly abide by traffic regulations and prioritize their safety. (29/03/2018)
A Thai initiative to cut plastic waste in food delivery receives a United Nations environment award worth US$10,000. As a winner of the Asia-Pacific Sustainable Lifestyles Challenge in the Plastic Waste category, the popular food delivery service Foodpanda also receives business and marketing training from global experts. (28/03/2018)
The Fine Arts Department has held an event at the Bangkok National Museum to celebrate its 107th anniversary. The Fine Arts Department was established in 1911 with the objective of protecting, conserving, maintaining, and promoting the national culture. The department will also continue working on educating people in the public and the private sector about Thailand's cultural heritage. (28/03/2018)
Mr. Aphichat Todilokwet, Director-General of the Community Development Department (CDD), revealed that they will be delivering the project OTOP Tourism Community The Way of Innovation, in order to promote tourism and to develop OTOP products in all of the 12 major and 55 secondary tourist provinces. Besides tourism in the communities, OTOP and locally made souvenirs will also be supported by CDD in order to promote economic expansion in the communities and eventually to help reduce gaps in society as well. (27/03/2018)
Thailand's Department of Internal Trade, Ministry of Commerce, has invited the public to visit the Pracharat Market Expo 2018 in Surat Thani. The expo features more than 350 booths selling low-priced goods, including organic agricultural products, OTOP products, consumer products, instant food, and many more. The expo will take place from 28 March until 1 April 2018 from 10 AM to 8 PM at the Surat Thani City Hall. (27/03/2018)
The Department of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Commerce, has organized an activity to raise awareness of the value of agricultural innovation products. It has launched the iLIKE campaign, which promotes agricultural innovation products through online media and activities. The campaign is expected to help increase demand for this group of agricultural innovation products and motivate new entrepreneurs to raise the value of agricultural products through innovation. (27/03/2018)
Satun province will organize the World Turtle Day 2018 event on 3-7 May 2018. The event will feature exhibitions from government agencies and private sector organizations, as well as performances from school bands and famous artists, with the aim of promoting the conservation of turtles and to promote conservation tourism in the province. (27/03/2018)
The Federation of Thai Industries (FTI) has revealed that domestic vehicle production expanded 15.37% year-on-year in February to more than 178,000 units. The vehicle exports in February rose for the fourth consecutive month to 102,217 units, accounting for a 4.05% increase. Major buyers were Middle Eastern countries, the US, and South America. The production is expected to be around 2 million units this year. (26/03/2018)

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