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The Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives revealed that the agricultural sector, including rice farming and corn, tapioca, and rubber planting, will perform better in 2019 as a result of the continuous policy on agricultural sector reform, which aims to support farmers, promote large common farm systems, and promote and strengthen cooperatives as collectors and sellers to private companies. The ministry will also provide a platform for farmers, academics, and private firms to exchange their views on the adaptation of Thai farmers in the changing economic, social, and environmental situations. (27/12/2018)
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The Botanical Garden Organization is organizing the Botanic Festival 2019 in Chiang Mai until 2 January 2019. Members of the public are able to enjoy the spectacular beauty of various plants and flowers amidst the winter climate. They also have the chance to see rare and endangered plants in special greenhouses, and the rotating exhibitions of plants, natural science, and the diversity of life and the environment. For more information, please contact tel. 053-841009. (26/12/2018)
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Since last year, the price of eggs has decreased because the production is higher than the demand. The Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives, through the Department of Livestock Development, plans to solve the egg price issue by balancing demand and supply, so it will export the product overseas and reducethe number or output of breeders. (26/12/2018)
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The Prime Minister, General Prayut Chan-o-cha, presided over Thailand Together for the ASEAN Chairmanship 2019 event. The Prime Ministerstated that he was pleased that Thailand would hold the Chairmanship in 2019, and it would be an important mission for Thailand. Moreover, he asked Thais to be great hosts and to give a warm welcome to other countries. (26/12/2018)
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The Tourism Authority of Thailand will organize Amazing Thailand Countdown 2019 events in Bangkok and tourism centers in each of the four regions of the country. The event will feature spectacular fireworks and music and dance performances celebrating Thailands rich and diverse cultural heritage, as well as the importance of travel and tourism to the national economy. The event will be held at five locations: Iconsiam in Bangkok; the clock tower in the northern province of Chiang Mai; the clock tower in the northeastern province of Nakhon Phanom; the clock tower in the central province of Ratchaburi; and Pakbara Pier in the southern province of Satun. (23/12/2018)
The Ministry of Labor has prepared New Years gifts for 2019 for workers, employers, employees, and members of the public across Thailand. The first measure is preparing over 14,000 technicians in various vocations to provide affordable maintenance and repair services to over 81,000 communities nationwide. The second measure is preparing 95,000 vacancies for job seekers, consisting of 50,000 domestic positions and 45,000 positions abroad. And the third measure is creating digital resources for learning 4.0 skills on the YouTube video-sharing platform. (22/12/2018)
The Rubber Authority of Thailand (RAOT) has discussed with Alibaba, a major Chinese online retailer, plans for selling rubber on its platform. By placing Thai rubber on Alibaba, it can be auctioned and purchased directly by businesses across China, which will stimulate sales. The RAOT is to be selective about the products placed on the platform, with an emphasis on the quality of the rubber and the ability of the producer to supply the demand. (20/12/2018)
The Ministry of Digital Economy and Society revealed that the Cabinet has approved two digital laws concerning the prevention of cybercrime and the use of personal information without consent. The Prevention of Cybercrime draft act aims to prevent or reduce the risks of cyber threats; it sets three levels of threat and provides clear preventive guidelines and measures against them. The draft act on Personal Information Protection aims to prevent use of personal information without consent; it stipulates that consent must be given every time before personal information can be accessed, and the objectives must be clearly stated. (20/12/2018)
Phang Nga province has opened a training facility for security guards to protect and facilitate tourists. The project is aimed at ensuring the safety of all visitors and improving the capabilities and preparedness of officials to assist tourists, by upgrading the tourist safety measures, to be on a par with international standards. (19/12/2018)
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The Royal Park Rajapruek at Chiang Mai will open a full-bloom tulip garden during the Christmas and New Year holidays from 25 December 2018 to 10 January 2019. This year's display will feature the concept of "Charms of 100,000 fields," with a variety of flowers such as tulips, lilies, and orchids from Royal Projects. The park is open daily from 8.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. For more information, please call 0-5311-4110-5. (18/12/2018)
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The Department of Land Transport announced that Thailand is set to use an online phone application for drivers licenses, DLT Smart License, starting in January 2019. The electronic drivers license will link the drivers information on the app, and then the driver is able to show the phone app to the police instead of showing a printed card. Moreover, there is a system that will warn the license holder when the expiration date is coming. (18/12/2018)
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Khon Kaen is holding the Amazing International Flower Festival at Bueng Thung Sang Health Garden under the theme "Castle of Flowers." The festival has collected over 100,000 different plants for 15 flower exhibition zones, which feature a flowered archway, a flower castle, a terrace of flowers, vertical plants and a fountain, and animals and dinosaurs formed out of flowers. The exhibition is open from now until 3 January 2019. (18/12/2018)
The Government Housing Bank has announced the date for members of the public who are interested in booking a place in the One Million Home Project, which is scheduled on Sunday, 23 December 2018 (one day) from 08.30 to 17.00 hr. The project aims to encourage affordable housing for low-income people, young families, and the elderly across the country. (16/12/2018)
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The Ministry of Digital Economy and Society has inspected a cable system at the Thai-Lao friendship bridge, which is part of a project to develop the countrys telecommunications infrastructure. The cable system can accommodate increasing telecommunications demand in Thailand and neighboring countries. The cable system is one of the Governments efforts to turn the country into the digital hub of ASEAN. (15/12/2018)
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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has stated that the Royal Thai Embassy in Paris had reported the death of a Thai man who was killed by a gunman in Strasbourg, France. They have been in close contact with police in Strasbourg and will offer his wife legal assistance. The gunman, who escaped after killing two other persons and wounding at least 13, has been killed in a shootout with police. (14/12/2018)
The Ministry of Industry has discussed with members of the public and the private sector its plans for projects in the Upper Northeastern Provincial Cluster 1, consisting of Beung Kan, Loei, Nong Khai, Nong Bua Lamphu, and Udon Thani provinces. The projects include enhancing the potential and raising the value of the agro-processing industry, establishing a learning center and upgrading woven textiles, and developing Udon Thani Industrial Estate, as well as preparing a four-year development plan for the provinces. (14/12/2018)
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The Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives announced that the Thai rice festival 2018 will be held at Larn Khon Mueng in front of the Bangkok City Hall on 19-24 December 2018. The event aims to promote Thai rice, spurring its sales growth, and passing on cultural values to local and foreign consumers. The event will showcase specialty rice brought from paddy fields to the capital city, as well as offering a wide range of activities, such as exhibitions, performances, and culinary competitions. (13/12/2018)
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The Division of Islamic Organization and Haj Affairs Promotion has announced that Thai Muslims who are interested in the pilgrimage for Hajj in Saudi Arabia can register via three channels: (1) the website, (2) Registration Offices in districts across the country, and (3) the "Thai Hajj Pilgrims" mobile application on the Android system. The registration is open from now until 15 December 2018. (12/12/2018)
The Ministry of Finance revealed that welfare smart cards are now being used by over 11 million people nationwide, enabling them to purchase necessities at Blue Flag Pracharat stores. Purchases by the many cardholders have boosted the sales of small retailers and community shops. There are currently about 50,000 Blue Flag Pracharat stores spread out across the country. The ministry has also introduced the Pracharat Money Bag app for Blue Flag Pracharat stores so that they may better serve welfare card holders. (12/12/2018)
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The Ministry of Public Health has launched the first floating clinic, the Srisawat Model, to deal with marine accidents at Srinakarin Dam, Kanchanaburi province. The Srisawat Model is a joint cooperation between 11 agencies initiated to enhance Thailands ability to handle water-related incidents more effectively, making sure assistance and medical services reach those in need in a timely manner. (11/12/2018)
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