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International Community Has Better Understanding about Thailand

18 October 2015

Government Spokesman Major General Sansern Kaewkamnerd stated that the countrys overall situation has improved and that the international community has a better understanding about Thailand.
Major General Sansern called on all sectors of society to help maintain national stability, create a favorable atmosphere, reduce conflicts, and respect the law, in order to move the country forward.
He explained that the National Council for Peace and Order has been working to ease crises faced by the country. The Government has also implemented various policies to help all groups of people and bring about stability, prosperity, and sustainability.
Moreover, he said, the Government is also laying firm foundations for future generations. At present, the political and economic situation has become more stable and foreign countries have given more cooperation with the Thai government. Investors have also been confident about Thailand.
Major General Sansern quoted the Prime Minister as saying that Thailand is building a new economic system that emphasizes the strengthening of the grassroots economy and the empowerment of farmers and low-income earners. Efforts are being stepped up in order to enhance the countrys competitiveness with technology and innovation. Such problems as water resources, illegal fishing, and aviation will be tackled on a sustainable basis.
However, he said, the Prime Minister urged the public, private, and civic sectors, as well as academics and members of the media, to join forces in national reform, in accordance with the Governments roadmap. They were also encouraged to help create a better understanding within the country and communicate with the international community regarding the current situation in Thailand.
As for the controversial corruption cases and illegal practices, the Prime Minister said that they would be handled through the justice process. The Government is solving the problems that have been accumulating for a long time. One of them involves inefficient law enforcement.
Major General Sansern also quoted the Prime Minister as saying that everyone has a duty to take part in shaping the future of the country. Since no single group alone could solve the countrys problems, cooperation was needed from all sectors. In handling these problems successfully, respect for the law must come first. Hatred and unrestrained emotions would only lead to endless conflicts.
He said that the Prime Minister also called on certain groups of people to stop referring to democracy and the peoples poverty in defaming the Government. The country is not in a normal situation. It is about to change and national reform is being conducted in order to enable Thailand will move toward stability, prosperity, and sustainability.
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