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Thais Urged to Continue to Perform Good Deeds as a Tribute to the Late King Bhumibol

16 October 2016 (Readers 132)

Prime Minister General Prayut Chan-o-cha has called on Thai people to continue to perform good deeds unceasingly as a tribute to the late His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej, saying that all Thais were in the same state of sorrow.
The Prime Minister stated that the Government was concerned about the grief of the people and that it would like to give encouragement to them. He urged members of all sectors of society to be patient, exercise restraint, and continue to do their best in performing their duties.
He said that good people should help encourage other people to become a major force in national development and contribute to the country, within the legal framework and justice system. Those involved in the stock market, trade, investment, and various business sectors must not cease their operations during this time of mourning.
He urged everyone to help maintain the countrys financial stability and fiscal position. They must be cautious and avoid falling victim to those who might try to use this crisis to exploit others for their own gains.
The Prime Minister cited public safety, political stability, and the protection of the peoples lives and property as the most important issues at this moment. Everybody must be vigilant to ensure safety in all areas throughout the country. Any suspicious acts should be reported to relevant officials, be they civil servants, police officers, and military personnel.
He encouraged all officials to carry out their duties to their best, with dedication and patience in order to get through this moment of great sorrow from the great loss. The Government would like all Thais to carry on the late King Bhumibols aspirations as bestowed upon all Thais and upon Thailand for a long period of 70 years.
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