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Dayang Aspadiyah Highly Commended at Women of The Future Awards

10 August 2020 (Readers 128)

BANDAR SERI BEGAWAN, Thursday, July 9. - In planning and designing the future, an individual needs to focus on what there is now to determine a better and more orderly future.

This is one of Aspadiyah binti Mohammad Sahs principle as the Director of Education for the Society for Community Outreach and Training (SCOT) who recently received the 'Highly Commended' award for 'Women of The Future Awards Southeast Asia 2020'.

Through these awards, is to inspire the new generation in paving the way and in influencing positive change in various professions, sectors, industries and so on. It is also an appreciation for the educational services provided by Aspadiyah, not only in the country but abroad as well, which also has a positive impact on society.

In an interview with Pelita Brunei, Aspadiyah, 31, expressed her gratitude to Allah the Almighty for the appreciation she received.

According to her, in every achievement or success, is the efforts and prayers of both her parents.
"I want to change society's perception of the meaning of success, where success must not necessarily be in academics or something that can be seen by the public, for me, everyone has different successes, whether in small or large matters because it is still considered achievement or success, '' she said.
As an individual who wants to continue to improve himself for the better, she also often holds discussions or asks for ideas from others if faced with any problem, and not only depend on her own knowledge, but will also ask for the opinion of others, thus learning experience gained from others.
Beginning to venture into the field of social entrepreneurship, she has been involved in SCOT volunteer work since 2013.

Apart from that, she is also involved in providing Education Services in Cambodia in collaboration with the Organization for Building Community Resources (OBCR), as well as providing training to volunteer teachers there who have no experience in the field of teaching.

"What is important is that youths need to understand entrepreneurship before venturing into it. Youths need to understand, 'explore entrepreneurship' has various types. I admit it is not easy for someone to be a successful entrepreneur. Not because the unemployment rate is high, that we force ourselves to venture into the field. However, if we really want to venture into it and lack the skills, we need to strive to undergo training in that field, '' she explained.
She added that currently, the public interest in the creative industry is increasing, where involvement in the industry can also maintain the industry in generating income.
She completed her Bachelor's Degree in English Language Teaching in 2011 and Master Degree in Counseling in 2014.
Now working as a Manager and Instructor at Outshine Tuition School for more than 10 years, she is also involved in associations, namely SCOT and Young Professionals Network Brunei, where they work with professionals comprised of government or private officials in making discussions as well as in providing training not provided by any agency.

Meanwhile, in 2017, she received the 'SCOT Honorary Award' in appreciation of the services rendered, while last year, he was also nominated as a finalist for Youth Day Awards for Youth Leaders.

By: Saerah Haji Abdul Ghani
Photo: Saerah Haji Abdul Ghani, Aspadiyah Haji Mohd. Sah
Aspadiyah providing educational services abroad giving a positive impact on the community.
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