Thai investors advised to penetrate CLMV market
BOI has encouraged Thai entrepreneurs to consider expanding their market to the CLMV countries.
ҹ 5
Thai, Malaysian & Indonesian ministers meet on rubber industry development
Ministers overseeing the rubber industry in Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia have attended ITRC meeting in Bangkok.
ASEAN to strengthen competition compliance by businesses
ASEAN competition authorities met in Singapore to discuss initial steps to develop an ASEAN Competition Compliance Toolkit.
ҹ 4
Japan to help realize Thailand 4.0 agenda
Through the establishment of connected industries, human resources, and SME sector.
ҹ 5
Thai PM hosts reception for visiting Japanese businesspersons
Thai PM has presided over an official ceremony to welcome the Japanese Minister of Economy, Trade and Investment.
ҹ 13
ASEAN, China to improve health in the region through technology
The 6th ASEAN China Health Ministers Meeting (ACHMM) Roundtable Discussion was held on 7 September in Bandar Seri Begawan.
ҹ 8
ASEAN, Japan continue students and youth exchange
The Government of Japan extends its continued support to ASEAN through JENESYS Programme.
ҹ 8
MOL to organize a public hearing on Foreign Workers Administration Royal Decree
Feedback from the seminar will be used to amend and revise the law.
ҹ 7
Thailand to participate in the 2nd ASEAN-Japan Television Festival (AJTF2)
During 7-9 September 2017 in Manila, Philippines.
ҹ 17
Thailand ready to implement 2nd Thai-Myanmar Friendship Bridge border control facilities construction project
Thailand is ready to begin constructions for the border control facilities at the 2nd Thai-Myanmar Friendship Bridge.
ҹ 32
ASEAN to enhance roles of young and women entrepreneurs
ASEAN Plus Three Young Entrepreneurs Forum was held on 23-25 August 2017 in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.
ҹ 30
Thailand hosts 34th ASEAN Social Security Association Meeting
The Minister of Labor, Thailand has opened the 34th ASEAN Social Security Association Meeting (ASSA) in Udon Thani province.
ҹ 34
ASEAN enhances capacity for consumer protection in e-commerce via online dispute resolution mechanism
E-Commerce has opened up various windows of opportunities for companies and investors, including SMEs.
ҹ 50
ASEAN, UNDP call for more robust financing of SDG implementation
A symposium on financing the implementation of SDGs in ASEAN held on August 22, 2017 in the northern province of Thailand.
ҹ 58
OSMEP holds seminar for SMEs on exports to India, Laos
The Office of Small and Medium Enterprises Promotion (OSMEP) has organized a seminar to educate Thai SMEs
ҹ 28
ASEAN, UN to enhance disaster management capabilities
Dialogue reaffirmed the importance of partnership between ASEAN and UN in enhancing disaster management the region.
ҹ 24
Laotian government to set up nationality verification center for workers in Thailand
There are an estimated 71,000 laotian workers in Thailand, mostly in the fishing and marine industries.
ҹ 18
SEA Games 29: Malaysia aims to attract 700,000 foreign visitors
The host Malaysia expects to draw about 700,000 foreign visitors during the 29th Southeast Asian (SEA) Games.
ҹ 28
Thailand to host ASEAN's biggest event for retail business
The Thai Retailers Association will organize the RetailEx ASEAN 2017--ASEAN's biggest retail business convention.
ҹ 21
TDRI urges investment expansion to ASEAN nations
TDRI has joined hands with the Board of Investment to organize the Thailand Overseas Investment Forum 2017.
ҹ 24

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