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The Department of Royal Rainmaking and Agricultural Aviation plans to operate the royal rainmaking process consistently in order to alleviate the current drought and to increase the amount of water in alluvial plains, dams, and other reservoirs. It will also monitor the air pollution situation in the Bangkok Metropolitan Region and major cities across the country. (18/01/2020)
The Customs Department plans to improve its service by linking the entry and exit data of foreigners from the Immigration Bureau with the tourists' VAT refund scheme to speed up the VAT refund approval procedures. The system will use blockchain technology to provide secure connections and facilitate the ability of tourists to file for VAT refunds. (17/01/2020)
The Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives plans to build several thousand ponds and kaem ling (monkey cheek) water-retention areas countrywide as a measure to ease droughts; the current drought has already turned 18 provinces into disaster zones. The plan is intended to help farmers store rainwater and is expected to take off in the second half of this year. (17/01/2020)
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The public is invited to visit the Blue Crab Flea Market at ICONSIAM, G floor. The event includes an exhibition about the Blue Crab bank, Blue Crab cooking demonstrations, mini- concert, handicraft activities, and shops with fresh crabs. The flea market is open from now to 19 January 2020, 10.00-22.00 hr daily. (16/01/2020)
Prime Minister General Prayut Chan-o-cha and the Council of Ministers will be going on a tour of inspection and will have a mobile cabinet meeting in Narathiwat province, from 20 to 21 January. This visit by the Prime Minister and Cabinet will focus on the promotion of education, trade, investment, border trade, transportation development, logistics development, disaster prevention system, tourism in the area, and more. (15/01/2020)
Chiang Mai introduces AirCMI pollution management app. The AirCMI system is designed to share information between state units responsible for monitoring air pollution and carry out operations to address the issue. It also provides information about air quality in the province to members of the public via a mobile application under the same name. Furthermore, developers can easily produce QR codes to link air quality reports for travelers and bypass the application entirely. (15/01/2020)
The Ministry of Energy revealed that the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT) plans to expand its energy technology business by forming a joint venture with RATCH Group Public Company Limited and Electricity Generating Public Company Limited. The new energy technology company will focus on renewable resources, electric vehicles, energy storage, smart grids, and efficient energy consumption. The ministry expects to submit the proposal for the Cabinets approval by June 2020. (15/01/2020)
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The Office of National Reform, National Strategy, and Reconciliation, in cooperation with Chiang Mai province, the Pollution Control Department, and relevant government agencies, has debuted a management system and a mobile application to monitor smog and air pollution problems called AirCMI. This innovation is an integrated source of information from relevant government sources that is able to manage information about air pollution for the government agencies responsible for controlling pollution. It is also a useful means of helping the general public to follow the air pollution situation across the nation. (14/01/2020)
The Pollution Control Department has stated that all related agencies are joining hands to tackle PM 2.5 airborne dust. Traffic police have stepped up measures to check vehicles for black smoke emissions along the road. The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration has announced prohibitions on burning in 50 districts, which forbid people from burning anything in the open air. The Department of Industrial Works also has strict measures to contain air pollution released from factories in outer Bangkok areas. (14/01/2020)
The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, in cooperation with the Federation of Thai Industries, oil refinery industrial clusters, and members of the motor vehicle industry, held a meeting to discuss and stipulate rules for the adoption of toxic emission standards (EURO5 and EURO6) for passenger cars in Thailand. (13/01/2020)
The Board of Investment (BOI) plans to encourage Thai companies to expand their business in South Asian markets, as many countries need new foreign direct investment in the renewable energy and construction sectors. BOI stated that South Asia has opportunities and economic growth, while many countries are developing infrastructure projects. Bangladesh, the Maldives, India, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka are targeted countries where BOI aims to support future investment from Thai companies. (11/01/2020)
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The Ministry of Labor has prepared measures to protect Thai workers in the Middle East and assess possible economic challenges due to rising tensions between the United States and Iran. The Labor Ministry has already prepared remedial measures in compliance with the regulations of the Overseas Workers Welfare Fund. Moreover, Thai officials in both countries have coordinated with employers to establish a point of contact and ensure that they receive updates from their respective embassies. (10/01/2020)
The Director of Airports of Thailand (AOT) disclosed that the International Federation of Air Line Pilots Associations (IFALPA) has issued the Safety Bulletin with Operational Notice alerting airlines of a risk to aircraft operations at Suvarnabhumi International Airport due to soft ground conditions affecting the taxiways, taxi lanes, and aircraft stands since 2018. AOT has already solved the problem to meet the IFALPAs safety standards. Furthermore, Suvarnabhumi International Airport has a plan to change permanently the type of ground surface from asphalt to Portland cement concrete in 2020. (10/01/2020)
As Thailand is expecting to become truly an aging society in 2021, the Government approved a long-term action plan that covers several aspects health, society, economy, environment, and the like for more effective care of the elderly in the changing society. The action plan focuses on money saving, ways to care for the elderly, environmental adjustments for the elderly, schools for the elderly, digital learning, jobs and employment support, and more. (09/01/2020)
The Ministry of Public Health has established a medical cannabis clinic, applying traditional Thai and folk medicine. The new clinic will provide medical services in both modern and traditional treatments. There are four main medical cannabis recipes helping to reduce pain and fatigue: Suk Saiyas, Tamlai Phra Sumeru, Dr. Decha's cannabis oil, and cannabis products. (09/01/2020)
The Ministry of Culture, the Sangha Supreme Council of Thailand, and the National Office of Buddhism are collaborating in producing the Tipitaka English Version Project as a tribute to His Majesty King Maha Vajiralongkorn Phra Vajiraklaochaoyuhua. Two committees will be set up and tasked to provide support and advices on the production of the Tipitaka English Version. (09/01/2020)
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The Pollution Control Department (PCD) has urged the public to wear masks for protection as the level of PM2.5 pollution in the capital is exceeding safety thresholds at several locations. Air pollution will likely intensify from now until January 11th, as more residents return to Bangkok and its vicinity, increasing the number of vehicles and energy users. (08/01/2020)
The Prime Ministers Office is inviting children and the general public to attend the Childrens Day activities that will be held on 11 January, from 08.00 to 15.00 hr, at Government House. The activities for children and visitors include sitting at the Prime Ministers office desk, sightseeing tours, Thai Khu Fah building visits, reading news on TV, eco-friendly learning activities, science laboratory visits, royal decorations display, games, gifts and souvenirs, and much more. (08/01/2020)
In 2020, the Ministry of Transport plans to invest in 44 megaprojects covering roads, intercity highways, railways, and high speed railways. The work is already proceeding for 17 projects. The budget for the total transportation scheme is 94 trillion baht. (08/01/2020)
The Ministry of Public Health will hold free neonatal screenings of rare diseases for 30,000 newborn babies starting next month as a National Children's Day gift, which this year falls on Saturday, January 11th. The project will be initiated next month in Rajavithi hospital, Lerdsin hospital, Nopparatrajathanee hospital in Bangkok, Buddhachinaraj hospital in Phitsanulok Province, Uttaradit provincial hospital, and Sunpasithiprasong hospital in Ubon Ratchathani province. (07/01/2020)

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