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Police Captain Pongsakorn Kwanmuang, spokesperson for Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA), disclosed measures by the BMA and the Marine Department to organize boat passengers. They have taken a novel approach to physical distancing, limiting the number of passengers on boats starting on 22 April. This is being done to help prevent the transmission of COVID-19. (22/04/2020)
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The Center for COVID-19 Situation Administrations (CCSA) Spokesman Dr. Taweesin Visanuyothin said in a briefing that the nationwide state of emergency remains in effect, despite the lower number of newly reported cases each day, asking the general public to continue avoiding travel. The private sector is asked to continue allowing their employees to work from home, in order to prevent crowding at offices and in public places. Thailand will continue cooperating with the disease containment measures, with a target to suppress daily new cases to fewer than 10 for 14 days. (22/04/2020)
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The Cabinet approved the draft notification of the Ministry of Interior on a second automatic visa extension for foreigners to stay temporarily in Thailand. According to the draft notification approved by the Cabinet on 21 April 2020, the period of time permitted to stay will be extended from 1 May 2020 to 31 July 2020. This means that foreigners whose visas had expired as from 26 March 2020 will be permitted to stay until 31 July 2020 without having to apply for an extension. (22/04/2020)
The Office of the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission, in cooperation with five mobile phone operators (AIS, True, DTAC, TOT and CAT), will provide 100 minutes of free air time for 45 days on each network to all Thai mobile phone subscribers. To join the scheme, users can register by dialing 170 followed by the ID card number of the subscriber followed by # and the dial symbol. The system will be open for the subscribers to register from 1 May to 15 May. Confirmation will be sent to the subscriber via text message. There are around 50 million subscribers who will be able to benefit from this scheme. (22/04/2020)
Under the campaign to exchange rice for dried fish supplied by fishermen along the Andaman coast, the Royal Thai Air Force is transporting local products between areas so that communities can continue to make a living during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Northeast Farmers Network association is providing nine tonnes of rice in exchange for dried fish. This is a good idea to motivate the cultural economy by exchanging local goods. (21/04/2020)
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The Sheikhul lslam of Thailand has issued an announcement urging Muslims to take the necessary precautionary measures to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) during the Islamic month of Ramadan. The COVID-19 situation is not an obstacle to fasting. Swallowing ones own saliva, if it has not been mixed with food, is permitted. The spiritual ritual of Itikaf will not be held, and Muslims are advised to avoid praying in congregations. Religious activities at mosques or other designated areas are called off. During Suhoor meals, people are advised to use their own plates and utensils, sit at least a meter from one another, and wash their hands before and after eating. (21/04/2020)
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The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) has extended the ban on the sale of alcohol, from 20 April until the end of the month in an effort to reduce the chance of social gatherings, which could cause the further spread of COVID-19. (21/04/2020)
The Government is currently developing a team, including members from various institutions, led by the National Vaccine Institute (NVI) to develop effective vaccines against the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). The vaccine development process comprises the synthesizing of ribonucleic acid (RNA), deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA), or fragments of the virus. There are three options for vaccines in Thailand, which are (a) trying to develop them ourselves, (b) cooperating with foreign countries, or (c) waiting to obtain successful vaccines from other countries. (21/04/2020)
As numerous Thais have been working from home, the orders for food delivery, as well as parcel post services, are greatly increasing during this time. The Minister Attached to the Prime Ministers Office therefore asked the food shops, food delivery services, and parcel post service providers to follow the preventive measures strictly, particularly keeping their place and products clean, social distancing, and following other measures introduced by the Ministry of Public Health. (21/04/2020)
Because of the COVID-19 situation, a mobile grocery truck model has been proposed by Simummuang Market, Thailand's biggest vegetable and fruit distribution center,located in Pathum Thani province. This new market model aims to help vendors increase sales by using digital solutions. There is useful information about 1,000 trucks on Google Maps, including license plate numbers and drivers' phone numbers. The customers nearby can track the grocery truck and buy fresh products as alternative markets. (20/04/2020)
The Tourism Authority of Thailand and the Thai Hotels Association, in cooperation with GET (food delivery service application), has launched the special campaign "Flavors from Top Hotels" to support the food services of hotels in Bangkok. The campaign will help hotel partners to provide and deliver food from the hotels' restaurants, and receive sales commission discount. This way, hotels and their partners can get more customers, promote their restaurants, maintain the capability of their businesses, and continue employing staff during the COVID-19 situation. Currently, there are nine hotels in Bangkok that are working with the Get application, such as the Royal Orchid Sheraton Hotel, Montien Riverside Hotel, Narai Hotel, Heritage Hotel, and others. (20/04/2020)
The Tourism Authority of Thailand, in collaboration with the public and private sector partners, is introducing an Amazing Thailand Safety and Health Administration: SHA certification aimed at elevating the countrys tourism industry standards and developing confidence among international and domestic tourists. The project is part of TATs efforts to mitigate the impacts of the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) crisis and accelerate recovery in the travel and tourism sector. The Amazing Thailand SHA certification is to prepare Thai tourism operators to be ready for the return of tourism post COVID-19. (20/04/2020)
The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) has inspected operations at a COVID-19 screening checkpoint to ensure sufficient supplies and the availability of alcohol gel, gloves, and other items needed for the operation. Each district office is responsible for arranging food distributions to persons in need. The distribution must be done at a designated area and time, with physical distancing and wearing face masks. (20/04/2020)
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As governments across the world implement numerous COVID-19 measures to curb the spread of Covid-19, in some cities, restaurants and other public spaces have been ordered to close. However, there is a way to get a little relaxation, culture, and education while you're confined to your home. Amazing Thailand offers you a chance to join 3D virtual tours to 10 charming destinations in nine provinces around Thailand. This link shows a list of places in Thailand travelers can tour on Facebook without having to leave your seat: (20/04/2020)
The Center for COVID-19 Situation Administration has revealed nine provinces in Thailand have no reports of infected persons, namely Kamphaeng Phet, Phichit, Nan, Bueng Kan, Trat, Ranong, Sing Buri, Chai Nat, and Ang Thong. While there are two more provinces that have had no reports of new cases in 14 days, bringing the total to 35 provinces. (20/04/2020)
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The Directorate of Medical Services of the Royal Thai Air Force has made adjustments to an explosive ordnance disposal robot, so that it can assist medical personnel in treating patients with COVID-19. The robot can lift heavy objects and its control radius can be expanded. Medical personnel can use it to communicate with patients as well as deliver food and other items in controlled areas, to help lower the risk of viral transmission. (20/04/2020)
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Department of Employment Director-General Suchat Pornchaiwiseskul said migrant workers from neighboring countries will be allowed to overstay and work in Thailand until November. He said the workers can stay until Nov 30 without being fined for overstaying as the department abruptly halted services and applications on March 31. (18/04/2020)
Pattaya, Chon Buri province, has stepped up measures to tackle the spread of COVID-19, as the district has the most infected patients in the province. They have set up a proactive plan by adjusting the second lockdown measures for the city, making them stricter and testing high-risk people as much as they can. The district is using the new testing technique, RT Lamp, which is can get the result within 1 hour. The samples are also sent for testing with the RT-PCR technique to reconfirm the result. So far, 1,034 people have been tested. (17/04/2020)
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The first lot of free cloth masks has successfully been delivered to households in Samphanthawong district. The campaign aims to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and relieve the insufficiency of masks. The Ministry of Industry plans to produce 10 million cloth masks to distribute to every household in Bangkok and its vicinity and other risk areas. For its part, the Ministry of Interior is producing cloth masks for distributing in provincial areas. (17/04/2020)
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In accordance with the financial remedy measures established for the COVID-19 situation, the Thai government has already transferred the subsidy of 5,000 baht for the first month into the accounts of the 3.2 million registered people nationwide, totaling 16 billion baht. However, as of 16 April, 27.7 million people have registered for this financial subsidy, so the Ministry of Finance is now running the screening process and will transfer further funds into every registered persons account as soon as it is possible. (17/04/2020)

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