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The Department of Foreign Trade (DFT) has revealed that the value of border trade and cross-border trade increased by 2.31 percent and was worth over 571 billion baht in the first five months of this year. The number one trading partner is Malaysia, followed by Myanmar, Lao PDR, and Cambodia. It is expected that the trading will continue to rise and expand for the rest of the year. The DFT also plans to promote trade with neighboring countries and to hold a border trade fair to boost trade value. (01/07/2019)
The 43rd Session of the World Heritage Committee 2019 is now being held from 30 June to 10 July at Heydar Aliyev Center, Baku, Azerbaijan. At the meeting, the World Heritage committee will nominate 28 new cultural world heritage sites to be included in the Tentative List, including Phanom Rung Muang Tam and the Prasart Hin Khao Plai Bat stone temple complex in Buriram province, and Sri Thep Historical Park in Phetchabun province. However, the official approval of this Tentative List will be given by the General Assembly of 21 states parties on 5 July. (01/07/2019)
The Ministry of Social Development and Human Security (MSDHS) and 22 network agencies from both the public and private sectors in Thailand and ASEAN will jointly present the Thailand Social Expo 2019 on the concept of "Partnerships for Sustainability" from July 5 7, 2019, at IMPACT Muang Thong Thani. It is being designed to showcase the governments performance in the field of social work. The fair will mount displays on social innovation and technology for a developing society, and targets people of all ages and the important social initiatives of Thailand and ASEAN. (01/07/2019)
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The Ministry of Labor has opened a new coordination center in Satun province for fishing laborers, to provide comprehensive labor services, as well as facilitating employers and workers. The center focuses on proactive services to increase efficiency, reduce travel expenses to contact government officials, and to prevent, suppress, block and eliminate human trafficking in the form of fishery workers. The center will also provide foreign labor management services, iris scanning, fishery and aquatic processing, notification of entry-exit of foreign workers, the addition of employers, submission of requests to hire foreign workers through MOUs, and consultation for legal employment of foreign workers. (01/07/2019)
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The Neighboring Countries Economic Development Cooperation Agency (Public Organization), or NEDA, revealed that Thailand and Laos have launched a road to link Nan province with Luang Prabang province via the town of Hongsa in Laos. The construction cost is about 1.97 billion baht, with financial support from Thailand, and it covers 114 kilometers between Huay Koan border checkpoint in Chalerm Phrakiat district of Nan province and Luang Prabang province. The road creates a short cut that can reduce travel time from six hours to three hours. (30/06/2019)
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The Governor of Bangkok revealed that Bangkok will be hosting the 7th Meeting of Governors/Mayors of ASEAN Capitals (MGMAC 2019), from 26 to 28 July. The aim is to enhance the integration of cooperative networks for a sustainable future in several aspects, and to strengthen good relations between ASEANs capital cities. (28/06/2019)
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will organize the Thailands ASEAN Chairmanship 2019 Interactive Kiosk activity, in a bid to raise public awareness of Thailands ASEAN Chairmanship. Campaign organizers are inviting members of the public to submit photos and short films under various themes that will be revealed through the official ASEAN 2019 social media outlets --namely Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube-- bearing the name ASEAN2019TH. (28/06/2019)
The Director of the Digital Economy Promotion Agency (DEPA) revealed that Thailand will be the chair again in the upcoming ASEAN Smart Cities Network (ASCN) Roundtable Meeting and Conference, from 22 to 24 August, at BITEC Bang Na. The aim is to promote modern and livable cities, where people can live with happiness. In the event, network delegates from 26 cities in 10 ASEAN countries, including the four Thai smart cities Phuket, Sri Racha, Chonburi and Bangkok will be attending. (27/06/2019)
The Government Lottery Office (GLO) board will consider the online lottery scheme within a month to solve the problem of overpriced lottery tickets. If the board agrees with the new scheme, it will be proposed to the Cabinet for consideration before the end of fiscal 2019. Moreover, they will also increase the number of lottery tickets per round for better circulation among sellers. People are invited to use the GLO Lottery mobile application to identify lottery vendors and their locations. They can also use the app to send complaints about overpriced tickets to the GLO. (26/06/2019)
Songkhla province will be holding the 8th Food & Fruits and Local Southern Products Festival 2019, at Supasarn Rangsan Park, from 5 to 14 July, in order to promote local products and stimulate tourism. Moreover, there will be several activities held at the event, such as southern region OTOP and products from the Royal Project, a food festival with 300 different dishes from the South, a young chef competition, concerts, performances, and more. (26/06/2019)
The Federation of Thai Industries, the Institute of Industrial Energy, and the Institute of Information and Communication Technology for Industries, jointly organized the Smart Energy Expo 2019 on the theme "Smart Energy, Smart Factory". The expo was held to make industrial operators aware of the importance of incorporating technology to increase efficiency in energy use. Energy experts from the public and private sectors were invited to share their knowledge at the event. (26/06/2019)
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The Cabinet this week approved a proposal to raise the subsidy for each household under the Ban Mankong scheme from 80,000 baht to 89,800 baht per year. The hike was approved due to the rising cost of construction materials. As a result, the budget for this 20-year scheme has increased from 55.2 billion baht to 61.79 billion baht. The Ban Mankong program aims to improve public utilities, facilities, and the surrounding environment for about 690,000 low-income households in urban and rural areas. (26/06/2019)
The College of Integrative Medicine at Dhurakij Pundit University has joined hands with various partners to hold the first-ever International Conference on Integrative Medicine on Wellness. The event was aimed at providing a platform for medical experts and professionals from all over the world to share their views and research findings on wellness, as well as promote Thailand as a hub for integrative medicine in Asia. (26/06/2019)
The Ministry of Culture has disclosed that Thailand will hold the Bangkok ASEAN Film Festival 2019 from 3 to 8 July. The embassies of ASEAN member countries have selected films for the event. The festival will feature 30 movies from 10 ASEAN members, together with China, Korea, and Japan. It will be held at the SF World Cinema in Central World, and at Paragon Cineplex, Siam Paragon shopping complex. Three awards will be presented at the event: Best ASEAN Film, a Jury Prize, and a Special Mention. (24/06/2019)
The Prime Minister has urged related agencies to find ways to mitigate flooding in Bangkok and help alleviate public inconvenience. Officials have reported that temporary water pumps will be installed and drainage plans will be initiated in 14 risk areas. Authorities will cooperate with different agencies to speed up the drainage of floodwaters in the outlying areas of Bangkok into the Chao Phraya river or directly into the sea. (24/06/2019)
The Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives has set up a working committee for exploring new fishing technologies and innovations to combat Illegal Unreported and Unregulated Fishing (IUU). The committee comprises several parties, including government agencies, associations, and academic and private organizations, who aim to develop a sustainable fishing platform for the Thai seafood industry. (23/06/2019)
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The Ministry of Tourism and Sports disclosed that Thailand ranked second among the top 10 preferred destinations for Muslim travel among countries outside of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), according to rankings in the Global Muslim Travel Index (GMTI) 2019. The four key measurements include services, environment, communications, and access to evaluating each destination. (22/06/2019)
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The Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Health revealed that, after operating the campaign for reducing plastic bag use in hospitals from 1st October 2018 to 31st March 2019, it could reduce plastic bag use in hospitals nationwide by 87 percent, or 344,043 kilograms (in comparison with the same period last year), and saved 24 million baht by not buying plastic bags. In addition, the campaign could satisfy the hospital clients, who provided good cooperation and would like to see it continue. (21/06/2019)
The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) is ready to host the 7th Meeting of Governors/Mayors of ASEAN Capitals (MGMAC) later this month. The annual meeting will be held at the Shangri-La Hotel in Bang Rak (ҧѡ) District of Bangkok from June 26th to 28th to help strengthen ties among ASEAN capitals, while calling on all Thais to be good hosts to the delegates attending the event. (21/06/2019)
The Office of the Prime Minister revealed that the Nong Ta Tam Subdistrict Administrative Organization has received the 2019 United Nations Public Service Award for Category Developing Effective and Responsible Public Institutions. The representatives from the Office of the Prime Minister and Nong Ta Tam Subdistrict Administrative Organization will attend the award ceremony, which will take place on 23-28 June 2019 in Baku, Azerbaijan. (21/06/2019)
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