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Situation of Industrial Plants in Thailand in 2019

28 November 2019 (Readers 3)

The operations of industrial plants in Thailand in 2019 are still continuing to grow, and many factories want to recruit more workers to meet the demands of their new investments.

Statistics compiled by the Ministry of Industry show that, from 1 January to 12 November 2019, 1,391 factories sought to close down, while 2,889 new factories sought to start operations. The figure indicates that the number of new factories is 107 percent higher than the number seeking to close down.

During the period, 35,533 workers were laid off, while 84,033 new workers were employed as a result of the expansion of industrial plants. In 2019, an additional fund of over 431 billion baht was invested in the operations of industrial plants in Thailand. The figure is 36.6 percent higher than investment in industrial plant operations in 2018.

The three top industrial sectors with highest growth in 2019 include the food industry (474 factories), plastic production (410 factories), and the manufacturing of vehicles and parts (323).

The three industries with the highest employment rates are the food industry, the manufacturing of electricity appliances and components, and plastic production.

According to the Ministry of Industry, the number of factories that closed down in 2019 is 22.07 percent less than that in 2018. The top three types of industrial plants that closed down in 2019 include those involved with products from crops, metals, and vehicles and parts.

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