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Political Reform in the New Constitution

15 April 2015

The new constitution of Thailand is being drafted, with content concerning national reform, especially political reform, which involves the establishment of acceptable political rules by all relevant parties and the people.
Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha pointed out that the charter drafters are making adjustments which they think most suitable for Thailand, particularly the part concerning politics, politicians, the rise to power, and the formation of a government.
In his televised national address on 10 April 2015 in the program "Return Happiness to the People, the Prime Minister said that he was pleased that all parties concerned were interested in the process of constitution drafting. If everyone accepts that the reform is necessary, he said, there should not be any conflict for some pending issues, as the drafting process is now underway. They should look at how the content of each provision should be written, so that the new constitution would be acceptable among members of the public, as well as politicians.
The Prime Minister stated that, as a Thai, he wanted the reform to proceed and wanted to see transparency in Thai politics and efficient politicians. The points that Thailand has to rectify might not be the same as the matters in other countries. He also stressed the need to create better understanding with other nations about the current situation in Thailand. They should accept the fact that Thailand needs to be reformed. The country must uphold the rule of law and the people must respect the law.
Earlier, on 7 April, Prime Minister Prayut urged officials to invite experts in constitutional law from other countries, which had faced the same situation as Thailand, to share their views and experiences in Thailand. He wanted to invite experts and academics, such as those from France and Germany, where their political situation in the past was similar to that Thailand is facing now.
He said that successful drafting of the new constitution would depend on all Thais, whether they wanted Thai politics to be fair, clean, and strengthened or not. Everyone should give a helping hand to facilitate the creation of a constitution that would bring about full democracy. Meanwhile, Mr. Direk Tungfang, Deputy Chairman of the Political Reform Committee, under the National Reform Council, said that the upcoming discussion on politics in the new constitution would focus on four major issues. They include the creation and establishment of the prime minister, members of parliament, senators, and independent organizations.
He stressed the need for Thailand to have a strengthened government, so that it would be able to push for the implementation of various polices to move the country forward. As for the fight against corruption and dishonesty in the government and in elections, he said, independent organizations must be reformed, as well, so that they would be effective in carrying out the task of checks and balances.
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