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Southern Border Provinces Administration and Development Policy, 2017-2019

20 December 2016 (Readers 560)
The Office of the National Security Council has worked out the Southern Border Provinces Administration and Development Policy, 2017-2019, as a framework for all relevant agencies to use in tackling problems in the deep South on a continual basis and in a systematic manner.

In working out this policy, public forums had been held to listen to the views of all sectors, such as members of government agencies, the private sector, and civil society, as well as religious leaders, media representatives, and academics.

Their views and suggestions were gathered to work out this policy in response to the needs of local people and in line with the local way of living, culture, and traditions and the Directive Principles of Fundamental State Policies.

The Southern Border Provinces Administration and Development Policy, 2017-2019, still maintains the guidance accepted by all sectors. This guidance seeks to adopt His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadejs royal advice to "understand, reach out, and develop as the central strategy to tackle unrest in the southern border provinces, together with the Philosophy of Sufficiency Economy as a path to well-balanced and sustainable development.

Emphasis is placed on unified operations by relevant agencies and efforts to enhance the efficiency of local officials. The process of peace dialogues will be included as part of the national agenda, with the participation of all sectors involved. The peace dialogues will play an important role in handling the southern situation.

According to the Office of the National Security Council, violent incidents in the deep South are on the decline. They have resulted from complicated issues, at individual, structural, and cultural levels. Such problems as drug abuse among local young people, poverty, and the feelings of social injustice have made the southern situation even more complex.

The vision of the Southern Border Provinces Administration and Development Policy, 2017-2019 is that the southern border provinces will be a safe society, without any conditions that lead to violence. All local residents will be protected and developed on the basis of a multicultural society and participation in the sustainable peace-building process.

The principles involve the tackling of southern problems through peaceful means, the participation of all sectors, local development on the basis of a multicultural society, and the upholding of human rights, rule of law, and respect for international rules and laws.

The objectives are to create mutual trust, allow local people to play a greater role in local development and in solving southern problems, promote awareness of co-existence in a multicultural society, enhance the potential of local residents, build confidence in the peace dialogue process, and create better understanding about the real situation in the deep South.
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