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The Thai government has THB240 billion left over from the THB1 trillion economic stimulus loan, plus THB60 billion from the 2020 emergency budget, to address the COVID-19 crisis until September 30. The money will be used to bolster several measures, such as Rao Chana (We Win), Mor33 Rao Rak Kan (Section33 We Love Each Other), Khon La Khrueng (Lets Go Halves), as well as deposits into the state welfare card, to help ease peoples burden and stimulate the economy. (12/05/2021)
The Social Development and Human Security Ministry has launched the new 24-hour hotline 1300, to provide help for children, the elderly and the disabled who are affected by the COVID-19 outbreak. Government deputy spokeswoman Ratchada Thanadirek said the new hotline will provide assistance for people who are reliant on other people who have caught the disease, leaving them helpless. (12/05/2021)
The Department of Disease Control has advised the public about mask-wearing, explaining that if they wear a mask not tightly enough, or if it has a vulnerability, it can give them only 41.3% protection. But if they wear one tight mask or wear two masks, it can give them 95% protection. Additionally, the department also advised people wearing two masks to make sure there is enough ventilation, and they should always observe their symptoms, such as lack of air, dizziness, or headache. However, if people put on two masks and cannot speak clearly or if they feel suffocated and need to move their masks all the time, the department does not recommend wearing two masks. (11/05/2021)
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According to a report from Thailand's Center for COVID-19 Situation Administration (CCSA), comparing the first and the second wave of COVID-19 in the country, the current wave is quite prolonged, with a high number of infections. Nevertheless, looking at the countrywide level, the situation is slightly better and is likely to become more stable. There is no new cluster in Bangkok, except in suburban areas from a market in Nonthaburi. (11/05/2021)
CCSA has confirmed the report that there is a Thai person who is infected with the COVID-19 variant that is found in India. Therefore, in order to prevent the disease from spreading further, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has temporarily suspended the issuance of the certificate of entry (COE) to foreigners travelling to Thailand from Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Nepal, starting from 10 May 2021. (11/05/2021)
Today, all children and elderly and disabled persons who are affected by the COVID-19 outbreak have another channel to report to and receive assistance from. The Ministry of Social Development and Human Security (MSDHS) has launched the new 24-hour hotline 1300, to provide assistance for people who are dependent on other people who have got the COVID-19 infection, leaving them helpless. The ministry has arranged facilities to take care of them both in Bangkok and its vicinity. In the case of children and elderly or disabled persons who are infected with COVID-19, the ministry will coordinate with the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration and Public Health Ministry to send them to hospitals for treatment. (11/05/2021)
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Thailands senior citizens have been told by Dr. Sophon Mekthon, Sub-Committee Chairman of Thailands COVID-19 vaccine management, that they may believe the evidence and put their trust in inoculations with Sinovacs COVID-19 vaccines. Developed by studies in China, the Sinovac vaccine uses culture-grown virus particles to stimulate the bodys immune response, which is the traditional method vaccines use, so it is effective and safe when used in elderly persons aged over 60. He also confirmed that people around the world who have received Sinovac jabs have found it to be safe. Moreover, it is similar to other vaccines because all vaccines have a chance of causing negative side-effects, although the chance is extremely slight. (11/05/2021)
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The Royal Thai Embassy in Laos, on behalf of the Thai government, has provided cash and materials, worth over 16 million baht, to the Lao government to support efforts to combat the COVID-19 outbreak. Thailand will also provide medical equipment for use in hospitals in Savannakhet province, and will provide online medical public health consultations, to strengthen COVID-19 testing capacity and collaboration between Thai and Laotian medical staff, especially at the Thai-Laos border, to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. (11/05/2021)
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The Center for COVID-19 Situation Administration (CCSA) has advised the public who live in risk areas where there is a chance to get infected with COVID-19 to observe themselves. If they are asymptomatic, they are advised to stay at home, avoid travel, and wait for active case finding in the community. If they have symptoms, they are advised to have a test at a hospital nearby; since April 2021, when the new wave began, most of the new confirmed cases have symptoms that indicate infection. They also should inform medical staff of the symptoms and close contact persons. (11/05/2021)
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A number of domestic train services will be suspended from 30 April 31 May, 2021 according to the State Railway of Thailand. For further information, contact the SRT Hotline 1690. (11/05/2021)
Prime Minister and Defense Minister General Prayut Chan-o-cha has expressed concerned over the fake and distorted information related to the COVID-19 pandemic which have been widely spread, especially via social media, and have caused misunderstanding, confusion, and panic to the public. Ministry of Digital Economy and Society has, therefore, been assigned to take immediate action in probing, notifying and correcting peoples misunderstanding. Those with ill intention to cause public confusion and incite conflict must be prosecuted. All other Government agencies are also ordered to look into fake news that are in relation to their work and promptly correct public misunderstanding. (11/05/2021)
Authorities have announced that they will take tough action against illegal migrant workers and smugglers as new COVID-19 infection clusters have been detected at workplaces employing foreign migrants. Immigration Bureau (IB) chief Sompong Chingduang said they are working with other security agencies, border patrol police and soldiers to step up border surveillance, to prevent the entry of illegal migrants, as the country struggles with a third wave of infections. (11/05/2021)
The Thai military has provided shelter and humanitarian assistance to more than 2,200 people who have fled the hostilities across the border in Myanmar. Defense Ministry spokesman Kongcheep Tantravanich said the military has set up a safe zone, where those who cross the Salween River, which forms the natural border between Thailand and Myanmar, in Mae Hong Son, are being accommodated. (11/05/2021)
The Sangha Supreme Council of Thailand has ordered all temples to continue to give religious rites to people who have passed away from COVID-19. Even though an exposed body can spread the virus, if it has already been processed using prevention measures in a hospital, and if the body bags and coffin are not opened, temples can safely perform the religious rites. (10/05/2021)
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Many infections in Thailand at the moment are caused by illegal border crossing. Authorities have strict surveillance around the border to prevent the action. In the past four months, over 16,000 persons have entered Thailand illegally. Thailand has received good cooperation from its neighboring countries to prevent further illegal movements. (10/05/2021)
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This year, Ploughing Day, or Farmers Day, is scheduled for Monday, 10 May. However, the Government has canceled the Royal Ploughing Ceremony and other royal ceremonies, owing to the COVID-19 situation. (10/05/2021)
The Thai Red Cross is urging fully recovered Covid-19 patients to donate their blood plasma which can be used as a key component to treat Covid-19 patients with severe conditions. More plasma donations means the survival rate will be higher in Thailand. Qualified donors must be fully recovered patients who have been discharged from hospital and have already completed self-quarantine at home for 14 days. For more information, contact the Nation Blood Center at 02-263-9600-99. (09/05/2021)
The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) has extended the temporary closure of premises until May 17. Places affected by the order include schools, entertainment venues, and public parks. While shopping malls can open until 9pm and convenience stores until 11 pm. (09/05/2021)
The Department of Disease Control has given advice about what patients should do after leaving the hospital to recover at home. They should separate the bedroom and toilet from others, or clean them after each use; wash your hands regularly; keep a distance at least two meters from others; eat healthy and well-cooked meals, and drink plenty of water; do not share eating utensils; and wear a mask when with others. And if you notice any symptoms, such as high fever, cough, or shortness of breath, immediately go to the hospital. (07/05/2021)
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The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA), in cooperation with the Institution for Urban Disease Control and Prevention and related agencies, has launched active case finding teams for COVID-19 in its six districts. The teams will in the field to screen for infected people with swab tests for up to 3,000 persons per day, from 7 to 11 May 2021. This action aims to find more infected persons in Bangkok and control the spread of the virus. Six places that will perform the test are the following: Government Complex, Lak Si district; 70th Anniversary Min Buri Park, Min Buri district; Huai Khwang Stadium, Huai Khwang district; under the Rama III expressway, Yan Nawa district; the park under Rama VIII bridge, Bangphlat district; and the Mall Bangkhae, Bangkhae district. (07/05/2021)
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