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The Ministry of Public Health (MPH) disclosed that, in order to ease overcrowding in hospitals, the National Health Commission has submitted a draft proposal allowing patients to get prescribed medicine at a drug store near their home. Moreover, the operations will be in process on 1 October, if everything is ready, by commencing the scheme with the first 50 hospitals and 500 drug stores nationwide. Initially, dispensing medication at nearby drug stores will be allowed for only four types of health problems: diabetes, high blood pressure, asthma, and psychiatric or chronic diseases. (04/09/2019)
The Ministry of Commerce is organizing the 51st ASEAN Economic Ministers Meeting (AEM) during the week of 3-10 September 2019 in Bangkok. The AEM meeting includes the Senior Economic Officials Meeting (SEOM), the 7th RCEP Ministerial Meeting covering participants from 16 countries, and the ASEAN Trade Ministers Meeting and their counterparts from ten countries. (03/09/2019)
Health Ministers of member countries of WHO South-East Asia Region are meeting in New Delhi, India, from 2 September to 6 September 2019, to discuss ways of addressing health impact of climate change, the high burden of tuberculosis and strengthening capacities for emergency risk management. Elimination of measles, a childhood killer disease; cervical cancer and other non-communicable diseases; and strengthening health services and workforce for universal health coverage are other key issues that will be taken up at the Seventy-Second Regional Committee Session of WHO South-East Asia. This is the first Regional Committee Session after unanimous re-election of Dr Khetrapal Singh as Regional Director for a second five-year term. (03/09/2019)
The U.S. Navy and maritime forces from the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) begins the first ASEAN-U.S. Maritime Exercise (AUMX) today with opening ceremonies at Sattahip Naval Base, Thailand. Co-led by the U.S. and Royal Thai navies, AUMX consists of pre-sail activities in Thailand, Singapore and Brunei, followed by a sea phase in international waters in Southeast Asia, including the Gulf of Thailand and South China Sea. The exercise will conclude in Singapore. In all, AUMX includes eight warships and four aircraft from seven countries, and more than a thousand personnel representing all ten ASEAN member states and the United States. AUMX promotes shared commitments to maritime partnerships, security and stability in Southeast Asia. (02/09/2019)
Central Plaza Phuket, in cooperation with local entrepreneurs, is now holding a food event, Central Phuket Worlds Gastronomy: Lobster Expo 2019, from 1 to 30 September. The aims of the event are to promote lobster as a local economic animal to the public, especially to tourists, and to increase the incomes of the local entrepreneurs and lobster farmers during the green season. The highlight of the event includes mouthwatering lobster dishes created by renowned chefs, well-known shops selling their popular products, and more. (02/09/2019)
The Minister of a Digital Economy and Society has discussed with LINE Thailand, the setting up of an official account on the LINE chat platform, to address the circulation fake news. Users can report any suspicious news item to this account, which will have a chat box providing an interactive experience and initial communication with users. (02/09/2019)
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The Ministry of Energy revealed that Thailand is ready to organize ASEAN Ministers on Energy Meeting and Associated Meeting: 37th AMEM on 2-6 September 2019 in Bangkok. The event will serve as a platform for discussions of effective energy management, energy stability for the ASEAN region, and sustainable energy innovation development, as well as showcasing Thailands potential to become an ASEAN Energy Center. (01/09/2019)
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Deputy Prime Minister General Prawit Wongsuwan instructed all agencies concerned to seriously cooperate to suppress human trafficking, after the United States released the Trafficking in Persons Report in 2019 (TIP Report 2019), placing Thailand in Tier 2 for the second consecutive year. Thailands remaining in Tier 2 reflects the United States recognition of the Thai governments strong commitment to and continued progress in preventing and suppressing all forms of human trafficking during the past year. Gen. Prawit said that a sub-committee would be set up to supervise and follow anti-human trafficking operations of concerned parties and conduct an annual report of the human trafficking situation in Thailand. He also said that, in addition to working closely, agencies concerned especially the Ministry of Social Development, Ministry of Labor, and Royal Thai Police should use the advice and suggestions in the US report as guidelines, together with the subcommittee established to combat human trafficking. The emphasis should be on law enforcement and prosecution of wrongdoers, and victim protection and care. (31/08/2019)
The Ministry of Finance plans to set up a bureau to manage big data, especially state welfare data, to improve the issuing of policies. According to the ministry, it will start collect data such as demand of purchases, debt, gender, and age from state welfare cards held by 14.5 million people to improve welfare management. It is expected that the bureau will be able to conduct data analysis based on the behavior of the holders and draw conclusions on the impacts of the economic stimulus package within two months. This data base will be used for implementing more specific policies that meet the real demands of the people, including assistance and potential developments. In the future, the bureau will expand its responsibilities to manage data and information for the government sectors to issue public policies based on accurate and precise data. (31/08/2019)
Fourteen public and private sector organizations joined hands to establish the Sumipol Institute of Manufacturing Technology (SIMTec), which will support the industrial growth in the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC). Mr. Pasu Loharjun, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Industry, praised Sumipol Group, Ltd., which initiated the project to set up the institute as a technical learning academy in the area. Eighteen leading manufacturers of machinery and equipment, some from Japan, are also providing modern machinery for human skill development at the institute, which will make a great contribution to the progress of EEC and bring benefits to the nation. He added that the institute aims to increase labor skills to conform to Industry 4.0 by demonstration and practical training in various fields, such as engineering technicians, for the industrial sector in EEC. (31/08/2019)
The 1st exhibition on Qin Shi Huang: The First Emperor of China and Terracotta Warriors in Thailand will be organized at the Siwamokkhaphiman Hall, National Museum Bangkok this September. The exhibition will consist of four warriors and 1 chariot and other valuable cultural relics items, totaling 133 items. All the items, over 2,200 years old, were parts of a super large collection found in the site of the Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor in Xi'an, Shaanxi Province. The site was discovered in 1974 and was listed by UNESCO in 1987 as a World Cultural Heritage Site. The exhibition in Thailand will be one of twenty-five displays outside China. The must-see exhibition will be held from 15 September to 15 December 2019, 09.00 16.00 hrs., closed on Mondays - Tuesdays and public holidays. Admission fee for Thais is 30 baht and 200 baht for foreigners. For more information, please contact: 0 2224 1402, 0 2224 1333. (30/08/2019)
The Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT) has launched the No.5 power-saving electric motorcycle. EGAT aims to encourage people to use 21,000 No.5 power-saving labelled electric motorcycles per year. In the future, the EGAT aims to reduce electricity consumption according to the 20-year energy conservation plan by 30 percent by 2036. Electricity consumption has already decreased by eight percent. (30/08/2019)
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The Ministry of Tourism and Sports disclosed that the Cabinet has approved the extension of the visa-on-arrival fee waiver for another six months until 30 April 2020. The fee of 2,000 baht is to be waived for tourists from 18 countries staying up to 15 days, which covers Lunar New Year and Songkran Festival period. (30/08/2019)
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Thailand, as the Chair of ASEAN for this year, will establish the ASEAN Center for Sustainable Development Studies and Dialogue (ACSDSD) during the 35th ASEAN Summit in Bangkok from 31 October to 4 November 2019. The center will act as a supportive platform for coordination and cooperative enhancement with regional and international organizations for sustainable development in the ASEAN Community. (29/08/2019)
The Department of Airports has developed a mobile application to assist users of 28 airports under the supervision of the department, such as Lampang Airport, Pai Airport, Buriram Airport, and Krabi International Airport. The ThaiFlightInfo application provides all flight information of each airport, including locations and facilities, and a channel to send suggestions to the airports. The application also has a tutorial screen for flight information displays in real time, like flight arrival and departure times, and flight schedules as shown on screens of the airports. The application is available for Android and IOS devices, and also can be downloaded from the departments website, (29/08/2019)
The Special Ivory Trade Suppression Operations Center declared success in tackling the illegal ivory trade. A report to the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) said that from 2014 to 2019, the center has arrested offenders and seized smuggled African elephant ivory in over 2,000 cases, weighing over 9,900 kgs and worth more than 990 million baht. The large amount of ivory seizures, together with serious enforcement of money laundering laws and asset seizures caused CITES to remove Thailand from the CITES National Ivory Action Plan (NIAP). Earlier, Prime Minister Gen. Prayut Chan-o-cha instructed all related agencies to continue their efforts to suppress the illegal ivory trade. The Government has also amended the latest edition of the Wildlife Preservation and Protection Act, which will be effective in November 2019. The amendment will allow Thailand to comply more effectively with the CITES convention because protected species are defined and there are harsher penalties. (29/08/2019)
The Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau (TCEB) is organizing a Joint Conference of Asian SDG forum 2019, the 2nd International MICE Conference and Forum, and the 3rd Chiang MICE Expo International in order to develop Chiang Mai into an integrated MICE city. Participants are representatives from the private sector, experts, academics, and MICE industry entrepreneurs and students. They can share ideas, knowledge, and experiences in the field of MICE business via various sessions, such as Sustainable MICE Development & Impacts and International MICE Education Development. It is expected that outcomes of the events will increase capabilities of MICE industry entrepreneurs in northern Thailand, such as catering services for conferences to meet international standards. (29/08/2019)
The Ministry of Culture, collaborating with Thai designers, will organize the Thai silk design fashion show Contemporary Southern Batik by OCAC at CentralWorld in Bangkok on 1 September 2019. A batik design exhibition will also be displayed from 29 August to 1 September in the same location. (28/08/2019)
The Minister of Digital Economy and Society, Buddhipongse Punnakanta, said in his opening speech for the seminar Think Thailand 4.0 that the government of PM Gen. Prayut Chan-o-cha is set to use modern digital technology as a driving force to develop Thailand 4.0 in three areas: the economy, society, and sustainability. He said that 5G technology, expected be launched in Thailand next year (2020), will be very useful to the public for industry transformation, production, and digital industry, adding that agencies concerned should prepare for 5G work system adjustment. He also touched on the big data issue, saying that the Government will support all sectors, such as tourism and public health, with big data, in accordance with the national strategy. (28/08/2019)
The Land Traffic Act (No. 12) B.E. 2562, which allows drivers to carry a driver's license in a digital form, will take effect on 20 September 2019. The Royal Thai Police has instructed traffic police to perform their duties correctly. Motorists must carry a drivers license, either in a traditional or a digital form, and must present it to a traffic police officer when requested. An electronic driving license must be opened only via an application of the Department of Land Transport. (28/08/2019)

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