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The Thai Hotel Associations Southern Chapter has confirmed that more than 100 hotels in Phuket have passed the SHA+, or Safety & Health Administration Plus standard, and are ready for the launch of the tourism sandbox campaign in the province on 1 July 2021. Phuket has stepped up preparations for the 1 July launch of its "Sandbox" scheme, by rehearsing immigration and COVID-19 control measures to be implemented at its international airport, three seaports and security checkpoints on the road leading to the island. (17/06/2021)
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The Ministry of Public Health has clarified the questions about taking the second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine with a different brand. Even though some countries have collected information about the effectiveness of the vaccination with different vaccine brands, there is no conclusion that it is more effective than getting the same brand. So the ministry has recommended that the public should get the same vaccine brand for both doses until there is more information about this topic. (17/06/2021)
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ChulaCov19 has begun its first round of human trials on 14 June 2021. 72 volunteer test subjects aged between 18-75 will be divided into three groups to receive differing doses in order to test the concentration required to bestow immunity and the formulas effects on people from different age range. If everything goes well, ChulaCov19 will be the first mRNA-type vaccine, similar to the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, developed locally by Thai researchers and doctors. (17/06/2021)
Regarding the slight glitch that recently occurred on the website, for which some had expressed concerns that it might breach the personal data of those who had registered for vaccination appointments, the Ministry of Public Health had been informed of the problem and immediately took action to fix the said malfunction. The website is now back in order and foreign nationals can register for vaccination as normal. (17/06/2021)
Chulabhorn Royal Academy has reminded organizations that are interested in ordering Sinopharm vaccines for their staff that booking must be done by Friday, 18 June 2021 before 4 p.m. As of 14 June, the academy received orders for 3.6 million doses from 10,000 organizations, which booked their vaccines via The academy also stated that, from 16 June, the organizations will not be allowed to change their booking information, so they must make sure about their requirements before submitting an order. (17/06/2021)
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The state-run NBT2HD TV channel will show every Euro 2020 game live, as the tournament is being broadcast locally under the "Returning happiness to Thais for them to watch Euro 2020 theme. Prime Ministers Office Minister Anucha Nakasai thanked everyone who had been involved in supporting the acquisition of the broadcast rights and the deal was stuck just in time for fans to watch the opening match in Rome, between Italy and Turkey, adding that the prime minister wants to see Thais being cheered up by being able to watch the football. (16/06/2021)
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The Department of Disease Control, Ministry of Public Health, has resolved the concerns about the COVID-19 vaccination for women. Women who are currently having a period or are breastfeeding a baby can receive the vaccine, while those who pregnant or are planning a pregnancy should get the vaccine after 12 weeks of pregnancy. The department reassures the public that the vaccination does not have an effect on fertility or cause infertility or lead to difficulties with child delivery. (16/06/2021)
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The Ministry of Public Health has encouraged the public to remain vigilant by continuing mask-wearing, keeping a physical distance, and regularly washing hands, even after getting the vaccine. It is essential that we have the vaccine shots, to increase herd immunity for our country. Seeing that the COVID-19 vaccine will protect people from serious illness and death, it is strongly suggested that we not let our guard down, which will prevent us from becoming infected and passing the virus on to others. (16/06/2021)
The CCSA has revealed that it has found seven new clusters in five provinces. In Samut Prakan province, they include a sweets manufacturing company in Bang Sao Thong and a condominium in Phra Pradaeng; in Chachoengsao province, a sorting and recycling company in Phanom Sarakham, and an auto parts and spare parts company in Ban Pho; in Samut Sakhon province, a paper box factory in Mueang Samut Sakhon; in Nakhon Pathom province, a private company in Sampran; and in Prachin Buri province, a water supply system equipment company in Kabin Buri. (16/06/2021)
The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) is set to meet with its 50 district offices, along with representatives of various worker campsites, to discuss further public health and preventive measures against the ongoing pandemic. (15/06/2021)
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Chulalongkorn University started human trials of its COVID-19 vaccine, ChulaCov19, on Monday, with 72 volunteers receiving shots under the supervision of doctors, nurses, and researchers. The tests on humans come after successful trials on monkeys and rats. (15/06/2021)
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The Department of Mental Health, Ministry of Public Health, has launched the "Sati" application to encourage the mental wellness of the public. The application is for those who have stress and sadness and wish to express their feelings to someone, without judgment. The users can create their account without using their real name. It is available in both Thai and English. The department is also looking for volunteers who can be "listeners," in both languages. The application is available in iOS and android platform. Those who are interested in volunteering as a listener, please visit Listeners have to pass a training course on how to be a properly empathetic listener, before they are allowed to take calls. (15/06/2021)
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The Department of Disease Control revealed that, in the first five months of this year, there was a nearly 80% drop in reported cases of dengue fever, compared with the year 2020. However, the prevention of dengue fever still needs to be carried out. The Department of Disease Control has also integrated the prevention and control of dengue fever and COVID-19; for example, public health officers who work on COVID-19 prevention must also be on the lookout for mosquito larvae as well, and need to provide advice on how to prevent mosquito bites and destroy mosquito breeding grounds. (15/06/2021)
On the occasion of the 11th ASEAN Dengue Day, 15 June 2021, the Department of Disease Control organized an anti-dengue campaign under the concept of ASEAN Unite Against Dengue Amidst the Pandemic to campaign about the danger of dengue fever, along with COVID-19, and exchange guidelines for eradicating the disease through online channels via the official Facebook page of the department. (15/06/2021)
The CCSA apologized for the difficulties with delivering a second batch of vaccines to hospitals because of the high demand for the vaccine. The responsible unit has postponed the vaccination appointments for those who plan to receive their first jab this week, and it will resume vaccinations when the new vaccines arrive. (15/06/2021)
About 60.6 % of Phuket residents have received the vaccine, while 17.5% of people who live in Bangkok have been vaccinated. In total, about 6.1 million doses have been administered to Thai people up to today, which is according to the plan. (15/06/2021)
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The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) has reported that there will be no quarantine for foreign visitors under the Phuket sandbox project. TAT will support Phukets efforts to bring back its tourism industry and is boosting plans to improve Phukets reputation, emphasizing safety during the high season. TATs governor argued that the standard operating procedures will be presented to the Center for COVID-19 Situation Administration (CCSA) on Friday. These will form the backbone of efforts to attract 129,000 tourists between July and September, to generate revenues of approximately 11.4 billion baht, as the province aims to maximize income when tourists return. (14/06/2021)
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Starting from today, 14 June 2021, five types of business activity in Bangkok can now reopen for the public. The Prime Minister, Prayut-Chan-o-cha, informed the nation via Facebook that the CCSA, the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration, and the public health sector came to an agreement that the Government could finally allow five business groups to open again today. The decision is partly the result of the growing number of vaccinated Bangkok residents. The five businesses are museums and historical sites, public parks and botanical gardens, beauty clinics, massage shops for foot massages, and nail salons and tattoo studios. This announcement will apply until a new order is announced. (14/06/2021)
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The Ministry of Public Health agreed to postpone the Golf Quarantine permission until the COVID-19 situation improved. The announcement instructed all government-approved golf resorts to postpone golf quarantine arrangements for Thai and foreign golfers, as well as their accompanying persons, until the COVID-19 situation improves. Exceptions are made to golfers and their accompanying persons who have been granted the Certificate of Entry (COE) before the announcements effective date. (14/06/2021)
Her Majesty Queen Sirikit The Queen Mother has graciously donated her personal funds to buy Powered Air Purifying Respirators (PAPR) for the provincial hospitals nationwide that are under the Ministry of Public Health. The equipment will be given to 76 hospitals in 76 provinces, six for each. The total value of the respirators is 20 million baht. The medical devices will protect the medical personnel who conduct surgical operations and delivery of babies for COVID-19 patients from getting infected with the disease. (14/06/2021)
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