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The Prime Minister stated that the Government will use various methods to help to increase the price of palm tree products, rubber, and rice. And the Government will hold discussions with other countries to solve this problem because they have been facing similar problems. The Government has asked agriculturists to change the method of growing plants, such as decreasing the space of growing. Thailand produces 4-5 million tons of rubber for export each year, but the cost of growing is very high, so the Government will help rubber plantations. (11/12/2018)
Un Ai Rak Bicycle Ride, a national bike event, will be held on 9 December 2018. The bike route from the Royal Plaza on the grounds of Dusit Palace in Bangkok to Lat Pho Park in Samut Prakan will be closed from 14:00 p.m. onward. Five bridges that will be closed during the event include Rama VIII Bridge, Somdet Phra Pinklao Bridge, King Rama I Memorial Bridge, Phra Pokklao Bridge, and Rama III Bridge. Visitors are advised to take public transport to the event. (08/12/2018)
The Information Department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, has established an e-payment scheme for an e-visa project to facilitate overseas tourists who apply for visas. The project aims to provide swift and easy access to visa services. The move is in accordance with the Governments Thailand 4.0 policy, which highlights the use of digital technology to mobilize the Kingdoms sectors. (06/12/2018)
The Department of Foreign Trade has revealed that China and the Philippines have ordered over 300,000 tons of Thai rice. All orders will be delivered in January 2019. From January to November 2018, Thailand exported 9.89 million tons of rice, worth over 160 billion baht, which is 4.52 percent more than the same period of last year. (06/12/2018)
The Minister of Labor visited a project for the skill development of workers (Super Workers) at a training center in Phuket province. This project aims to support tourism in the Andaman islands. In 2018, there are 6,408 workers who have trained in the center, studying ten courses related to the tourism industry, such as waiter/waitress, bartender, Thai massage, and international languages. (04/12/2018)
The Ministry of Transport revealed that Thailand and China have followed up on the progress of the construction of the first phase of the Bangkok Nakhon Ratchasima route, the second phase of the Nakhon Ratchasima Nong Khai route, and the financial partnership in the 26th Meeting of the Joint Committee on Railway Cooperation. The construction of the first phases 238.5-kilometer remaining three sections will start in April 2019. This route will be ready for operation in 2022 (03/12/2018)
At the Cabinet meeting on 4 December 2018, the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security will propose a national agenda to support the aging society from the fiscal years 2019 to 2021. The plans aims to improve the living quality for the elderly and people of all ages. It includes the creation of a protection and welfare system for the elderly, the promotion of employment and income for seniors, and improvements to the public health system. (02/12/2018)
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The Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau (Public Organization), or TCEB, disclosed the results of a market survey showing that Thailand was named the most-preferred MICE destination, where the survey participants would like to revisit for their future business/MICE trips. The research, which took place in 20 countries, focused on global MICE professionals and their view of Thailands MICE brand. There were 40 professionals taking part in the online bulletin board, and 649 answering in the online survey. They included MICE players, business travelers, MICE visitors, and associations and organizations related to MICE. (01/12/2018)
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The Ministry of Commerce disclosed that the border and cross-border trade during the period from January to October was valued at 1.15 trillion baht, increasing by 6%. The export value totaled 648 billion baht, increasing by only 0.11% due to slowdowns in Malaysia and Myanmar, despite continued growth in Cambodia. The import amount reached a total of 570 billion baht, increasing by 14.7%, bringing the trade surplus to around 141 billion baht. (30/11/2018)
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The Ministry of Industry, in collaboration with the Federation of Thai Industries, has developed both business and industrial sectors in line with the Factory 4.0 strategy. The implementation aims to support more than 150,000 industrial entrepreneurs nationwide in adapting to Industry 4.0, by increasing their production efficiency and decreasing costs, as well as strengthening local communities and developing the quality of life of their employees as well as people in the communities. (29/11/2018)
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The Government Spokesperson, Mr. Puttiphong Punnakan, made it known that the Cabinet has approved 12 housing projects for middle- and low-income people. Firstly, there are two housing projects for those with middle to moderately high incomes ranging from 34,701 to 59,701 baht per month per household. The price of each unit is around 1.8 million baht to 2.2 million baht. Secondly, there are ten housing projects that consist of more than 3,000 units for low- to middle-income people whose income ranges from 15,101 to 38,300 baht per month per household. The price per unit ranges from 650,000 to 850,000 baht. The 12 projects include single houses, twin houses, row houses and town homes in all regions. (28/11/2018)
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The Bureau of the Royal Household has made a joint official announcement about the upcoming Love and Warmth at Winters End festival, under the theme The River of Rattanakosin, and a cycling event, both of which will be held in December. The festival will be held in front of Dusit Palace and Sanam Sua Pa from 9 December 2018 to 19 January 2019. His Majesty King Maha Vajiralongkorn Bodindradebayavarangkun will preside over the opening ceremony of the festival on 9 December before participating in the cycling activity. (27/11/2018)
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The World Economic Forum (WEF) is partnering with leading technological entities, including Google, Microsoft, Cisco, and Lazada, to launch a Digital ASEAN program, aiming to develop digital skills among some 20 million ASEAN citizens by 2020 with an emphasis on SMEs. Thailand will provide suggestions to the initiative while also engaging in information exchanges, especially in areas already being supported by state policies, such as the Pracharat Internet program, which is to install free internet for Thai citizens in 75,000 villages by next year. With the Kingdom set to serve as ASEAN Chair in 2019, it will also be drafting a Digital Master Plan for the bloc covering four areas: connectivity, regulation, human resource development, and Smart City development. (26/11/2018)
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The Immigration Bureau announced that the e-visa on arrival system was officially launched on 15 November at Suvarnabhumi and Don Muang airports, in order to facilitate the immigration process of foreign tourists. The new system has also been available at Phuket international airport, while it will be used at Chiang Mai and Krabi airports soon. (26/11/2018)
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The Deputy Prime Minister, Mr. Wissanu Krea-ngam, disclosed that the Government will host the 8th Celebration of Silk, Thai Silk Road to the World 2018 at Centara Grand and Bangkok Convention Centre on 1-9 December 2018. This year, the Government will also organize the 1st International Thai Silk Fashion Week, with a total of 24 international fashion designers and 10 top Thai designers participating in this fashion event. Members of the public are invited to participate in this event from 2 to 9 December 2018. (25/11/2018)
H.E. Air Chief Marshal Prajin Juntong, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Justice, will give opening remarks for the symposium on the topic of "International Cyberspace: The New Frontier for Peace and Cooperation" at Anantara Siam Bangkok Hotel on 27 November 2018. The event is held by the Asian Peace and Reconciliation Foundation (APRF), together with the Asian Peace and Reconciliation Council (APRC), and the Electronic Transactions Development Agency (Public Organization). The speakers will include former prime ministers and former ministers from many countries and a Harvard professor of law. (23/11/2018)
The flea market and food truck at Princesss Cup Thailand 2018, will operate from Friday, 23 November to Sunday the 25th, from midday to midnight. There will be more than 70 booths selling numerous products. The highlight of the event is papaya salad on a tray After Shock by Princess by Colonel HRH Princess Sirivannavari Nariratana. (23/11/2018)
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As Miss Universe 2018, the 67th Miss Universe pageant, will take place next month in Bangkok, Thailand, Miss Universe Thailand has unveiled the national costume for Miss Thailand called "Chang the Icon of Siam." The costume is a combination of Thai dress and technology, which is the highlight of this year. The costume also uses hydraulics to transform the dress into an elephant, hence the name "Chang the Icon of Siam." The 67th Miss Universe pageant will take place at the Arena Mueng Thong Thani, Thailand on 17 December. (21/11/2018)
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The Princesss Cup Thailand 2018 has kicked off its first competition with Eventing. The competition took place from 09.00 to 11.00 hr at the Royal Stable Unit, Sanam Pao, Bangkok. The competitions for this year include Dressage, Jumping, Best Farrier, and Best Groom. The results of the competitions will also be displayed on the website and via the mobile application EQUIPE. (20/11/2018)
According to the Amendments to the Smart Visa Criteria and Benefits, the Board of Investment (BOI) revealed that the objective of the Smart Visa is to support technology and know-how transfer to Thais, which will drive industrial development and transformation in the country. The new conditions will better serve the Governments policy and goal to attract more highly skilled experts, investors, and foreign startups in targeted industries, to help transform the Thai economy and achieve the Thailand 4.0 goals. (18/11/2018)
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