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Prime Minister Stresses the Importance of National Reform

10 August 2015

Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha has cited national reform as an important issue for the operations of the National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) and the Government.
In his televised national address on 7 August 2015 in the program "Return Happiness to the People, the Prime Minister said that neither the Government nor the NCPO intended to build a power base for their personal gain.
He pointed out that reform needs continuity and that people involved should start with addressing simple issues first before moving on to difficult issues. Conflicts might occur if all the difficult and complex issues were addressed at the same time. He wanted all groups of people to have a better understanding and give cooperation.
The Prime Minister explained that what the Government is doing now aims for sustainable development in the future and that it is trying not to create new problems. He also called on future governments to continue to carry out reform, since certain issues will take many years of handling before they start to bear fruit.
He said that reform should be continued by future governments on a voluntary basis. Politicians and political parties might join the reform today by proposing their ideas for the 11 reform issues to various channels, such as the National Legislative Council, the National Reform Council, and the Government.
The Prime Minister said that he wanted all sides to think about what to do in order for Thailand to achieve sustainable democracy through the drafting of the new constitution. By so doing, the next government, which will operate under the new constitution, will be able to operate effectively, continue the reform, and administer on the basis of good governance.
He did not reject democracy, but wanted good democracy that brings safety and stability to the country. Thailand should try to avoid the pitfalls of democracy or falling into the "democracy trap, something that it had faced during the past 80 years.
The Prime Minister stated that both the Government and NCPO are focusing on eight major tasks. The first task involves the building of confidence that Thailand remains committed to obligations under international treaties and agreements. The second task seeks to enhance the efficiency of national administration through integrated operations by various government agencies.
In the third task, the Government has included many issues in the national agenda, such as efforts to fight the problems of drugs, human trafficking, waste and garbage, public land encroachment, illegal fishing, and water resources. The fourth task involves the start of many reform issues, while the fifth one involves public participation in the reform process.
In the sixth task, the Government is preparing 20-year national strategies to move the country forward. The seventh task involves the formation of a committee to push for the national strategies, reforms, and reconciliation. The eighth task involves close coordination between the Government, NCPO, the National Legislative Assembly, and the National Reform Council.
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