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Since there is a high number of new cases daily, especially in Bangkok's districts, strict measures for closing many venues have been put in place, so people tend to stay at home more. However, there is a report showing that infections have been passed on from family members and friends. Here are some useful guidelines to prevent catching COVID-19 from family members: 1. Keep sanitizing and physical distancing; 2. Separate food and utensils; 3. If it's possible, please also wear a mask even when you are at home. (03/05/2021)
The Center for COVID-19 Situation Administration (CCSA) has conducted active case finding in several districts in Bangkok, for example, in Khlong Toey district. The Government also asks for cooperation from the private sector to proceed with this mission. There are active case finding efforts in other risky places, as well, such as Huay Khwang and Pathumwan districts. (03/05/2021)
There have been reports of fake news spreading throughout the COVID-19 crisis, including the encouragement of herbal cures, as well as senior doctors recommending unreliable drugs. For this reason, the Department of Special Investigation (DSI) has established a fake news investigation center, which could help the Governments efforts in containing the pandemic. The center, in accordance with the Justice Ministers policy, will also support the investigations carried out by the DSI. This center will be focused on the spread of misleading news on online platforms and will send the reports to the Ministry of Justice and those higher in the chain of command. (03/05/2021)
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The Center for COVID-19 Situation Administration (CCSA) has revealed that secretions from the bodies of people who have died of COVID-19 still can spread the virus to others, even after the patient has passed away. So the infected corpse should be managed in the proper way to prevent the spread of the virus. Here are the guidelines for managing the remains of a COVID-19 victim:(1) Keep the body in waterproof zip bags, at least two layers, and coat the outside of the bags with disinfectant; (2) Do not open the body bags and do not hold the bathing rite for the dead or inject embalming fluid; (3) Put the corpse and the bags in a coffin and seal it. After this, relatives can safely take the coffin to a temple to perform the religious rites; (4) Cremation or burial will not cause the spread of the virus. (03/05/2021)
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The Department of Medical Services revealed an adjustment of the 1668 hotline to help access to beds in hospitals and hospitels quickly. The hotline will be managed as a one-stop service, integrating all related sectors to coordinate the allocation of beds for patients. The operation team is classified into three parts: (1) Frontline Call Center Team, (2) Call Answer and Symptom Assessment Team, and (3) Bed and Information Management Team. (03/05/2021)
Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) and the MOPH plan to conduct more active case findings in various areas around Bangkok in order to reduce the number of new infected persons in Bangkok to be at the current target, which is lower than 400 new cases per day. The key measure is to isolate and to prevent new cases from spreading the virus to family members and their community. The BMA will conduct more than 7,000 active case finding during the next 5 days, starting on 3 May. (03/05/2021)
The DDC revealed that 76% of deaths during the current outbreak contracted the virus from family members, colleagues, and friends. Therefore, the CCSA urges those who have to travel outside their home to avoid sharing personal items with others, use separate bathroom and consistently check their symptoms. (03/05/2021)
A study by, a Netherlands-based online resume maker, has found that Bangkok is the most popular city in Asia for digital nomads and ranks fourth globally, supported by affordable internet and living costs. Rolf Bax, a content specialist at, said Bangkok fits perfectly with nomadic lifestyles, with cheap living costs, easy transport and warm weather. Thailand can capitalize on this opportunity by enhancing its appeal to digital nomads, and can also gear up for investments in programs that attract overseas workers, marketing the country as the No.1 destination in Asia. (03/05/2021)
The Thai government has sent medical supplies by military aircraft to help fight the devastating surge of COVID-19 in India, before returning to Bangkok with infected embassy officials in need of treatment. Onboard the flight were 15 small oxygen concentrators provided by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Royal Thai Embassy to India in New Delhi, which will be delivered to the Indian Red Cross Society to help support the countrys fight against COVID-19. (03/05/2021)
The Thai Chamber of Commerce (TCC) expects a new state-private vaccination plan and good export prospects may help Thailand secure 1.5-3% GDP growth this year despite economic uncertainties caused by the third wave of Covid-19. TCC chairman said if vaccine procurement and distribution go as planned, along with better tourism in the fourth quarter, GDP growth may be as high as 3% in the third quarter and rise to 4% during the last three months of this year. (03/05/2021)
The Ministry of Labor has arranged special teams to deal with illegal foreign workers and the employers who hired them, partly because of the spread of the COVID-19 situation in Thailand, which is partially attributed to employers sneaking foreign migrant workers into the country. The ministry has targeted three groups: (1) employer and stakeholders who are involved with smuggling illegal migrants, (2) migrants who enter and work in the Kingdom illegally, and (3) migrant workers who did not send required information online by February 13 this year. The ministry also declared that migrants without work permits or working in different areas from what is allowed in their permit would face 5,000-50,000 baht fines, and they would be sent back to their home countries after being punished in Thailand. Employers who allowed such employment would be fined 10,000-100,000 baht per illegal worker. (30/04/2021)
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Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) plans to establish another field hospital at Chaloem Phrakiat Sports Center in Thung Khru district to cope with the increasing number of COVID-19-infected people. The new field hospital will use four gymnasiums: two buildings for male patients and another two for female patients. It can accommodate up to 400 beds. This field hospital will use the same transfer system as at other BMA field hospitals. It will admit only asymptomatic patients. It is expected to officially open for service on 5 May 2021. (30/04/2021)
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The patient admission center in Huamark Stadium in Bangkok is now open for those have been diagnosed with COVID-19 and are waiting for hospital admission. They may visit the center to receive health checkups and be assigned to hospital beds accordingly. The center aims to reduce the waiting time for patients and prevent them from developing severe conditions. Patients may contact tel. 02 079 1000 to arrange transportation to this facility. (30/04/2021)
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The CCSA has approved the extension of the quarantine for international travelers, regardless of their nationality or vaccinations status. All arrivals who hold Certificates of Entry issued on or later than 1 May 2021 will be required to undergo quarantine for 14 days, regardless of their nationality. Travelers who obtained their Certificates of Entry prior to 1 May and arrive before 6 May will be quarantined for 7 to 10 days, depending on their vaccination status. (30/04/2021)
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The CCSA has stated that, with regard to the doses of vaccines, currently up to 1.4 million doses have been administered in Thailand already. Although it is not a very high number yet, in comparison with the population, the number will be growing very quickly in the coming days and weeks. (30/04/2021)
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The first lot of pre-ordered Chanthaburi durians, comprising the varieties of Mhon Thong, Kradum and Puang Manee which are the top three favourite varieties among Chinese consumers, has arrived in China and will further be delivered directly to customers without passing a middleman. Advisor to Minister of Agriculture and Cooperatives, Alongkorn Ponlaboot revealed that on April 28, the first lot of durians from Khlung district of Chanthaburi province arrived at Shenzhen airport and will directly be delivered to the customers. This lot of durians are the first ever durians that were ordered via an online platform of Khlung agricultural cooperative by Chinese customers without passing a middleman. (30/04/2021)
The Ministry of Public Health has been negotiating with the representatives of Pfizer to discuss about vaccine procurement in order to reach the target of having 100 million doses by the end of this year. As the Pfizer vaccine has passed the study and confirmed that they are safe to be used among adolescences aged 12 18, the government aims to obtain the vaccine to inoculate youth in that age group to prevent infections in schools and academic institutions. (30/04/2021)
The Ministry of Public Health has held a meeting with AstraZeneca to follow up on vaccine production by Siam Bioscience. The company confirmed that it has completed the technology transfer, and two batches of vaccine samples have passed quality tests. The vaccine production and distribution remain on schedule and should be ready in June 2021. (30/04/2021)
Governor of the Bank of Thailand Sethaput Suthiwartnarueput on 29 April 2021 announced the launch of "PromptPay-PayNow, the cross-border retail payment linkage between Thailand and Singapore.By linking PromptPay with PayNow, Thailand and Singapore together have established the world's first real-time cross border fund transfer service. This service will effectively address customers' long-standing pain points in the area of cross border transfers and remittances including long transaction times and high costs.The Governor of the Bank of Thailand said, "Todays PromptPay-PayNow linkage represents another key milestone in our digital payments journey. The service is as seamless as domestic fund transfers, speedy with near real-time processing, safe with international security standards, and cost effective with significantly reduced fees. (30/04/2021)
Deputy Government Spokesperson Traisuree Taisaranakul informed the public that Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha was closely monitoring the treatment of COVID-19 patients so that he could speedily order actions, including the procurement of drugs and medical equipment. The Government Pharmaceutical Organization (GPO) had been ordered to seek Japans permission to produce Favipiravir locally. Meanwhile, private hospitals are allowed to import the drug. Ms. Traisuree said that the public health minister had told the Cabinet that the GPO is working on obtaining the rights to the production of Favipiravir in Thailand. When Thailand has the legal right to produce COVID-19 medicine, it would be more secure in terms of medical supplies. (29/04/2021)
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