Internet Speed in ASEAN, 2020

July 23, 2020
Internet Speed in ASEAN, 2020

The website Speedtest published \"Speedtest Global Index (June, 2020)” ranking broadband and mobile internet speed around the world, including 9 ASEAN Countries, except Brunei:

Broadband Internet Speed (download only)
Global Average, 78.26 Mbps
1st,  Singapore,  208.16 Mbps
3rd,  Thailand,  171.36 Mbps
40th,  Malaysia,  81.46 Mbps
60th,  Viet Nam,  54.67 Mbps
84th,  Lao PDR,  34.61 Mbps
108th,  Philippines,  23.74 Mbps
110th,  Cambodia,  22.87 Mbps
114th,  Indonesia,  21.28 Mbps
121st,  Myanmar, 1 8.78 Mbps

Mobile Internet Speed (download only)
Global Average,  34.67 Mbps
14th,  Singapore,  56.95 Mbps
60th,  Viet Nam,  33.12 Mbps
61st,  Thailand,  33.04 Mbps
77th,  Myanmar,  25.47 Mbps
82nd,  Malaysia,  24.32 Mbps
96th,  Lao PDR,  20.48 Mbps
109th,  Cambodia,  17.21 Mbps
113th,  Indonesia,  16.37 Mbps
114th,  Philippines,  16.17 Mbps

ASEAN Division, Foreign Office, PRD Thailand

Speedtest Global Index (June, 2020)

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