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Strict Law Enforcement Emphasized in Fighting Human Trafficking

8 June 2015 (Readers 1087)

The Thai government attaches great importance to the problem of human trafficking, and it stresses strict law enforcement in dealing with this problem.
In his televised national address on 5 June 2015 in the program "Return Happiness to the People, Prime Minister General Prayut Chan-o-cha said that his government is ready to cooperate with the international community in anti-human trafficking operations.
He hopes that Thailands great efforts in fighting human trafficking will gain international recognition and that the countrys ranking in the United States' Trafficking in Persons (TIP) report will be upgraded. The Prime Minister stated that the Government wanted all sectors of Thai society to be aware of this issue and take part in preventing and suppressing trafficking in persons on a continual basis.
Anti-human trafficking had been included in the national agenda. While serious action must be taken against wrongdoers, trafficked victims must be taken care of and other related problems must be dealt with. The Prime Minister explained that human trafficking involved not only Rohingya migrants, or any groups of illegal migrants; the problem also exists in other forms, such as child labor, prostitution, beggars, and forced labor.
Also on 5 June 2015, the Prime Minister presided over the opening ceremony of the 2015 National Anti-Human Trafficking Day at Santi Maitri Building, Government House. Speaking at the ceremony, he pointed out that human trafficking is a matter of human rights violations. It has eroded confidence in Thailands industrial sector, especially exports, as well as economic performance. The problem has also affected the countrys image and reputation. Thai people must, therefore, join forces in seriously combating this issue.
The Government has expressed its strong intention to work closely with the private sector, non-governmental organizations, civil society, academics, and the media in Thailand and abroad in an attempt to bring trafficking in persons under control.
The Prime Minister said that the Government is also stepping up efforts to handle other related issues, such as those concerning migrant workers, child prostitution, and beggars. At the same time, it is improving the operations of various relevant agencies, especially those in the justice process, for greater efficiency in handling the human trafficking problem.
He said that human trafficking is a complicated issue and could not be solved during a short period. However, he hopes that the situation will improve this year.
Meanwhile, the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security has launched a project "Thailand against Human Trafficking. Donations are welcome for the project from now on until 5 September 2015, through the Kung Thai Bank, Account No. 021-0-17650-4. Proceeds will go to various foundations to help victims of human trafficking.
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