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Ten Years On: Remembering the Indian Ocean Tsunami Ceremony

26 December 2014 (Readers 725)
The Ten Years On: Remembering the Indian Ocean Tsunami Ceremony is being held at the Police Boat T813 Tsunami Memorial Park, Khao Lak, in Takua Pa district, Phang-nga province, on Friday, 26 December 2014 at 17.30-18.45 hr.

The ceremony is to honor the memory of those who lost their lives and the courage of those who survived, as well as to pay tribute to those who lent a helping hand during that hour of need.

Prime Minister General Prayut Chan-o-cha is scheduled to preside over the official program, which includes the observance of a moment of silence, a wreath-laying ceremony, a video presentation of the restoration and development of local communities, remarks by Thai and foreign dignitaries, poetry reading and candlelight memorial, and a performance by the Bangkok Symphony Orchestra.

On the following day, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will lead a number of foreign dignitaries to visit Ban Nam Khem Community and Chai Pattana Village, which are the disaster-resilient community models.

Thailand has learned a lesson from the experience of the tsunami that hit the Indian Ocean with a great loss of life on 26 December 2004. Since then it has shifted to a "holistic disaster management approach.

Thailand has restructured related laws and regulations by enacting the Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Act, which is more oriented to the harmonization and systematization of disaster management practices of all stakeholders. Tsunami evacuation exercises and other disaster management exercises are also conducted every year.

Moreover, to make sure that appropriate investment in disaster risk management is in place at the local level, both disaster prevention and mitigation action plans have been developed and enforced. At the international level, Thailand seeks technical cooperation with many foreign entities for knowledge sharing and enhancement of disaster management capacity.

It has also set up the Tsunami Regional Trust Fund in 2005, one year after the devastating tsunami hit coastal areas of the Indian Ocean. Thailand and Sweden were its principal main donors. Since then, the Fund has been supported both by financial and other forms of contributions to the Fund from various governments to implement projects and activities in order to prepare and set up tsunami early warning systems in the Indian Ocean and countries in Southeast Asia.

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