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8 Ҫվö ӧҹҧ 10 ¹

(ӹǹҹ 272891)

ŨҡûЪشʹ¹ 駷 9 к Թⴹ ˹ѴӢ͵ŧѺѹ (Mutual Recognition Arrangements : MRAs) ҹ سѵҢԪҪվѡ ӹ¤дǡ㹡͹¹ѡԪҪվ çҹǪҭ ͼդöɢͧ¹ҧ ҹسѵҢҪվѡ ӹ¤дǡ㹡͹ ѡԪҪվ çҹǪҭ ͼդöҧ ͵ŧͧ͹çҹ 价ӧҹ㹻ȡ¹ 10 ҧ ˹ͺ 8 Ҫվ СբҨաӹǹҪվաӴѺѴ Ѻ 8 Ҫվբ͵ŧѹö͹价ӧҹҧ

· Ҫվǡ( Engineering Services)
· ҪվҺ (Nursing Services)
· Ҫվʶһԡ(Architectural Services) 
· ҪվǨ (Surveying Qualifications)           
· Ҫվѡѭ (Accountancy Services)
· Ҫվѹᾷ (Dental Practitioners)
· Ҫվᾷ (Medical Practitioners)
. Ҫվúԡ/÷ͧ  ( Tourism )

С͹çҹ㹡 8 Ҫվ ռŴյ Ҿ ʶҺѹ֡ дѺش֡ѡҾ㹴ҹüԵؤҡԪҪվ 8 ҧջԷҾ٧ 觷 騺 ֡ԪҪվ 8 дѺԭҵը֧ԭ͡յҴҹԴҧҡ

ҡҴԡûЪҪ 63 ҹ 繵ҴͧЪҪ 600 ҹ 10 ¹ ͡ҡ ҹ㹷ȷҧѧԺ⵷ҧҹɰԨ Ǻҧ Һҧ ҾسҾͧ騺ԪҪվ 8 ¡٧дѺ˹Ңͧ¹ ͡㹡ҧҹ٧
㹢з褹ö价ӧҹ㹻¹ҧչ ԪҪվ ˹§ҹǢͧѺô ҵðҹͧҪվ 8 ͧաôԹҧѴҧҡ ѡҵðҹͧ騺ԪҪվ ҢҪվ 餧 ¡дѺ٧աͧѹԴ͹ͧҵðҹͧ ͧ㹡üԵ ҧ觷Ҩ͡ʹ㹡觼ԵԪҪվҹ ӹǹҡ͵ͺʹͧ Ҵ˭ ԩйҨ觼šзҧźաѭҷҨеաҧ ҧԪҪվԡĵâҴŹҨ ѹᾷ ѭ ѹǧա֧һբҧ˹ ¨ջѭͧҧؤҡԪҪվѹᾷҧ͹      
ǡѹ ͧѧͧҵðҹͧҡȵҧ ¹һСͺҪվ 8 Ҫվ ´蹡ѹ ҨռҨҡ蹷һСͺҪվջѭҤ͹ ͧҵðҹ 觶ҴͺͺѴ ҨԴšзѺѧ㹷ҧź Ҩ觼ŵͻѭҡûСͺҪվͧ ͧ
ҧá Ҿ ѧ¡ѧѧ٧ ӹǹ·ӧҹѧŴŧҧչӤѭ բաҳԺ ҧ˹ Ѵǹ·ӧҹеӡһЪҡü٧ҡ зԴâҴŹ çҹ ੾çҹ 㹡Ҫվ 8 診ҡԪҪվѧǨлСѹҨ÷赡ҹ յҴ˭ҡͧѺ 㹻¹


͵ŧ͹çҹ㹡¹ 8 Ҫվ㹻 2015 (2558) ͡ʷͧͧԪҪվѧ ըشͧѧ蹡ѹ 㹴ҹ÷褹ͧ价ӧҹҹ С÷褹ҹҷӧҹ㹺ҹ жҡѧѴ ͡ʷͧҨԡԡĵ ռšзعçͺҧԪҪվ

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  ӹǹǵ 254
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      Martin [24/05/2019 - 22:59:51]
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      Darrick [24/05/2019 - 22:16:50]
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      Brent [24/05/2019 - 22:09:49]
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      Ismael [24/05/2019 - 22:09:44]
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      Freddie [24/05/2019 - 22:03:54]
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