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Prime Minister has discussed with the private sector to speed up the vaccine rollout. The government has approved the private sector's proposal to set up teams, comprising several companies, to help increase the vaccination drive by assisting the government in logistics, communication, IT operation, and procurement. The Ministry of Public Health affirmed that all people who reside in Thailand, regardless of their nationality, are eligible to receive the vaccine under the governments plan. (29/04/2021)
The Department of Disease Control has provided guidance for mask wearing, such as cleaning your hands with soap or alcohol gel before and after touching the mask; wearing the mask close to the face, without gaps on the sides; and not removing the mask when within 1 meter from others. (29/04/2021)
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The Centre for COVID-19 Situation Administration (CCSA), headed by Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha, will be asked to impose lockdowns in the six Deep Red zone provinces, where the rates of new infections are not slowing. General Nataphol Narkpanich, secretary-general of the National Security Council and head of the CCSA subcommittee, said yesterday that the proposed lockdowns are part of the panels proposals, to be considered by the CCSA, which change the classifications of Bangkok, Nonthaburi, Pathum Thani, Samut Prakan, Chiang Mai and Chon Buri to Deep Red, due to their high infection rates. (29/04/2021)
The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration joins hands with the private sector to establish 14 vaccination service units outside hospitals in Bangkok to facilitate the public's access to the vaccinations. People can request the vaccination service at hospitals and public service units located outside the hospitals. The vaccination units can provide services to the public for up to 20,000 persons per day. Those who wish to vaccinate may register through the "Mor Prom" LINE application, which will open for registration from 1 May 2021 onward. (29/04/2021)
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The Government has ensured that Thailand will begin a mass COVID-19 vaccination campaign for all Thais across the country, starting 1 May 2021, by prioritizing people aged 60 years and older, as well as people having certain underlying diseases or conditions, followed by citizens aged 18-59 years. The first phase will start with people aged 60 years and older, as well as people who have certain medical conditions. They are required to register to receive the vaccine, with a choice of three methods. Registrations may be done on (1) the Mor Prom ("Doctors Ready") app, a new platform that was specifically designed to facilitate the Government's vaccination program, (2) a nearby hospital, or (3) a village health volunteer or health promotion hospital in your area. The registration opens on 1 May 2021 and vaccinations will begin on 7 June. (29/04/2021)
AstraZeneca Co and Siam Bioscience Co are speeding up their COVID-19 vaccine production in Thailand and are confident of delivering it to Thais in June. James Teak, president of AstraZeneca (Thailand) Co, said Siam Bioscience received approval from the Food and Drug Administration to produce AstraZenecas COVID-19 vaccine. With the support from FDA and the Thai government, the vaccine production started and continued quickly as planned. Both companies were speeding up the production and would deliver the vaccine to the Thai government for inoculation among people in Thailand in June, he said. (29/04/2021)
The Ministry of Education has decided to postpone the opening of the new school term in all public and private institutions from 17 May to 1 June. The end of the school term remains unchanged on 11 October. The MOE suggested that extra online activities may be required to minimize the impact of the delay of reopening on students. (28/04/2021)
From today, the Bangkok Mass Transit Authority (BMTA) will reduce their bus services during working hours to comply with the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration's order to seek people's cooperation to work from home and avoid leaving their households. BMTA also asserted that only routes with fewer passengers will be affected by this policy. (28/04/2021)
The Fine Arts Department has announced the temporary closure of 5 types of learning centers under its supervision for 14 days, 26 April - 9 May 2021, in order to enable COVID-19 pandemic control. They include national museums, historical parks, archaeological sites registered with the Fine Arts Department, national libraries, and national archives. (28/04/2021)
The doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine licensed to be produced locally have met the approved standards and passed the full tests, such as chemical composition and safety requirements, from the Department of Medical Sciences (DMS). The vaccines, which will be manufactured using AstraZenecas viral vector technology, are already registered with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The DMS has run tests on them and has been satisfied with all manufacturing criteria specified in the registration. The results of vaccines tests will be cited in support of having the vaccine mass-produced by Siam Bioscience, which is expected to deliver the first lot of locally produced vaccines to the Government in May 2021, with further supplies appropriated for export. (28/04/2021)
According to an announcement by the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA), "Citizens in Bangkok Metropolis Area Shall Always Wear Sanitary or Fabric Face Masks outside Residence or Accommodation," the BMA has clarified that the intention of this announcement is to prevent the spread of COVID-19 from person to person. While living or staying together with other people in buildings and premises, everyone must wear a sanitary or fabric face mask. While outside in public places, everyone must wear a face mask at all times, even if they are alone, because other people may come into that space later. (28/04/2021)
According to the announcement of the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) on the mandatory mask wearing outside a residence, the BMA has clarified that the driver and passengers must wear sanitary or fabric face masks if there is more than one person in the vehicle, even if they are in the same family. Also, a television production studio is considered a public place outside a private residence and accommodation. Consequently, the TV news anchors and the TV show hosts are obliged to wear face masks during news presentations and when hosting programs. However, children under 2 years are not required to wear a face mask, but parents must avoid taking them to crowded public places or areas prone to the spread of disease. (28/04/2021)
The Ministry of Public Healths Permanent Secretary, Kiatiphum Wongrajit, declared that Samut Prakan province is now ready to mitigate the situation of COVID-19 cases in Bangkok and other nearby provinces by transforming two dormitories of Samut Prakan and Bang Phli hospitals and an auditorium at Dhonburi Rajabhat Universitys Samut Prakan campus into field hospitals, with 920 beds available. About 400 COVID-19 patients receiving treatment at the field hospitals on the campus were either asymptomatic or had only mild symptoms. The permanent secretary said these field hospitals helped speed up disease control. (28/04/2021)
Persons get infected with COVID-19 mostly from family members and colleagues from work, more than from other contact persons. (28/04/2021)
WHO has the following suggestions about what to do if someone is sick in your household: (1) isolate the sick person; (2) reduce contact with the virus; and (3) take care of the sick person. (28/04/2021)
The Ministry of Public Health has revealed the vaccination numbers in Thailand from 28 February to 26 April 2021. The overall vaccination level on 26 April is 1,227,032 doses nationwide. The number of people who received the first dose is 1,012,388 persons, while those who received the second dose come to 214,644 persons. The ministry will open public registration for vaccination from 1 May and will start the vaccination of the public nationwide from 1 June. (28/04/2021)
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Royal Thai Police have added 191 to the COVID-19 hotline to support the busy 1668 and 1669. Police General Damrongsak Kittiprapas, Deputy National Police Chief chaired a meeting with National Police Region 1 9, and related authorities via a video conference about using the 191 police hotline as a secondary COVID-19 hotline after 1668 and 1669. (28/04/2021)
The Thai cabinet designated Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha as the sole authority in charge of all responsibilities and duties, previously vested in his ministers, to deal with the current COVID-19 pandemic. The powers vested in various ministers, by virtue of various laws regarding the issuance of orders, permits and approvals which will help in preventing or containing COVID spread or in helping the people, will be vested in the prime minister on temporary basis. (28/04/2021)
Out of 15 new fatalities, 9 were in Bangkok, 2 in Nakhon Sawan and 1 in Chaiyaphum, Petchburi, Samut Prakarn, and Sara Buri each. Most of the fatalities had pre-existing conditions, such as diabetes, cancer, heart disease, and asthma. The fatality rate of the current outbreak is at 0.22%, and more than half of the fatalities were aged 60 years and older. (27/04/2021)
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There are now 5 provinces that are asking cooperation from residents to stay home during nighttime, which are Nonthaburi, Pathum Thani, Surat Thani, Samut Prakarn, and Samut Sakhon. Mask-wearing is now mandatory in at least 56 provinces nationwide. (27/04/2021)

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