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Brunei Polytechnic won the OGFEST 15 trophy

8 March 2017 (Readers 1064)

Group of Polytechnic Brunei competed at the Festival of Oil and Gas 2015 (OGFEST '15) in Johor Bahru, Malaysia and won the OGFEST 15 trophy. The event was organized by the Society of Petroleum Engineers (Bab Pelajar SPE-UTMer) and was held at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM).
Brunei Polytechnic representatives consisting of four students namely Awang Mohammad Wafiuddin bin Yaakub, Dayang Nadiah binti Haji Hassan, Dayang Nurol Azfizah binti Mohammad Roszaimey and Dayang Nurul Haziqah binti Azhar and three lecturers, Awang Haji Abdul Muiz bin Haji Matali, Awang Haji Morni bin Haji Madali, and Chai Soon Fu of Program Engineering Oil Well finished second in Category Oil Platform design.
Brunei Polytechnic is the only polytechnic and the first team to compete with other universities in the international competition. Among the universities that have participated were UTM, University of Mining and Technology Frigerg, Petroleum University Southwest, Petroleum University of China (Beijing), Institute Technology of Bandung, Institute of Technology, University of Trisakti, UPN 'Veteran' Yugyakarta and SPE UI.
Despite not knowing the materials provided by the organizers until the day before the match, in addition they having to face strong challenges from other teams, Brunei Polytechnic student successfully demonstrated teamwork, creativity, innovative skills and determination to perform well during the competition. The team must compete in a series of tests such as building oil rigs in the last four hours is given, the test load, the test of buoyancy and perform five minutes to explain the design of their oil rigs to a panel of experts. Oil rig they were named as 'Zafran' is an Arabic word meaning success.
Dayang Nurol Azfizah binti Mohammad Roszaimey said, "Never underestimate yourself and believe in what you are doing. Competing with the students from other universities is very difficult, but the difficulty makes us more determined to achieve goals."

By participating in international competitions such as OGFEST '15, the students get a broader and deeper understanding towards the development and the latest technology in the oil and gas industry. The game also brings together students and experts in the oil and gas industry concerned with providing a platform to exchange experiences, ideas and solutions regarding the issue of oil and gas, as well as strengthen the brotherhood and friendship among students between universities and oil and gas industry experts.
The team also thanked the Ministry of Education, Brunei Darussalam, Brunei Polytechnic and Brunei Shell Petroleum Sdn Bhd in technical support and development provided. They also want to thank the organizers, the Society of Petroleum Engineers (Bab Pelajar SPE-UTM) OGFEST '15 for the invitation and the services provided to them during their stay in Malaysia
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